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Peter Vogel CMI Updated with Virtual MIDI

Peter Vogel's CMI and CMI Pro were updated with support for OMAC Virtual MIDI... nearly 5 years after everyone else.

What's new in Peter Vogel CMI Pro v2.3:

CMI release notes, 2.3


• A new MIDI engine allows connection via the most common Virtual MIDI protocol - OMAC/MidiBus

• Tapping the on-screen keyboard's MIDI display brings up a MIDI control panel that allows you to turn on and off all the physical and virtual MIDI inputs, and allows you to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE MIDI) devices.

• Now responds to a few MIDI continuous controllers:
• modulation wheel input: controls vibrato (LFO)
• controller 7: main amplifier gain
• controller 10: pan
Please let us know what other controllers you want, doing what.

• Now responds to MIDI MMC messages if a song has been loaded in Page R:
• START: starts playing the song from the beginning
• STOP: pauses song playback
• CONTINUE: continues playing from where it paused
• note that although MMC messages are processed, CLOCK IN is not used. The CMI app can not yet synch to an external clock source.

• Experimental - sends MIDI MMC messages if a song has been loaded in Page R:
• START: when the song starts playing from the beginning
• STOP: when the song pauses song playback
• CONTINUE: when the song continues playing from where it paused
• CLOCK: (yes, much requested) a standard MIDI 24-ticks-per-quarter-note clock is output while the song is playing.
Please let us know how Clock Out works for you.

• Allows audio output via Bluetooth


• Fixes the Page R invisible music keyboard on smaller iPhones

• Fixes a bug where newly inserted notes in Page R sometimes did not play

• Fixes edited waveform not playing sometimes; displays warning if edited waveform is not saved

• Fixes the inability to connect as an IAA input for apps such as Auria

• Fixes the MIDI pitch wheel input, which was getting stuck at a semitone low.

• The CMI app is now once again visible in MidiBridge, so it can receive MIDI from non-Core-Midi devices not directly supported by the CMI app.

• Fixes the crunchy sound on the startup song.

Reader Comments 4

Not a great app according to feedback.
At that price tag, not being very usable isn't the brightest strategy.

Have to wonder if they're just trying to leverage the name and cash in on its rep...

The funny thing is that the app replicates the original functionality, meaning sounds are lo-fi - but *vintage pro* lo-fi. LOL.
January 09, 2017  | person Nonny Moose
They seem to have only updated the Pro version. People who purchased the Pro upgrade through the basic app seem to be SOL. Their webpage is dead and their FB page hasn't been updated since 2013.
January 09, 2017  | person DavidF
The update for the standard version is also available now. ' still love this app and I still hope that waveform drawing and harmonics (pages 4-6) will arrive one day in the iPad version.
January 10, 2017  | person Plø

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