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MidiFire by Audeonic Apps

Today Audeonic released a new modular MIDI utility, MidiFire for iOS and macOS! MIDI utilities tend to fall into two categories. They're either super weird or super useful. MidiFire manages to pull off both! There are a lot of helpful features in here, like integrated Bluetooth MIDI, and for the adventurous there is a Stream Byter II module. The first Stream Byte appeared in MIDI Bridge, and the new one allows even more MIDI mangling through code; including logical IF/THEN statements, math functions, timing weirdness, and even completely arbitrary MIDI messages.

Contest: I have 5 copies of MidiFire to give away! Comment here, as a registered user, for a chance to win.
In your comment please indicate whether you want the iOS or macOS version. Winners announced Saturday!

Contest closed! Congratulations to muki, Cat Nippurr, Slam Cut, The other Brian, and abi! I will be manually emailing you guys your codes later today.

MidiFire iTunes Description:

MidiFire is a free-form, modular CoreMIDI router, processor, monitor and clock source from the makers of MidiBridge.

Drop and arrange MIDI ports and modules onto the canvas however you like and connect them up to start routing and processing your MIDI events. Pan, zoom and scroll the canvas. Add as many ports and modules as you wish. Connect them in series or parallel. Cascade them together. Merge and split. You can create highly complex MIDI processing setups. Or keep it simple - the choice is yours.


Essential processing modules for channelising, filtering, transposing, 'monofying', remapping and monitoring - or create your own. All included with the standard app.

A highly accurate remotely controllable MIDI clock source.

Save your work into recallable/re-usable scenes. Share your scenes with other devices, computers and people. Switch between your scenes via configurable MIDI program change messages.

Download even more functionality within the app for free using the 'Scenes Club' for useful and special-purpose scenes that you can incorporate into your workflow.

Initiate and connect Bluetooth MIDI sessions within the application.

Define multiple virtual CoreMIDI ports to segregate your MIDI streams.


MidiFire supports all CoreMIDI hardware interfaces, the network interface, virtual ports (self owned or other apps') and Bluetooth MIDI.

Also available for mac on the Mac App Store. Scene files are interchangeable between iOS and macOS.


What sets MidiFire apart is the newly extended Stream Byter module first pioneered in MidiBridge. With this you can write your own processing modules using textual rules.

Newly added constructs to the Stream Byter include: IF/THEN, local/global variables, mathematical functions, timing variables, 'onload' rules, setting of block labels and sending arbitrary MIDI data. The Stream Byter is backwards compatible with rulesets you already have from MidiBridge; just copy/paste them in.


Also included are some specialised modules:

• Tracking Clamp - reduce tracking miss-hits from MIDI guitars.

• Robotic Knob - generate complementary CC messages to control synths and FX based on your playing.

• OSC Exchange - send and receive OSC data across a MIDI channel (DIN, USB, wifi or Bluetooth) between MidiFire instances.


For tutorial videos, full manual and more, please visit the MidiFire website - http://midifi.re

For assistance in writing Stream Byter rules please email us or join the 'Audeonic Soapbox' forum - http://soapbox.audeonic.com and post your requirements there.

* Powered by the MidiBus library.

Audeonic hired me to do the official tutorial. I was pretty excited by the opportunity because MidiFire lets me do something I've wanted to do for a while! Here I use MidiFire to create an awesome Bluetooth-based MIDI control scheme to run Fugue Machine on one iPad, controlling apps in AUM on another iPad. This keeps my workflow flowing without any app switching!

