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Let's Play with Mood

I jump at all apeSoft apps, but I was especially excited to try out Mood. I was in as soon as I heard the Moog Model D style synthesis, but what I've spent most of my time playing with is the extra added bonuses apeSoft has added to the formula. Both Granular and FM synthesis are available in a nice tight package, and all running right next to the classic Subtractive synthesis. I play the hell out of it in this Let's Play!

Contest: I have 2 copies of Mood to give away! This article is a contest post. Since this is also a Patron Timed Exclusive, I'll wait to close the contest on Saturday morning so everyone will be able to see it and enter Friday. Patrons can comment here to join the contest early, but that does not increase your chances to win.

Contest closed! Congratulations to Charlie, and deezign!

Video Description:

Mood is a re-imaging of the classic Moog Model D. Rather than emulating the original hardware faithfully, this takes things much further! In this Let's Play I'm exploring both the standard and non-standard features of the app. If you enjoyed this please consider supporting this series by sponsoring them on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/discchord If you'd prefer to help on a monthly basis, instead of per video, there is a new monthly Patreon campaign: https://www.patreon.com/discchord_com

Contest Entries 47

Sadly, I can't watch right now, but I'm looking forward to it!
Looks cool. Sample mangler+synthesis...hard to wrong with that! ;)
Cool things, Tim (the contest and the Let's Play).

I have the synth, it's a gem...
Glad you liked it!
Whoa, this app is a lot deeper than I realized. The let's play vid is great, really enjoyed it.
Cool as always Tim!! Thanks.
June 16, 2017  | person_outline Mat
Baffling it is not, which is always a good thing for making great sounds. Would love to win.
June 16, 2017  | person nreyes
Very cool. Thank you. I've watched any mood videos I can find and yours pushed the app to the top of my "to purchase next" list. Just when I started to foolishly think fresh approaches to apps were lagging this year a bit...awaiting bm3
June 16, 2017  | person_outline Mike V
Would be nice to win this, thanks for the video.
June 16, 2017  | person yug
Guys you're ignoring the message that appears right above the comment field:
Anonymous users are not allowed to sign up for contests.
You can comment, but if you'd like to participate please login or register.
Your entries don't count unless you login. I've got some good anti-cheating stuff in place to prevent multiple entries, but that requires you to be logged in.
great sounding synth - not sure if I need it but if I won a copy I'm sure I'd find a use...
Count me in for the competition. Too much going on atm for my poor wallet to keep up.
Such a great app and great demo.
apeSoft did it again!
Thanks for the video Tim. Always appreciated to hear some sound demos of new apps.
June 16, 2017  | person Grace
Hi Tim

Great review... would love to hear more! Keep it up!
June 16, 2017  | person s2s
June 16, 2017  | person wooliscool
Have not used an app of theirs before, so looking forward to seeing more use of it :)
Yes Please, Mood + Dub Samples = Irie! (((Space)))

It says: Please confirm the email address. But I've already done that, I think.
June 16, 2017  | person Spicey
A lot of apps I purchased have been brought to light through
Your Website.
The inclusion of the Soundtest Room for doing reviews has helped me
in final purchases.
I have way more knowledge from watching and listening.
Mood would be a great addition
June 16, 2017  | person_outline Speeder
Alright, got it now !! 😄
June 16, 2017  | person Matver61
See my post above...I'm embarassed to admit I once bombed a test in 4th grade because the directions at the top of the test said "sign your name and turn it in." I rocked the answers to the test..just did it wrong.

I'm digging the sounds you're getting at the end, even when you said you went to far!
June 16, 2017  | person MikeV
I'm in the Mood
June 16, 2017  | person_outline Speeder
Tim (or others) -

In the specifications for this - can the effects be deactivated to reduce CPU load, thereby use other external effects app(s) ?

June 16, 2017  | person_outline Mick
Thanks for another great review! Have not got this one yet ..
June 16, 2017  | person Hb2015
Interesting take on the basic Mini architecture
June 16, 2017  | person Bubowski
great work. great synth. i would really love to have it. thanks for all
June 16, 2017  | person vasre
I truly admire the way that Allesandro quietly and methodically releases quality apps, as well as all the desktop stuff too. A programming legend.
June 16, 2017  | person thinds
On June 16, 2017 - @Mick said:
Tim (or others) -

In the specifications for this - can the effects be deactivated to reduce CPU load, thereby use other external effects app(s) ?

Yes! I'm not 100% sure that this means less CPU usage, but all of the effects can be deactivated individually.
Feed me, you said, and I was feeding you, Jack.
June 16, 2017  | person Laarz
June 16, 2017  | person huphtur
Brilliant synth. Thank you for another great review.
June 16, 2017  | person Bajakuk
Great tutorial and thanks for the contest opportunity!
All about Apesoft! Can't wait to play with this one.
June 16, 2017  | stars deezign
Count me in please!

I love how this still seems to have comparitively modest requirements (no need for iOS 10 or 64-bit) compared to others whilst still getting good reviews for its sound.
June 16, 2017  | person Bob
Looks like another great iOS synth.
June 16, 2017  | person Osidenick
In under the wire
June 16, 2017  | person jimhanks
Damn, I'm late to the party 😯😒
June 17, 2017  | person_outline R3pl1c4nt
Hey Tim Apesoft does it again I Love their Apps and a nice Let's Play as well!
June 17, 2017  | person That guy
I'm back, but I forgot my drum
June 17, 2017  | person R3pl1c4nt
apesoft is apemazing! Count me int for the competition! Thanks!
June 17, 2017  | person Megalow
This seems to be a killer app! Count me in.
June 17, 2017  | person Marcel
Totes wanna wit this ish homie :)
June 17, 2017  | person SupaJoint
Awesome! Thank you for the chance to win this great app for free!
Moogy Baby, Very Moogy Baby…
Mood music
June 17, 2017  | stars Charlie
Is it gone already?

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