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Kickstarter: ACPD Drum Kit & Game by WIFO

WIFO Corporation, the makers of the RemoFinger, have revamped their touchscreen technology for a new purpose! ACPD Drum Kit offers capacitive drum sticks, with an actuated kick pedal that is similar to the RemoFinger. All in a cute package, for $50. ($40 if you can snag the Super Early Bird package.)

Their Kickstarter campaign is off to a great start with nearly half of their funding goal met in the first day. I'm not surprised! That kick drum pedal is probably worth the asking price alone. I can easily see that being used in other apps that would benefit from a foot pedal switch.

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It's not a bad concept, but swinging metal sticks at a screen seems problematic. Giving those sticks to kids to swing at a screen also seems a little ill advised (I don't care how soft the tips are).

Also, selling that pedal and those sticks as drum training is a bit of a stretch. I don't down you can get some rhythm learning done, but not really develop any stick control or technique.

Hopefully, it's not very expensive. A person who wants to learn drums should start with a drum pad (or even a MIDI drum pad-- which can be gotten pretty cheaply).
I guess it's possible to learn rhythm with this app but forget about technique. The sticks look almost uncomfortable to play. It's almost like playing drums with toothpicks.
Though not an iOS offering, Aerodrums are a much better execution of this concept.


One could argue that not actually hitting a surface is a deal-breaker-- however, I've done a fair amount of this "air playing" where the stick's contact with the heel of your hand is used instead. It works pretty well and is a useful skill to have, anyway. If this is at all interesting to you, you have to watch some of these demos, it is incredible.

The only drawback is that the camera system requires low light, so no daytime outdoor gigs.

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