Contest Entries 36

This looks like a super useful app. I'm reminded of the iOS Dark Ages when MIDI wasn't even possible... This app seems like a no brainer must have app. Nice video by the way - shows just how easy it can be to use. Like that!
September 22, 2017  | stars Slam Cut
Submitted for your consideration... iOS version [of course]

but I wonder if the MacOS version would send out MIDI via bluetooth to an iPad anyway or vice-versa so a video app like CellDNA or iMix16 could interface with the iPad and ...? I just got lost again... mmm [rolling up sleeves and looking for my coffee].
September 22, 2017  | person Zenzilla
Comment comment, thank you thank you :-). iOS.
September 22, 2017  | stars The other Brian
Looks cool!
Looks great! iOS version if I win, please.
September 22, 2017  | person Michael_R_Grant
iOS thank you.
September 22, 2017  | favorite_border Laarz
Looks very convenient. I would like the iOS version if I win. Thanks Tim
September 22, 2017  | person gsm909
Oh, man. Another deep, complex app whose surface I will totally scratch. iOS, please! Thanks, Tim.
September 22, 2017  | person Adam
IOS please, thanks
September 22, 2017  | person Yactre
Looks the dogs bollox! Like Audulus but with IAA, AU connections. Needs to investigate further hope I get a copy.
September 22, 2017  | person Meerkat Music
Count me in for the IOS version, please.
September 22, 2017  | favorite_border Jensen
ios please
September 22, 2017  | person Parhelic
Looks cool. iOS version if I win please. :)
September 22, 2017  | person Ayepad
Ooo exactly answer to solve necesary MIDI connection betwen a Mac running several sequences tracks to send CC data to an iPad and iPhone to run at least two synth apps on each device. This means reduce CPU load and less glitches. MacOS please
Thank you Tim⚡️
September 22, 2017  | stars abi
any left ?
ios please.
September 22, 2017  | person Re5etuk
Awesome! iOS for me please.
It looks great. Mac OS, please. (I am buying the iOS version now.)
September 22, 2017  | favorite_border aufde
Great tutorial, Tim! macOS, if I win. Thanks!
September 22, 2017  | person Drunken Master
wow! looks super useful!
macOSX please :-)
September 22, 2017  | stars muki
Looks super useful and would love to check it out :)
September 22, 2017  | person Ragnamarus
This looks cool. Put me down for a chance at an iOS copy Tim!
September 22, 2017  | person Bob
Yo would like to have the mac os version!
September 22, 2017  | favorite_border Erik
Interested in macOS version for improved MIDI guitar tracking as well as all the other goodies. Thanks for the chance.
September 23, 2017  | person Osidenick
Definitely interested in this (for iOS). MIDIflow is nice, but I've definitely hit some limitations and think MIDIFire might be more powerful / flexible.
September 23, 2017  | favorite_border ajp
As a long time supporter of Audieonics when he first came out with Midi Bridge, I would love to get my hand on this! Thanks to the latest update of syncing of iOS to my DAW Reason, I would really be able to midi everything perfectly. I've tried using MusicIO, but that app doesn't work anymore.
September 23, 2017  | person Myst515
iOS! This looks interesting.
September 23, 2017  | person MikeV
I'm in for the iOS version. Honestly not sure what I'd do with it, but i have used MIDIBridge and FreEWI for a number of useful things.
September 23, 2017  | person jimhanks
MacOS version please :) Thanks
September 23, 2017  | person yug
I haven't taken the plunge on MidiFire, yet, so would like to be considered in the contest for an iOS copy. Thanks!
September 23, 2017  | person BDBaker1958
Would love to have the iOS version.
September 23, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Would love the iOS version ! Thanks
September 23, 2017  | person Nikoooo23
Looks good… app switching is a pita (repeatedly pressing the home button!!? This must be getting better on ios11?) Setting stuff up’s a pain too but if you can save it… I’m thinking… Ableton Push, iPad & iPhone… copy or export files on phone to iCloud…. continue working on mac or iPad. I think I’d prefer Mac version but either would be appreciated! Thanks!
September 23, 2017  | person AwesomeSupaDupa
Sounds Rad :) Ios please .
September 23, 2017  | stars Cat Nippurr
Nice looking utility, wow. (iOS please)
September 23, 2017  | person MC
Awesome and useful Stuff - iOS Version please
September 23, 2017  | person bazebuster
Awesome Tim and iOS please.
September 23, 2017  | person That guy

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