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Current State of Virtual MIDI App Support

Perhaps the least expected, but most beneficial, development in the land of iOS Music Apps is the Virtual MIDI (OMAC Standard) we've been enjoying. Apple never designed it to work this way, so we owe all of these developments to collaboration among developers.

One of the first apps to attempt to tie it all together was White Noise Audio's Genome, which acts as a mega-sequencer to control hardware, software and even other apps. Today, White Noise Audio's developer, David Wallin posted a detailed report on the current state of compatibly in the most popular apps.

I think this comes at a good time, when we should be expecting some maturity in the OMAC Standard, and it can't be a Standard with people ignoring stuff in their implementation! You can, and probably should, read the whole post here.

But I like to stir up shit, so I'm going to call out the offenders here:

  • Addictive - You know I love you, baby. We're good together, and we've been together for a long time. But sometimes I want to play with other apps, and I'd like you to join me in a more sequenced way. It'll be cool. (Nice sponsor, pretty sponsor!)
  • DM1 - For fuck sakes can we please get sync? This is an awesome app, but it is completely useless for anything besides a casual backing drum track. It teases me, just sitting there looking sexy and failing entirely to keep the beat with other apps.
  • Everything from Korg - WIST! Are you kidding me?! Fine, but can we at least get Virtual MIDI too? You seem so forward thinking in comparison to your hardware rivals, but this obstinate insistence on WIST is ridiculous. I'm sure it will be awesome in a few years when we all have 2-3 iPads lying around, but in the mean-time can we please run iElectribe and iMS-20 at the same time on the same iPad?
  • technoBox2 - 6 Months ago I was talking with Mike about this, and he said he was going to work on sync, but had other projects demanding his time. If I could have foreseen this stagnant development, I would have used something else for the first 5 lessons of ECPM. Sync is such a fundamental part of the current Music App experience, that I think the lack of it outweighs the ease-of-use.

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Well said, I cannot for the life of me understand why MIDI clock sync is such a big deal, it only been a standard for 25years!!!

April 12, 2012  | person_outline DenisW

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