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Let's Compare: 6 Flagship iPad Piano Apps

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom did a comparison of the 6 major piano apps available on iPad today!

Video Description:

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Reader Comments 8

For a second there I thought I was seeing a glitch in the Matrix.

August 14, 2017  | person_outline Blaaaarghonaut
LOL, yeah! That article was on my mind as I posted this...

This one has 1 more app in the mix, so it's better!
My pre-watch prediction: Ravencroft will sound good, the others will sound bad.
August 14, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Ok. I was wrong.

I thought the Imperial is decent sounding, and has the advantage of being super bright on high velocities-- which will cut through a mix if in a pop setting. But it is not a very warm piano.

The Ravenscroft had nice "realism" when it comes to releases and "ringing" sounds, but the mic positioning/stereo/mono-compatibility wasn't as good as I would have hoped. Warmer sounding, which is nice for solo.

The Colossus Historic S was super (dynamically) compressed, so you couldn't really compare it very fairly. I don't know if the samples are compressed or if that is happening in the app. The stereo/mono was ok. The mics were too close which makes it sound a little sterile.

Korg iGrand: again, a little too close mic'ed. The releases in the low notes are too short. Sounds fake. Not as rich sounding as the Imperial or Ravenscroft.

CrudeBytes piano had some compression & reverb so it was not easy to compare the basic sound. The mono-compatibility is less-than-perfect.

I'm starting to get tired of listening to pianos. The last Korg iGrand sounded ok. Nothing special. Nice low note there at the end. Doug didn't play very low notes on most of the demos.
August 14, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Yes I think I should have played a wider range, I must say that I have to also agree with most comments, and also to be fair to Crudbyte that is only one of the lower end pianos in the app, so I will need to do another comparison.
The Ravenscroft is a great piano for many options and does have a fair amount of control, all of these were played "Out Of The Box" with no adjustments except for me Rolling of some of the Reverb on the CMP and the Historic S
August 14, 2017  | person_outline Doug
@Doug: How do you not have an account on the site yet? ;)
Hmm, what about in a mix? Would you change your opinion?
August 14, 2017  | person Charlie

You ask the right question. Considering a solo piano or considering one that is used in a fuller context is important. Lots of times people will dismiss a warm sounding piano because it won't "cut through". But it really depends on the style. For a driving kind of sound, the IK imperial has the most slice.

I wouldn't choose the Colossus, unless I was sure I could get rid of all that compression. If the compression is on the samples, I would not use it for anything!!

I wanted to like that Ravenscroft more than I did. There are "traditions" for mic'ing a piano, and they do sound nice in stereo, but they often suck in mono.

If you have a Mac, consider getting Pianoteq. I have it and it is my go-to for piano. Hands down.
August 15, 2017  | favorite_border stub

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