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Live Performance with iPad: AUM iOS & MIDI Controller

Reader Pink Sky Music's YouTube name makes me think that at some point we're going to find out that he's the arch-nemesis of Red Sky Lullaby. Although it is too soon to say who will be the victor in their inevitable battle:
No matter who wins, we'll all be seeing a shade of red. This summer at a theater near you.

In the meantime, Pink did an excellent demonstration of AUM as a live performance mixer. The demo jam is good enough to standalone, but he's also provided a detailed explanation of his workflow and signal-chain!

Video Description:

In this video I demonstrate how to use AUM, one of the most versatile iOS music apps, as a live performance mixer using a Novation Launch Control MIDI Controller. Read More for an in-depth workflow explanation!

Workflow:I created five loop tracks in AUM and loaded loops that I had recorded using AUM earlier. All loops were created by recording various iOS music apps into AUM. I then mapped the Launch Control to control each loop track: each vertical row on the controller corresponds to a track in AUM with the top knob mapped the filter cutoff, the bottom knob mapped to an effects send, and the button mapped to loop start/stop. MIDI routing with AUM is super intuitive.

For performance effects, I setup two effects bus tracks in AUM - one bus with Audio Damage's Dubstation 2 Delay for the melodic loops, and one bus with Audio Damage's Replicant (glitch/repeater effect) and Blamsoft's Resampler (bit crusher) for the drum loops. Also, there's a Master bus with Audio Damage's Rough Rider 2 compressor that all audio is routed through. All of Audio Damage's iOS effects are top-notch, and since they're AUv3 format, they can load inside of AUM and don't require their own screen.

Once it was all setup, I just kinda hit play and winged it. AUM has an internal clock that keeps all the loop tracks synced - the workflow feels very similar to working with clips in Ableton.This is my new preferred method for composing and performing live with the iPad.

Reader Comments 3

Thanks for sharing, Tim! And for bringing the name similarity to my attention... I think I may change my YouTube handle to "Pink Red Sky Means Recording" to avoid further confusion.
October 12, 2017  | person_outline Pink
Cool track!
October 12, 2017  | person_outline Simon
Completely awesome!
October 13, 2017  | person_outline Pete

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