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FM Essential by Yamaha

Yamaha's FM Essentials just hit iTunes worldwide! This is a full FM synth app with a lot of features, and it arrives for free! Unfortunately it is limited to iOS 9 and later. Thanks to Franco for posting about it here as soon as he saw it!

Update: Shit. This app is crippled unless you spend about several hundred dollars on a shiny new Yamaha MX49 V2, which is so new I can't actually find it on any of the US sites. It is on the UK Yamaha site; listed for £446.00 in 49-keys and £579.00 in 61-keys. Because of recent events the exchange rate makes it impossible to guess what the MSRP will be in $USD. Wow the British Pound has tanked to $1.32. So the 49-key is $588. The old V1 sells for $500 though, so it might be closer to that when they become available.

FM Essential iTunes Description:

Featuring an FM tone generator, FM Essential is a synthesizer app for the iPhone and iPad that provides for real• time synth performances and also lets you edit voices.


• FM sound
  ・Tone Generator: FM
  ・Part: 1
  ・Polyphony: 16
  ・Preset Voice: 271
  ・Arpeggiator patterns: 64
  ・Chord pads: 20
  ・Scales: 25 • Drum Part
  ・Tone Generator: Audio
  ・Part: 1
  ・Drum Pad: 16
  ・Drum Pad Set: 3


Plug into MX!

• You can play full 271 voices and voice store function if you connect your iOS with Yamaha music synthesizer MX BK/BU series.

Effects/EQ edit

• You can adjust parameters to edit effects and equalization.

Ball controller

• Touch and drag in ball controller to modulate the sound by simultaneously changing multiple parameters based on the ball position.

Step sequencer

• We can store the ball position in the currently selected scene box. Arpeggiator and chord pads • You can play Arpeggiator and Chord pads in addition to keyboard with various scales.

What's MX BK/BU/WH series? Find more here:
[Tim Note: This link isn't working right now.]


Compatible with Audio Bus、Audio Unit Extentions

Compatible devices:
iPhone 5S, 6/6 plus, 6s/6s plus and SE, iPod touch 6th Generation or later, iPad Air 1st Generation or later, iPad mini 2nd Generation or later,iPad Pro

Buy FM Essential - US on iTunes: Free

Buy FM Essential - International on iTunes: Free

Reader Comments 8

Bah, they want you to get the synth ($800US).

July 21, 2016  | person_outline doze

This app really needs an IAP or another alternative for unlocking full functionality.
I sent an e-mail to Yamaha asking for this. Remains to be seen if it becomes a reality.

July 21, 2016  | person_outline samu

I wonder if I can get all the goodies by plugging it into my CP4.

July 21, 2016  | person_outline DavidF

Wise up Yamaha. If you want sales then offer the IAP. I can't see any other option!

July 22, 2016  | person_outline sELF

Having grown up with 6op FM it sounds thin. No thanks Yamaha, I'll stick with my TG77.

July 22, 2016  | person_outline cloudswimmer

If you like Yamaha's AN2015 app (part of the Yamaha Synth Book bundle), then you will appreciate what they have done with FM Essential which works in much the same way. It has some improvements however which I hope they give the AN, especially landscape -mode. Hopefully, they will not keep it so severely limited.

July 22, 2016  | person_outline BFT

But you only get 10 presets and can't save your own patches unless you buy a Yamaha keyboard.

But on the plus side it's an AU so that's kind of nice.

July 22, 2016  | person_outline Bianca

Not really what you would call "essential"...

July 22, 2016  | person_outline Simon

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