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NanoStudio 2 - Progress Report

NanoStudio 2 was announced back in 2013, and in 2014 we heard it was going to have a 2015 release date... But life got in the way and development has been halting. I loved the first one dearly so I don't want to give him too much grief, but man the teasing on this one! Fortunately reader tom_tm alerted me to a post on the official forum that offers a progress report, new screenshots, and an introduction to the collective noun for badgers.

"Tasks are getting closed down, things are clicking into place, and unless something happens which is completely beyond my control such as a cete of particularly violent badgers overrunning my home (who could plan for that?) it's all looking good for this December.

It's been necessary to make a sacrifice to the features which will be delivered in the first release. That sacrifice will be: audio tracks."

So badgers notwithstanding we should be seeing a 2017 release of NS2 and it will look awesome! Pictured right is Obsidian, a new take on the classic Eden synth from NS1.

He goes on to note that Audio Tracks will be added at a later date as an IAP, and further asserts that we won't "need to spend a load more on top of the base app" for a useful set of features. The currently planned IAPs include a convolution reverb, "a solid set of multi-sample based patches to complement the 300+ mainly synthesis-based patches which come with the base app", and Audio Tracks.

Digging through the comments on that thread we find that MIDI Out is a built-in release feature. The release version will also feature automation of every single knob and X/Y pad. The initial release will be iPad only, supporting anything that can run iOS 9, but it will be made Universal at a later date.

Here is one more screenshot, this time showing off the Song Editor! Check out the official post for more!

Reader Comments 11

As an NS1 owner I have a concern about this. Back in the day, there wasn't nearly as much competition but this is now launching into a really busy space! Will anyone really care anymore, when there's so many others out there already? Perhaps the name still means enough that it'll get a good start and if the quality is there too then that should get it rolling again. I just hate to think of a labour of love (for years!) getting released to little fanfare and disappearing into the depths of the app store.

Ach what do I know (nothing), he may already have a clever marketing campaign lined up and a host of popular sites and youtubers making enthusiastic demo videos already.
September 13, 2017  | person milko
If NS2 works onmy old ipad2, I"m all in on this. I still play around with the origiaall from time to time. Am particulalry interested in any sample based presets. Would love someone to give SampleTank a run for their money.
September 13, 2017  | person B.Skaigh
On September 13, 2017 - @milko said:
Ach what do I know (nothing), he may already have a clever marketing campaign lined up and a host of popular sites and youtubers making enthusiastic demo videos already.

For inquiries into getting popular sites and YouTubers to make enthusiastic demo videos already, please contact me! ;)

Apparently NS2 will work on any iOS device (as long as it is an iPad for the time being anyway, or large screen iPhone) running iOS 9 and above. This of course is just fantastic news all round. Despite its age, NS was the only 'DAW'-style app that I kept coming back to over and over again. It's a classic case of really good interface design, something that is sadly lacking in a lot of newer apps. What NS didn't have, it made up with simplicity of use and a really amazingly good sound- very unique in many ways. Can't wait until December!
September 13, 2017  | person_outline tom_tm
From the Forum:
"In the same tradition as NS1's Eden synth, the new synth is intended to be a good general purpose 'workhorse' synth to get stuff done with high CPU efficiency. I'll probably leave more weird and wonderful stuff to all those wonderful developers of Audio Units out there ...

It has 3 oscillators, any of which can be:

- Analogue (all the basic waveforms with the choice of sync)
- Wavetable (for interpolating between a range of new waveforms on the fly)
- Phase distortion (similar to 80's Casio CZ range)
- 3 Operator FM with various different waveforms and envelopes for each operator connection/feedback parameter
- NanoSaw (8 detuned saws, similar to Roland supersaw), with stereo option
- Noise (a range of different noise spectrums with additional LP/HP/Band/Notch filter)
- Sample (including multisamples with crossfades etc), with stereo option

Each oscillator can be assigned to a velocity range (with variable crossfades) or used in the usual layered mode. You can set one of the oscillators to bypass the filter section if desired, and two of the oscillators can ring modulate.

I really wanted to do some granular stuff but I could see it taking a long time so I shelved it for the time being. However, the sample oscillator has a 'spectral loop' mode in addition to the usual time based looping, which can make some pretty interesting effects - think of putting the sample through an infinitely long reverb, sampling part of that reverb tail and creating a seamless of loop of that.

There are 2 filters which can be:

- LP/HP/BP/Notch with a range of different slopes and the choice between 'digital' or 'analog' (the latter has a drive control and much more resonance).
- EQ peak or shelf
- Comb
- Formant
- Waveshaper

The 2 filters can be configured in parallel or series, or switched to stereo mode to become a Left/Right pair.

There's an additional global stereo filter with the same options as filters 1/2. However, this filter is applied globally to the output (all voices together) rather than per voice. It's handy for tweaking the EQ as a whole or applying distortion to the whole mix, that sort of thing.

The synth has 3 effects which can be applied in any order:

- Multi-FX (chorus, flanger, phaser, ensemble)
- Delay (stereo, cross, ping-pong etc.) with beat sync
- Reverb (various rooms, plate and hall)

Of course you can apply more effects as mixer inserts, but the ones above seemed the best candidates for inclusion in the synth itself.

Finally, there's a mod matrix similar to NS1's Eden, but it's now easier to use as you can just tap on a destination control create a mapping.
September 13, 2017  | person Jack Frost
Does anyone know if Obsidian will support user wavetables and not just samples?
September 13, 2017  | person Jack Frost
Hate to be negative but i will say it...NanoStudio was one of my very first app purchases, i liked nanostudio a lot as it was great back when ios music production was evolving but...... 2017 is a bit too fucking late for me to take this dev serious, not when they hyped us for half a decade. Really, iap for audio tracks and its not even ready? I wonder why folks who have these projects that grow bigger than thier immediate abilities dont hire on some help to keep it timely? Is it not possible to crowdfund development on somthing so popular as nanostudio? I would have thrown em my support a few years ago, even last year but this half assed abandoning of apps is really hurting ios, its killing people's willingness to buy into and learn new apps, its killed mine at least.
September 14, 2017  | person_outline Ian
And i do not believe it will be december. Sad thing when a familiar app gets a cosmetic and ui overhaul but we still gotta wait for the important Features to be implemented at some unknown date... really? I do not care if its fucking pretty, i use these things to make sound, it means little if they have pretty rainbow colors, get those feature updates out and promise us rainbows at a furthur date not the opposite.
September 14, 2017  | person_outline Ian
September 14, 2017  | person Bob
This is starting to look like Fruityloops
The older version of FL was more fun to work with
This colorful flattened out version looks like FL.
It's almost a turn off to want to pay for this.
The workflow in NanoStudio is easy to create in
As it is.

Thank you Tim , I visit your site to get to
Get the latest cause you're the greatest
September 14, 2017  | person_outline Speeder
On September 14, 2017 - @Speeder said:
Thank you Tim , I visit your site to get to
Get the latest cause you're the greatest

And thank you, Speeder!

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