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NAMM2017: KORG Gadget for Mac | New Details

Korg posted a new video to show off Gadget on Mac, along with some details on the three new gadgets!

Two new gadgets propel KORG Gadget to a new level as an audio-compatible all-in-one production environment. Newly added to the collection are the Zurich gadget for general-purpose recording and the Rosario gadget that's optimized for guitar recording. In addition to the audio gadgets, your sound-creating possibilities are further expanded by Recife, a new type of drum gadget with built-in high-quality samples.

Over on the Gadget Collection page they are pretty careful to note when some gadgets are incompatible with some devices. The new Zurich, Rosario, and Recife have no such limitations noted; so I expect to see them coming to iOS!

Video Description:

From iOS to Mac. Music production software to help your musical imagination become reality. More about KORG Gadget for Mac at: http://www.korg.com/korg_gadget/

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Wonder when we will see this update on iOS?
The drum machine doesn't appear any different from bilbao in general knob and features, unless there's something deeper I am missing by just the picture? Why not just add new sounds to Bilbao? Unless the sampler actually has folders for user files...I see it as just another repeated gadget with a new skin...there's actually quite a few of these...

Like the romplers...
The sampling drum machines/rompler drum machines...

Now audio tracks and guitar amp...NICE
January 20, 2017  | person Heretik7
And the best part is that Korg will be giving this out free on Mac for all those of us that have spent hundreds of dollars already to purchase the iOS app and every module within. Just as a little "thank you" for our loyalty.

And then I woke up.....
January 21, 2017  | person_outline Mr Chip
On January 21, 2017 - @Mr Chip said:
And the best part is that Korg will be giving this out free on Mac for all those of us that have spent hundreds of dollars already to purchase the iOS app and every module within. Just as a little "thank you" for our loyalty.

And then I woke up.....

Yeah, I really hope there is a way for them to at least give the iOS users a discount.
January 22, 2017  | person daveknapik
It will also be desktop prices and not App Store prices (which coincidentally have just received a 25% price hike here in the U.K.) which will be the point at which those users who have the nerve to complain about spending £4/$6 on a piece of software that's taken a year to develop get to wake up also! It's going to be weird now for iOS users in the U.K. (like myself) because there is no conversion between the US App Store prices advertised and those here in the U.K. (from what I understand at least) thanks to the continuing decline of the pound (which could keep falling yelp)! :0 I can fully understand users hoping for some kind of discount, I'm not a 'Gadget' user myself (I'm too committed elsewhere to buy into another eco system) but I appreciate that loyalty is expected to be rewarded in some way, but it's a pretty normal to incentivise a transition! At the same time people who have purchased the commercial version of Cubase Pro 9 (£400) didn't expect to get Cubasis for iOS (£50) for free or discounted; similar to if you buy 'Battlefield' for Xbox you don't expect it be discounted or free on the PlayStation? I'm probably digging myself into a hole here which is funny as I'm impartial but I guess I understand both sides: developers/users and it could go either way!

Unfortunately you'll also have desktop users expecting to have discounts on the iOS versions as well however the developer still needs to see enough practical revenue to justify pursuing the initial and ongoing work required (or there will be no impetus to do things like this again) and that really would be a shame (but you can't please everyone) hopefully whatever solution they decide will be satisfactory! I just think it's amazing that iOS has spread its wings to the desktop again! Also exciting about the desktop version is that with all that unlimited power they're going to be able to do crazy things with the technology and there's obviously so many ways you can interact with the rest of the desktop world (separate AU plugins etc) it's really cool news regardless! I've got a great deal of respect for Korg and the way they've embraced iOS - it's wonderful to see them continue to innovate!
January 22, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten
Holy shit, I hadn't realized the Pound had plummeted that far! I just checked... It used to be nearly 2x the USD, now it is down below where the Euro was before Brexit! And with that the Euro is now about on parity with the USD.

These charts are a stark, graphic illustration, of the impact one vote can have on the world.
Hey Tim, yeah it's utterly crazy, I remember the kind of period in time you were talking about when there was nearly $2 to a £1. I think it was like that around 2006 as I remember buying an 'Akai Z4' sampler from New York (that had been used briefly on a US talk show) and even with export duty, shipping and tax, it still cost half as much as it would if I'd purchased it here in the U.K.! How times have changed... shiver (gulp)... considering we've been in a depression since the financial collapse of 2008 prior to the Brexit vote; the storms certainly here now for real (and then some)! Discchord brightens my day anyway; you always have to concentrate on the positive at times like these! :)
January 22, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten
Time to buy British products. This is time to shop in the uk now. England is going to make more money through exports. Go Brexit!
January 24, 2017  | mood_bad psysword
You're absolutely right psy... the poles are reversed and if there's a deal to be had... now's a great time to grab it!
January 24, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten

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