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Pulse Giveaway Contest!

Pulse Code, Inc. has kindly provided me with 5 copies of their new Pulse groove box app to giveaway! Comment here for a chance to snag one for yourself! Winners will be selected tomorrow.

Contest closed! Congratulations to senhorlampada, vasre, jimmyp, DiegoC, and Cat Nippurr!

Contest Entries 63

here kitty kitty
Gimme pulse! 😄
July 12, 2017  | person_outline Matt
Hey there! Can i feelz the pulse??!!!
N.B.: I bought it, so count me out of the giveaway.

It's awesome.

Deceptively simple looking, and the bright colors might make it look like a toy, but it's got a lot of cool features and is pretty powerful.
July 12, 2017  | person_outline rbh
I would love to give it a go
July 12, 2017  | person_outline michael dahlman
July 12, 2017  | person_outline AfroDJMac
I would love to give it a go. sorry I didn't log in above
July 12, 2017  | person mchlnrvs
Meow.. got some food for ya nice kitty! :)
July 12, 2017  | stars DiegoC
Pulse on the way
July 12, 2017  | person Freddy
Thanks for the opportunity. Here's two varying opinions on Pulse.

"Braxton’s first album for Atlantic, Pulse was delayed over a year due to leaked material, which prompted the singer to record several new songs. None of the remaining collaborations with big-name artists made the cut, either. Even when low expectations are factored, Pulse is irrefutably satisfying." - AllMusic Review by Andy Kellman

"Consequently, an audio version of this concert, separated from the visuals, is disappointing. Pink Floyd play the greatest hits and the new songs professionally, yet the versions differ only slightly from the original recordings, making Pulse a tepid experience." - AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
July 12, 2017  | person MikeV
El pus
July 12, 2017  | person BruteFours
I love cats and pulses. And, of course, this site.
My entry ticket.....
“Every song has it's own heartbeat.”
July 12, 2017  | person puzznic
Check my Pulse.
I'd like to have this one! :)
July 12, 2017  | person_outline Yactre
Ooh me me me,
por favor
July 12, 2017  | person_outline Suggathang
Count me in, please.
i'm in too...
July 12, 2017  | person wooliscool
i keep hearing about this app. i'd love to try it out
July 12, 2017  | person_outline eross
Pulsating with anticipation....
Why not?
Yes, please !
July 12, 2017  | stars vasre
Meowzer Batman
July 12, 2017  | person_outline Speeder
Just signed up here today. This looks good!
July 12, 2017  | person btocher
Comment comment! My pulse is racing!
Thank you.
Ooo! Free apps! Count me in homie!!
July 12, 2017  | person SupaJoint
How very kind. I would love a copy of Pulse. I'll buy it next payday if I don't win :)
July 12, 2017  | person_outline jimmyp
My pussy's pulsing with delight
At the thought that i just possibly might
Win a copy of this great app
So with my paws I can slide and tap!
I would like a copy right MEEEEEOW!
'Cause smokin' an' trippin' is all that you do...

July 12, 2017  | person Laarz
I'm commenting now I'm a member - thought I already was tbh
July 12, 2017  | stars jimmyp
Would love to test this app! :)
July 12, 2017  | person Ragnamarus
Yes Please!
Interested :)
July 12, 2017  | person_outline Chris Greenwell
Count me in please :)
July 12, 2017  | stars Cat Nippurr
so cool app yes yes
July 12, 2017  | person_outline Jørgen Jonassen
This isn't Beat Maker 3, but I'd give it a whirl if I win a copy!
Looks like a winner!
Let the contest forever be in your favor... but, I am here to win! Ha
Since i'm on the fence on this, I would love to win a copy! lol
Looks like i need a pulse check:)
July 12, 2017  | person Alesk
Sounds just like me ... maximum features ... Minimum beat!

July 12, 2017  | person_outline Lee
My pulse went up … throw my name in the hat :)
July 13, 2017  | person BABYBMR
Look at all these greedy, cheap people... (pick me, pick me!) I'm glad this got Rhythm Studio an update as well!
July 13, 2017  | person bvsmv
Looks fantastic! I really enjoy following your site. More groove boxes are always welcome :-)
This app looks interesting...
July 13, 2017  | person_outline Kurt Lorenz
I would love to receive a code for this app!
I'm feeling good about this. Thanks in advance!
July 13, 2017  | person Pixelpeer
No kitty that's my pot pie >:|
July 13, 2017  | person_outline Zak
Looks interesting, thanks
July 13, 2017  | person yug
In for the win
I´ll make a cat rooooaaaar!
July 13, 2017  | person_outline Marcus
After listening to the groovy sounds on the demos, I just couldn't overcome the impulse to enter... %^D
July 13, 2017  | person thedogfish
I bought Rhythm Studio ages ago & dismissed it (probably because I didn't understand the interface)… then when going through old apps I tried it again (& got it this time)… I thought it was really good… but by this point other apps (ie. Gadget) were available. So it got left behind again. I think this looks really promising if it has the same influences & now works with other apps.
July 13, 2017  | person Yak Nepper
Moi! :)
July 13, 2017  | person_outline CloudSounds
Yes please :)
July 13, 2017  | person_outline Marc
No thanks, i don't want it.
July 13, 2017  | person_outline Vincent
July 13, 2017  | person_outline Allehoop
probs too late
No you weren't too late, Erik! But now it is closed!

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