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Korg Gadget for macOS & iOS Delayed

Yesterday Korg announced that Gadget will not be ready for their announced launch on February 28th. The new release date has been moved back to late March. Korg cite a need for additional testing, as the reason for the delay. At least they aren't shipping a broken app!

Korg aren't providing a lot of details on the delay, leaving plenty of room for rumors to spread. One such rumor is that they are delaying the release to coincide with Audiobus 3. I spoke with Audiobus developer Sebastian Dittmann this morning to find out if there was any truth to that. He thought the idea was laughable, since the Audiobus 3 SDK is fully backwards compatible. There is absolutely no need for updates to be delayed, as we have already seen in the recent updates for Elastic Drums and modstep.

Reader Comments 3

Better bug free and late than broken imho, im not so sure audio tracks are going to be AS useful in gadget as it is in other daws just because of the way gadget is built. Gadget is a little expensive for osx as well...i know im not buying it at 200.00 and definitely not at 300.00...especially if there is no crossgrade pricing...it would be the same price to buy an iconnectivity device which opens all sorts of better doors!

The gadgets just arent powerful and different enough to draw my interest in daw land, plus you lose the touch interface on osx...its like a less powerful reason at that point.

Gadget has too many repeated engines(all the romplers)...no multisampler...limited engine control/power, and a few synths that are just unimpressive and so limited the 30 patches they have are probably about all you can make anyways. Theres no linear sequence option...and they just drug us into new platform meaning for example: the new drum machine gadget and amp gadget are only available if you buy the osx gadget TYPE SCHEME. Im not certain it will go this way of course, im just going by what it has been so far.

I like gagdet on ios and more soubd banks diguised as gadgets dont really get me hot for it! So the wait time is fine for me. I have audio tracks in LPX, Garageband, beatmaker2, Auria Pro, etc i'll live :)

March 01, 2017  | person_outline Tik777
Thanks for the analysis Tik777.

I've heard a range of comments both good and bad about Gadget, none with the details you provide though. At the price + download size think I'll stick with what I have.
March 01, 2017  | person Nonny Moose
Yeah, on my macOS or Windows box I'd rather spend that on another Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate version upgrade. I like having Gadget to work with on occasion on iOS, but I have other apps I like a LOT more and I have VST/AU equivalents for (like SugarBytes stuff, for instance) so this latency inducer isn't something I'm particularly anxious for.

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