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Enumero by Henry Lowengard

Droneo developer Henry Lowengard's Enumero is a text-to-speech app designed specifically for counting out numbers. The app now supports Audiobus, so you can easily get a count down in your music. It supports multiple languages, so you can get your Kraftwerk on.

There are demos on the official website, including some with effects apps through Audiobus.

Enumero iTunes Description:

Sometimes you need to count or tally things. This simple app increments or decrements a counter, automatically or manually, while saying the number aloud.
It uses an algorithm to choose different variants of the number sounds, so it's somewhat better sounding than text-to-speech.

It counts forward or backward automatically by any integral increment, and can count up to 999,999,999 if you're willing to wait 31 years or so.

But it gets more interesting than that. Enumero counts in Latin, binary, hex and morse code. Enumero counts in grey code, pick random numbers and can trip off the first 10,000 digits of Pi. Enumero can recite the names of chemical elements. It can play the toy piano, sing a little Solfege and regale you with the very interesting Nerve Events. it can iterate through all possible orders of orders, and play them as a diatonic scale. It can also make up its own words out of bits of phonemes.

No other app can claim these features!

And now Enumero also can be run in Audiobus and Inter App Audio, so you can use it as a random voice in musical compositions.

Check out http://www.jhhl.net/iPhone/Enumero.

Compatible with iPad, & iOS9-10

From the author of lots of other iOs apps like SrutiBox, Droneo, Ellipsynth, synthicity itself, Minute, Only A, Yes Session and AUMI.

Reader Comments 2

This app is very eclectic mix of enumeration and can make for some interesting additions to a mix.
Hi Disccordant ones!
Enumero 1.2.1, with a few little fixes, is on its way to the appstore review. Thanks for your attention! http://www.jhhl.net/iPhone/Enumero
March 21, 2017  | person jhhl

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