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RemoFinger KickStarter

RemoFinger's KickStarter campaign has it all!

A barely practical product, for an ultra-niche market, with presenters who can't English. The RemoFinger provides 4 "touch pointers" for touch screens, that are triggered wirelessly by a dedicated stompbox. In fairness, their funding goal is modest and their asking price for this is nice at just $80. They optimistically hope to ship by November.

This is one of those products that first seems insane, but after considering it I can see this being useful!

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Totally serious, it looks like something you would hook up to your cat.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline KDub

Looks kind of handy to me :)

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Bianca

Once you've hooked it up to your cat, what would you do with it? I think I just failed the Rorschach test, because the first place my mind went was "cat milker."

My first thought is "why didn't I think of that?"

The second thought is "because I'm not high."

There's a crazy kind of genius here -- it's actually a cool idea. I don't know how many people really need something like this, but for the folks who do, it's a really really clever solution. When playing guitar, being able to trigger something from a foot pedal is handy.... And many apps don't have reasonable MIDI controls (or setting it up is a royal pain in the butt). Plus, whatever foot pedal thing you might have is going to cost you some cash anyway. $80 for this? That is not unreasonable (although I think I could cobble something together like this for much less.... hmmmm....).

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

What a cute promo vid-- wonderfully corny, even lovable.

There was a kickstarter a while back for suction cup knobs you could put on your iPad screen, which got a very polarized response.

This strikes me as a very reasonable low-tech solution to the foot control challenge. Those bluetooth footswitches are not cheap, and can't be assigned to very many tasks. This kind of works its way around the OS altogether and gives you hands-free access to page turns (!), record & stop (!), bypass/enable (!), and perhaps some other odd tasks. Yea, $80 seems not-too-bad.

Thanks for posting it, Tim.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline stub

Asking price is only $80 for the 1st 50 supporters goes on up from there msrp is $150 I think.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Bianca

love < hate

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Zenzilla

Ok, I'm officially in. $79, plus $10 shipping to the US. I hope they hit their goal, and that some time in November, I get a cool little toy in the mail. This is an out-of-the-box solution, and the price is reasonable.

Plus, their logo is like a hack on the Weezer logo, which was a hack of the Van Halen logo. Gotta love that.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

I'll just use my Finger-Longer instead...

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Zymos

@Bianca: It's $80 for the first 50, then $90 for the next 300.

I'm feeling pretty tempted to chip in with Patrick on it while it is $80. I'm torn though. The price is excellent... but I'm having a really hard time thinking of any practical use for my own needs. It won't even make for good video fodder unless I set up a "Foot Cam" or someshit.

"Some time in November". Hahahahah, good one Patrick!

Or maybe this could be the one crowdfunding campaign that ships on time. It could happen!

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Zymos

There's so much you can use this for
Drums, triggering non-midi controls, even switching pages on a PDF app

This is cool but what I want is just some sort of conductive rubber pads that I can rest on my iPad to hold down functions while my hands are busy

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Synthtrip

Or you could just use midi learn and do away with the cables and box that clips on top. IK and Ken Mc already sell them.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Matt

Being spoiled by the durability of BOSS and Roland pedal construction I see these pedals lasting almost exactly as long as the hangtime of an iPad revision or, in my specific application, a cat.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline KDub

I guess the point is that you could use this with any non-MIDI apps. I like that it steam-punkifies the rig.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline stub

Am I Cool?
Do you want to use me?

July 10, 2015  | person_outline tGiG

@Zymos -- yeah, I know, I know. They didn't really say WHICH November they were going to ship in, but I think they have their act together. They're based in Korea, so probably good connections to manufacturing, and I don't think there's a whole lot of rocket science that has to be right for the thing to work.

While there are a lot of apps that can be controlled by MIDI, it's not universal. Sticking a suction cup on the screen should be fast, easy, and would work regardless of what the app was doing with MIDI.

It's Kickstarter, so there's always a risk.... But this is crazy enough that I'll roll the dice.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

I'm with Patrick: this is a clever hack. Page turning sheet music, 80 bucks is cheap. Hope they find that audience.

Wonder if it handles long presses, double tapping or triple tapping.

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Will

Don't get me wrong Patrick, I'm a KS/ IGG fan for sure. And part of being a fan is getting to make fun of predicted ship dates - I've earned it! I'm waiting on something that was going to ship Feb. 2014, and it's been REALLY CLOSE NOW for many months.

So, glad you are supporting it, I would too if I was interested in it, and damn the release date predictions. It's like the 2013 Napa Cabs I'm cellaring- good things come to those that wait.....

July 10, 2015  | person_outline Zymos

Finally a way to sync start 4 apps...this device, 2 iPads with iOS 9 split screen, and a 2x4!

July 10, 2015  | person_outline a1

I am so looking forward to using this on November 1st. To play Flappy Bird. With my feet. LIKE A BOSS!

July 11, 2015  | person_outline Patrick/Secret Base Design

It's a sex toy

July 11, 2015  | person_outline Yer avin a larf

Oh God, this is so stupid it is actually brilliant! Seriously - I could tap out 4 triggers for Turnado with my feet! Finally, something useful I can use my bloody feet for! think I'll take a punt when the credit card is clear :-)

July 11, 2015  | person_outline Mckenic

Remo - unarmed and dangerous :)

July 13, 2015  | person_outline simplex

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