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SpaceWiz updated with AudioCopy

Wizdom music has added some new export and recording options to SpaceWiz, including AudioCopy!

What's New:

  • AudioCopy
  • Now records to WAV file format
  • Recordings Browser
  • E-mail sharing
  • Master Tune control
  • Improved performance during recording

Buy SpaceWiz on iTunes: $9.99

Has anyone had a chance to play with this? I asked for a review copy at release. I think I might be persona non grata with Jordan, for my MorphWiz review. At least I didn't make fun of his goatee.

Reader Comments 9

Yes I went for this. I am not into self-gen apps but I felt this had more to offer and I was right. Spacewiz has some fantastic sounds and many options to go quite deep (into space!!). Getting my work out of it was a pain though so credit to Jordan for coming back so quickly with this update which brings audiocopy. Open your mind - I did and I like it :-)

September 12, 2012  | person_outline Trueyorky

Yes it's interesting. I got back into it today. It has many many options although it is going to be somewhat random no matter how hard you try to organize its musicality. The samples are great and there are a fair number. My biggest complaint is that it seems to produce note errors (notes not sounding) and delays at somewhat random points. It's probably because of too many voices at once but I can find no reference to that. The other annoying thing is that even when you set the planets to not move, they drift very slowly. Bottom line, it's cool but it's always going to be a random music generator, so if you like those, it's one of the more intriguing.

September 13, 2012  | person_outline Duke

The update is very unstable on my iPad 1. It chrashes all the time.

September 13, 2012  | person_outline Samuel Goldenberg

There are so many inspiring, ever more professional sounding music apps out there now, and, apart from Samplewiz, which IMHO, is an averagely good app (although there are other apps out there that can do what Samplewiz does, albeit for a different angle), it's a bit sad that Jordan keeps on churning out apps that do exactly the same thing, but simply wrapped up in a different GUI.

I've met Jordan as a friend of mine has had to work with him in the past, and my father is from New York (though I am English), so I often travel to the USA, to meet family, and also for my own music work. It's great that people Jordan exist, insofar as he was a fairly early adopter of developing semi-serious (note the absence of the word professional) music apps for the iPad. I would say, that from my friend's and my own observations of Jordan, whilst music is incredibly important to him, he would make a great salesman, and could probably sell snow to Eskimos. My feeling is that Jordan has found one concept that works for the iPad and has found about five different ways to repackage and re-monetize the same idea.

Basically, all of his apps work on the model of tone morphing - whether it be virtual analog or sampled audio. Then, this basic model is given new "looks" - whether it be Morphwhiz, Samplewhiz, Tachyon, or Spacewiz etc. For those who do not keep their ear to the ground, these apps superficially all seem completely different. However, to those who are a bit longer in tooth, as far as the IOS music making scene goes, are now a bit more wised up about Jordan's "Idea".

Tachyon and Morphwiz, in particular, are incredibly amateurish sounding apps - the latter constructed out of little more than basic sine, square and sawtooth waves, a delay line, and an unusually ugly GUI. Whilst I do own Samplewiz, I have never used it on any of my work, it simply doesn't inspire me enough.

With the presence of truly pro-sounding apps, such as the Korg MS20 and Electribes, the Fairlight emulation, the Yamaha TNR-I, and the arrival of the stunning Animoog and the PPG WaveGenerator, the iPad is viewed very differently by those within the music industry in 2012, compared to say, 2010. I write music for television advertising and also my own music, which I sell on iTunes, HMV, Amazon etc. and most of my contemporaries happily integrate the iPad into their music rig, as I do with my Macs and Logic Pro. The IPad has become a musical instrument in it's own right, and I think it's fair to say it's now earned it's stripes.

With out meaning to be disrespectful to Mr. Rudess, he really needs to up his game if wants to play alongside the big boys. His apps don't just sound rubbishy, they look absolutely trashy, and knowing that Jordan is simply regurgitating the same idea in different clothes is not only a bit misleading to unaware consumers, it feels as though he is taking his user base for granted.

I realise that this post may seem a little harsh, but music means everything to me, and I put my heart and soul into it, as I'm sure the people who administrate at Dischord do, along with their members. I felt compelled to write this post after seeing both Tachyon and Spacewiz both come out within weeks of each other, and I just felt that Mr. Rudess was just putting another, different shade of lipstick on the same old pig.

