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FM Essential Update

FM Essential, from Yamaha, was updated with, "Support for MX88 BK activation." The app is crippled unless you connect a pricey Yamaha MX keyboard. Today's update means the priciest of the bunch, released yesterday for $1,300, will also unlock the app.

What's new in FM Essential [US] v1.1.2:

- Minor Bug Fix
- Support for MX88 BK activation

The update arrives with a new demo of the unlocking process.

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Oh...OK, that's kind of a cool gimmick. If I still lived near a Sam Ash, I'd probably bring an iPad with me and unlock it while there anyway.
On April 21, 2017 - @fauxfreshness said:
Oh...OK, that's kind of a cool gimmick. If I still lived near a Sam Ash, I'd probably bring an iPad with me and unlock it while there anyway.

Oh man, that is an interesting idea. I wonder if the app remembers that it has been unlocked, or if it only remains unlocked while connected to an MX keyboard.
About 32 seconds in Phil says "all you need to do is go to your local store, plug into the MX and you're in"
yamaha still seems behind the times, how could they even still be a company when the competition has Gadget!!!! Ohhh and the bluetooth controllers that link to it flawless. novation has circuit mono and a new desktop, waldorf has the most epic release in the works, a hybrid that even incorporates an ios based synths code in the vocoder text to speach thing, mpc live and X, even pioneer has released a sampler, space has even opened up for new companies products to murder the pathatic offering of ancient overpriced crap like sp404 in 2017 ? Wow yamaha, you are really gonna make up for it with this.
April 23, 2017  | person_outline ian
Apparently Yamaha is encouraging people to go get their app unlocked for free. I guess it's another way to get people into stores. Below is from Yamaha's website.

FM GO! Visit a Yamaha dealer and get the full version FREE
Download the free version of FM Essential, then take your iOS device to an authorized Yamaha dealer. Once in the store, connect to a Yamaha MX synthesizer to unlock the full version of FM Essential. Unlocking gives you 261 additional Voices plus the ability to save and load your own creations. Once downloaded, the app stays on your device fully enabled even when the MX is no longer connected!
April 24, 2017  | person_outline Roy
I have two Apogee products (the ONE for iOS and macOS) and the ClipMic Digital. You can buy their MetaRecorder app, which records audio and has an XML sidecar file for stuff like bookmarks and "takes" for each scene, or connect one of their iOS compatible apps when opening the app to fully unlock it.

However, once the app is updated, it resets the lock. Interestingly, the support people at Apogee both didn't know that nor believe me when *both* of my devices were in for warranty issues (the ONE died and the ClipMic was DOA) and the stupid app got updated. I was going to continue existing sessions using my Focusrite iTrack Dock and an Audio-Technica shotgun mic with my iPad, but it kept bitching after the update that I either needed to connect a "qualifying device" or buy the app. I kept asking when *either* of my devices would return and explained the issue, but their support people thought it just kept working after it was connected once. I had to send screencaps of the prompt along with a quote from their own online manual stating the reset after each app update.

This is why I expressly hate any kind of activation, hardware or otherwise. I already have a stupid KMS server to activate Windows systems along with Office, and then a TON of other activation systems for all kinds of software at work. Extending this crap to almost every DAW and plugin ever is bad enough, but dragging the mobile devices into this is stupid. I'm OK with the apps downloading from, and being activated by the same source. It's the extra activation, side subscription models with sketchy billing, and other stupidity that gets me.

I still feel like this is a good gimmick for something a person might not have long-running, significant projects on. It's a pretty cool way to go that's similar to others using QR codes at locations to "redeem" offers. Just let it activate whatever it is for that user and move on.

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