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The Death of ReBirth

Peff commemorates the death of ReBirth with an Acid House Funeral Dirge. Propellerhead had to remove the app due to a copyright claim from Roland. Which is fucking crazy, considering ReBirth has been around in one for or another since 1996! It is more than a little worrying that Roland has suddenly become litigious. There are an awful lot of other people violating their IP for the last few decades.

RIP in Peace, ReBirth. Throughout its long life it has been equal parts ahead of its time and behind the times.

Video Description:

Because this day, June 15, 2017 marks the official end of Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338, I'm revisiting an old RBS song file.

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The only theory that makes sense of "why now?" is: Roland is gearing up for a massive lawsuit against Behringer. To move forward, Roland needs to show they have aggressively been defending their intellectual property.
June 16, 2017  | person_outline kerm
Yeah, I figure it's got to be something like that. I'm curious to know which specific straw finally broke the camel's back on this one.
"Rest In Peace in peace"...?


As for the lawsuit threat... just wow. I hope whatever court they go to for the next suit notices that they only just started to care about this particular clone as of 2017...
June 17, 2017  | person dysamoria
Trigger warning for the censorists i gotta say it, Fuck roland, they are decades behind on thier gear just like this lawsuit, its a pathetic act. Where were they as ios evolved? A joke company, take your scatter fx and go file for bankruptcy! My loyalty is with companies who have embraced the evolution of music production rather than recycle the same outdated crap and shit on other companies with this counterproductive copyright abuse. This is really lame and if they go after behringer i hope behringer comes out on top cuz behringer is and has been doing good things for us all, its a truely inovative company, roland is a ghost from the past.
Sadly, Roland these days come across as a company who have ran out of ideas. Their future is in lazily reissuing their past.
June 17, 2017  | person Bob
Will we lose it from our accounts? If so, any way to back it up?
Damn Roland! You so nasty
I don't think we lose access to it. You should always be able to find it in your Purchases in the Store.

I download my apps in iTunes on the desktop. That way I always have a backup.
June 17, 2017  | person Bob
lol re: ^Behringer. They've been successfully ripping off designs from other people for a while now, so they're probably pretty good at evading shit like this.

Hopefully doesn't affect outfits like Jomox though. :-\
I can just see the discussion in a boardroom:

Exec: "Well, the problem is that we're a legend in the business, but many of our early successes were total accidents (TB303) and we haven't really put out anything too groundbreaking or too popular lately - and now the market's flooded with all level of competition eating away our sanctified market share. What should we do?"

Accountant: "Hmmm. Time to try and monetize your rep and image by any means necessary - have you thought of doing limited edition sneakers with your branding on them? We need to make the Roland brand tantamount to electronic music religious canon. Anyone heretically using images of your iconic gear will be taxed and hounded until they cease and fall into line with the New Way. Oh, what's a thing that's really hot right now that people aren't sure they need but we can charge through the nose for because, hey, we're Roland! Wait... I know... cloud services!"

(boardroom erupts in evil laughter)

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