September 15, 2012  | person_outline Matthew

Thanks for the well thought out post, Matthew. It is exciting to hear that people in the lucrative advertising music business are taking the iPad seriously.

I think you've got the right idea here, though I'd give him slightly more credit. You've got me seriously reconsidering my appraisal of SampleWiz though, because although I love tinkering in it, I haven't found a place for it my own music either. I find it pretty inspiring to be able to resample within the app, but really that is just me goofing around with it and having fun.

Good food for thought, thanks!

I'm going to respectfully disagree with part of what Matthew said. There is nothing wrong with having an idea and repurposing it. It happens all the time and for a business it makes good sense. Write a game engine and then make different games with it. Make some amazing 3d planets for the foreground of one movie and use them in the background for the next. Write a synth engine and then make new synths with it. impacktor, Cassini, Magellen... Each of these are wonderful and each of these are clearly based on previous apps from the developer.

I've never purchased a rudess app because I find them unappealing - to each his own and all that. But criticizing someone for coming up with an idea and riffing on it seems silly. Hell, iPod -> iPhone -> iPad. Idea, riffs. That is to say, I can understand criticizing the riffs or even the basic idea but the there's nothing weird or wrong or disingenuous about the notion of repurposing. If the market doesn't like it, they won't buy it.

September 15, 2012  | person_outline Will

I'm more-or-less in agreement with Matthew's comments. It's way too easy to have apps and synths that go SQUEE-BLIPPITY-SKRAK, but they're useless for music. If the song is good, it shouldn't need a bunch of tricks and filters, and if all you've got is tricks and filters, I don't want to hear it. Of all the shows I've been to, it's uniformly the "less is more" ones that have blown me away.

Tim posted a Taylor Swift garageband cover -- no blippy synths, just straight forward acoustic guitar samples, piano, bass, and drums. Really pleasant to listen to, nice chord progression, good stuff. I'll go ahead and say it--Taylor Swift is a great songwriter, she can sing, and she's a capable guitarist too--I expect that 20 years from now, people will still be listening to her (and she'll still be playing to crowds), while everyone will have forgotten that Skrillex even existed. Her songs are good enough that they get covered in a serious manner. I'll go further; John Mayer is also a great songwriter, singer, and guitarist, and I wish the two of them would get back together.

Along the same lines, I'll point to another JR, Janet Robin -- she played a house concert at my place last year. Just acoustic guitar and voice, and she kicked some serious ass. Easily in the top 5 of guitarists I've ever seen. Stuff like this is just amazing to see live. When I think about music apps, it's in terms of what it can do for musicians and their songs. Apps should empower great musicians to do more, not cover up for a lack of talent.

For all the variations of SampleWiz -- they seem flashy, but no real content. Yes, I realize that music is a business, and Jordan Rudess needs to eat and have his beard professionally sculpted on a daily basis, but I expect a little more from him than just a continual rehash of one idea. Many people trust him because of the work he does in Dream Theatre; IMO, it's wrong to exploit their trust just to make a quick buck.

September 15, 2012  | person_outline Fessaboy

Does anyone know a way of getting the video out of it ?

September 16, 2012  | person_outline Bianca

I think that, unfortunately, Jordan might have shot himself in the foot by repurposing what is, in essence, the same idea, and selling it under a different name, with a different look. I would be extremely hesitant to buy a new release from him, because I would doubt that it would do anything differently to his previous apps.

Also, when you think about the recent release of Wolfgang Palm's PPG WaveGenerator, this has been in development for what seems like a lifetime - a good sign. Contrast this against Jordan's offerings. Almost every month a "new" app arrives. One only has spend five minutes with the PPG app and a Rudess respectively to see the chasm - in the former's case there is deep detail, professional synthesis protocols, and a clear vision of what the WaveGenerator "seeks to be". When one turns to the latter, there is wallpaper and a void.

If Jordan left all this compulsive addiction to "Wizzing" alone, and went away for nine months, and then came back with something truly pro-sounding, that matched up to the bar now set by Korg, Moog, PPG etc. my interest might be piqued. But if another "Wiz" comes out, I'll start to worry about about Mr. Rudess and his odd preoccupations.

September 16, 2012  | person_outline Matthew

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