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Audiobus 3 Giveaway!

To celebrate the public release of the Audiobus 3 SDK, and the impending flood of apps supporting it, I have 3 copies of Audiobus 3 to give away!

Comment here for a chance to win. I'll close the contest tomorrow morning so winners will be able to play with it over the weekend. Please keep in mind that Audiobus 3 requires iOS 10.2 so if you're not on iOS 10.2 you might want to skip this contest for those that are.

Contest closed! Congratulations to gsm909, Adam, and daveknapik!

Contest Entries 72

I'd like to have one copy! thanks!
May 19, 2017  | person_outline Maneco
Cool, thanks Tim!!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!
Great, thanks! And good luck to you all
May 19, 2017  | person yug
Sweet! Don't have yet, but intrigued. thx :)
May 19, 2017  | person skiphunt
AUM takes care of business, but I'd take AB3 for free...
May 19, 2017  | stars Adam
Hello. I would like to win a copy!
May 19, 2017  | person_outline Vinícius Lara
Thanks for running these giveaways, Tim.
May 19, 2017  | person Ansonic
On May 19, 2017 - @Maneco said:
I'd like to have one copy! thanks!

You'll need to register then! Only registered users comments count as contest entries. I tried to make that obvious. There should have been big bold words saying:

Anonymous users are not allowed to sign up for contests.
You can comment, but if you'd like to participate please login or register.

It is part of my attempts to prevent people from signing up multiple times. There is anti-cheat prevention in place, but it requires registered users to track properly.
I would like to win a copy! Thank you guys.
May 19, 2017  | person vinicius
I am interested in all the midi enhancements.
I am excited about this one! thanks for these contests!
May 19, 2017  | person Okgm2
Thanks for holding these contests. Now, no whammies, no whammies, no whammies!
AB3? Yeah baby!
Love AB2, need AB3! Greetings from Stockholm!
May 19, 2017  | person Spicey
I'm always eager for more free toys to play with so count me in!
May 19, 2017  | person Bob
Hell yeah buddy, more like Audiobus free
May 19, 2017  | person_outline Brute Fours
Uhh, see above.
Yes, I'd like to enter too!
Good luck to all. (especially AB2 veterans! <3)
May 19, 2017  | person rikfav
In for the win 😝
May 19, 2017  | person huphtur
time to move from AB2 to AB3!
Audiobus 3
Makes routing sound easier
I'd like to win one
May 19, 2017  | person chellman
Come to me AB3!!
I mostly use AUM and have held off on buying AB3. Not because I don't want to contribute, just trying to simplify my work flow. Maybe AB3 is the answer?
Would love to win a copy :-)
May 19, 2017  | person White
Count me in, cheers Tim!
May 19, 2017  | person tehbri
It's time to put the mustard on the hotdog with AB3!
May 19, 2017  | person cfurrow
Hopefully now more sequencers will support AB3, so it will be nice after I win it.
Would love to check it out.
Ain't pulled the trigger on the AB3. Winnin a copy wud be dope tho yo :)
Yes i would like one copy audiobus and discchord Rocks. Thank you
May 19, 2017  | person Hunter
May 19, 2017  | person_outline Sage Yedinak
Here we go.
Sometimes you loose...!
Congratulation Tim, these contests are very popular! Must be good for discchord!
May 19, 2017  | person half d
This is certainly a must have. If I don't win one, I'll be purchasing it soon. Good to see developers supporting your excellent work Tim. May your site grow at an ever accelerating rate!
I need and want audiobus.
I also lust over audiobus.
May 19, 2017  | person Mcboy
Sign me up for the contest, please! Your site is great.
AB 2.0 is great. Would be sweet to win AB3.
Thanks for the great site, Tim
count me in!
Count me in Tim
May 19, 2017  | stars gsm909
Still working with AB2, so ....
May 19, 2017  | person Marcel
Count me in - love the site
I want it! Haha that's very nice from your part
May 19, 2017  | person_outline Pablo
And here i am again commenting. What's going on with me?
May 19, 2017  | person Alesk
Yes please, i need it.
May 19, 2017  | person vasre
Leiwaund :) worth to give it a try
U rock Tim! I'd like a copy of AB3 please!
May 19, 2017  | person Nic Nice
Count me in.
Free AB3 would lead to buying some MIDI apps.
Awesome… I love giveaways and need to upgrade to 3… Thanks!!
May 19, 2017  | person BABYBMR
You would think everyone will have this by now!!!!
I don't so let me in !!!
These contests are showing just how many people actually looking at this site are lurkers ;-)
This app is interesting. I've just started using the old version a little bit and this new version looks like quite an improvement. I still wish Korg would have their IAA configured correctly, though, because nothing really fixes that.
On May 19, 2017 - @dysamoria said:
These contests are showing just how many people actually looking at this site are lurkers ;-)

LOL, seriously... I see the stats. Something like 3,000 people come here every day, but I only ever hear from about 100 of those regularly. This is bringing everyone in from the cold dark emptiness of lurkerdom, and I hope they'll continue to participate in other threads as well!
Out of the shadows. Into the light.
May 20, 2017  | person jimhanks
sign me up for it - and thanks, Tim!
This would be awesome!! Thanks, Tim!
Awesome, I recently bought Logic so I haven't gotten AB3 yet. This would be nice!
May 20, 2017  | person bvsmv
Sweet! I've been holding out on AB3 but I'd love to try it out. Thanks!
@Mhc: Try one more time. The first one was unregistered, and the second was blank without an email so it won't count.

And as a side note: In addition to all the new names here, it is great to see so many old ones! I haven't seen some of these names in quite a while, but I remember them! It makes me very glad to see some of the same people are still coming back to the site after all these years.
That's great! I'll give it a try! Greetings from Brazil!
Yeh Baby! Love the comps
Very nice giveaway! fingers crossed.
May 20, 2017  | person doze
my fingers are very cross xx :)
I look forward to a less painful MIDI experience :)
May 20, 2017  | person tristan
i would love to win copy of AB3,one day i will win something lol
May 20, 2017  | person beast
I'm a big fan of AUM, but I'd happily take a copy of Audiobus 3 also.

Thanks, Tim!
Comment comment..... yes please, thank you :-)
Had been holding off on AB3 as AB Remote is important to me. Excited to see what devs come up with using the SDK!
I' m realising that since i started using Aum i nearly never oppened AB again.
May 20, 2017  | person Alesk

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