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BeatMaker 3 Arriving July 15th

Developer Intua has announced an official release date for the long awaited BeatMaker 3! Set your reminders for July 15th, when we will see BeatMaker 3 arrive on iTunes for $20! Full details are available on Intua's site, but here is a snippet on the new Pads and Effects:


BeatMaker 3 has eight banks of 128 pads. Each pad is now a full-fledged instrument running a state of the art multi-layered sampler engine, with additional IAA/Audio Unit V3 hosting. Additionally, audio tracks and can be added to the mix, for recording and playback of audio clips. Up to eight aux tracks can be added for even more complex routing.

Per Pad

  • Multi-layered sampler
  • Optional Audio Unit (AUv3/IAA), used simultaneously with the sampler
  • Mixer channel, with volume, pan, mute, solo and eight sends
  • Unlimited number of effects
  • Link & choke groups
  • Audio output routing
  • Swing mode

Per Bank

  • Hosts up to 128 pads, with 16/64 pads mode
  • Sequencer track
  • Mixer channel, with volume, pan, mute, solo and eight sends
  • Unlimited number of effects
  • Output to the main mix or a specific audio hardware output
  • Up 16 macro controls with additional X/Y controller
  • MIDI input / output
  • Swing mode


Access the effect chain of any track by simply selecting the track (bank, output, aux, pad…) from the user interface or by manually selecting it. If you want to lock the selection on a specific track, toggle the “lock” icon.

You can insert any number of effects on a track. Remember  that you can  use macro controls to bind multiple parameters at once, from the effects, mixer, or even the sampler.

Effects presets load/save. Move effect up/down the chain.

Available effects

  • external Audio Unit plugin (IAA, AUv3);
  • bit crusher;
  • filtered delay with optional sync mode;
  • dynamics processor (compressor/limiter/expander) with side-chaining;
  • one-band SV filter;
  • six-band (parametric) SV filter;
  • modulation delay (flanger/chorus/vibrato);
  • overdrive;
  • two reverbs;
  • slicer;
  • stereo delay with filter and optional sync modes;
  • stereo widener.

Reader Comments 7

Can't wait for this one. But, they *need* to address the poor, awkward file management in BM2
June 16, 2017  | person_outline kerm
You'd think with all the dev time this app has had, they'd at least have one or two videos to tease us with.
June 16, 2017  | person_outline feastoftones
much excite!
June 16, 2017  | person huphtur
The sampler developments look intriguing. I wish they'd release a sampler instrument as a separate app/AU.

Hopefully, I'll like the sequencer. I like MTS's sequencer well enough, but mostly use my laptop.

The whole thing looks pretty ambitious. But if the sequencer is milk-toast, I will pass, and wait for someone else to come up with a reasonable sampler. Hard to believe no one has-- apart from the one built into BM2 or ThumbJam (which I tried using, but it is too limited).
really nice gui :)
June 18, 2017  | person_outline pn
Please give us the sampler as au3! Thank you 😘
June 19, 2017  | person Plø
I don't know how much extra development time that would take, but if they would release their sampler as a standalone & AU3, that would sell hard. I mean, there really isn't one. Think of it. Well over 2 million apps on the app store and no sampler. Think of all the dumb apps you've bought.

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