App Sales & SitRep: discchord v3.0.9

We just had the first full week without an error on the new site! For most of you I hope that the site has been relatively bug free. That doesn't mean it isn't constantly spitting out a lot of errors at me though. I've got some pretty solid error handling. It tries to recover from most bugs, to present you the site bug free. Then it tells me about it... ad nauseam.

Or at least, that has been the case since launch in October. I've been busily working to fix the bugs as soon as I spot them. The fact that the site went a whole week without hitting one is a big milestone!

Now I can focus on some other usability tweaks. Right now I'm fixing up the RSS feed a bit. The stylish new iTunes links on the site are generated through highly customized JavaScript. If I just left them as is, the RSS feed would see a lot of raw things like <itunes app="id1156213359"> instead of the pretty

To fix this; I've got to recreate what the JavaScript is doing, inside of the Python code that is generating the RSS. This has been working, for the most part, but it has not been elegant. It was also missing important information like which devices the app supports. And, I discovered today, it was flat out failing to show any links if I did one of these sales posts. Oops! So I needed to make a new sales post to test out how the new RSS generator looks on RSS aggregators like FeedBurner. Here are some sales!

My next coding task will be adding in features for v3.1. The first feature I'll be adding will be a return of email notifications on post replies. I'll also add in an optional email notification on @username mentions. Let me know in the comments here if you have any other feature requests!

modstep Update

Today modstep got an update adding 35 new sample kits and several new MIDI templates for hardware gear. This update also includes Audiobus 3 support!

What's new in modstep v1.2:

New Features

- AUv3 user presets (for AUv3s that support it)
- Audiobus 3 ready
- 35 new Sample Kits
- 8 new MIDI templates for
Roland TR-09, Roland TB-03, OTO BIM, OTO BAM, Modal CRAFTsynth, Meeblip triode, Korg monologue,Elektron Analog Heat
- added the possibility to disable Auto Save
- changed time display on Auto Save to minutes and seconds
- added BPM info for exported audio files and folders
- clearer indication in the Mixer when audio is distorted
- various workflow enhancements


- fixed several issues with AUv3 under iOS 10.x
- fixed a bug that caused MIDI Settings to be ineffective/wrong after reloading a project
- fixed a bug that could lead to a crash when importing via AudioShare
- fixed a bug with copying Scenes and Loop Settings
- fixed a bug that caused exported audio to be too loud / distorted
- fixed a bug that disregarded new clip colors when they were changed after reloading
- fixed a bug that would cause the navigation window to be stuck in Step Sequencer and Piano Roll

Note: modstep does not work with iPads prior iOS 8 anymore!

Repulse The Monkey: Artificial Music For Artificial Times

Reader Repulse The Monkey has released an unique album composed in Blocs Wave, sung with text-to-speech by Acapella. This is my first time posting an embed from Orfium. If you have any problems, or notice the site crashing on mobile, please let me know!

I don't post SoundCloud embeds anymore because their embed player was crashing the site on iOS browsers. Since 60% of you are coming to the site from your iOS devices, that isn't going to fly!

Pianoscaper Demo

Doug Woods did a much needed demo for pianoscaper, from the developer of moodscaper !

Video Description:

You may also wish to learn even more and even download some extra soundpacks for Moodscaper.
Just visit Rob's website here.

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Check Out Doug Woods And Colin Powell At Bandcamp Too If You Like Progressive Rock

OHM 2017: iPad Jam with Figure and Borderlands

YouTuber Steven Speciale is trying to get his students into making music on iPads, with this dark demo jam on Figure and Borderlands!

Video Description:

Demonstration video for my students about ways to use iPad music software.

I routed Figure into Borderlands via Audiobus. I sampled the Figure bassline, then created an evolving granular drone from it. I live recorded the rest of the Figure piece so it could be modified as the piece continued.

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