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WerkBench 3.0 Update

WerkBench, from Bolasol, Inc., got a major update today! WerkBench is now iOS 11 and Audiobus 3 compatible, and today's update brings a complete refresh to the UI with entirely new effects. The update even arrives with a very fun demo by the developer.

What's new in WerkBench v3.0.0:

This is a huge update:

* iOS11 compatibility
* Audiobus 3 (Audio receiver and sender, MIDI receiver)
* All new graphics

More effects:
* Reverb (decay, color, and mix), independent sends for each sample
* Bit crusher
* High-pass filter in instrument controls.

More step-editing/automation parameters:
* Attack
* Reverb sends
* Bit crusher down-sampling per step
* Low-pass filter

New ways to interact:
* All step-automation parameters can be recorded in real time.
* All step-automation parameters can be randomized.
* Step-automation can be preserved when sampling (letting you pre-program melodies, etc. before sampling).

New file format:
* Easy sharing and importing between devices:
* .werk files can be made by zipping a folder of wavs and renaming the extension.
* And vice versa, you can unzip .werk files on your computer to get the .wav files that were recorded in Werkbench.

Engine stuff:
* Longer sample times (2x as long as before)
* Wider pitch range (up to 8 octave range per sample).
* 64 note max polyphony (configurable)
* Tempo goes up to 999 BPM

Reader Comments 10

Dev here. Happy to answer questions.

Now on to the next:
Update with Ableton Link and Audioshare is in the works.
September 19, 2017  | person_outline karlbolasol
Is TweakBench officially abandonware now?
September 19, 2017  | person Nonny Moose
Wow thank you for the update! WerkBench is definitely one of my favorite apps ever!
I was looking at this app the other day and am appreciative to the dev for this refresh.
September 19, 2017  | person That guy
I have no audio output in Audiobus 3 maybe I am doing something wrong.
September 20, 2017  | person That guy
All good I needed to reboot my iPAD
September 20, 2017  | person That guy
Just another appreciation. Apps like this are what the iPad is really all about.
September 20, 2017  | person DavidF
A classic. Looking forward to the AudioShare integration.
September 21, 2017  | person_outline Sarmad
On September 19, 2017 - @karlbolasol said:
Dev here. Happy to answer questions.


Will Werkbench ever become a universal app?

- Tony
September 21, 2017  | favorite_border Tony

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