GridComposer by Christian Gwiozda

Earlier this year Christian Gwiozda released an experimental sequencer called GridComposer, which I ignored because although it looked fun it didn't have a lot of use without Core MIDI, nor Audiobus. Today's update corrects both of those oversights! The Core MIDI is going to come in especially handy on this one, because as a sequencer it really is quite fun and now you can use it to sequence other apps!

I'm not as fond of the built-in sounds, but even they can sound good with some added Audiobus effects!

GridComposer iTunes Description:

Create and explore musical phrases and rhythmic patterns with GridComposer, an experimental musical sequencer. Arrange blocks on the grid to create notes and combine them to short phrases. Experiment with the timings and harmonies to explore variations of your composition. No musical knowledge is needed to start playing.

• Contains four build-in, polyphonic synthesizer presets.
• Notes are automatically assigned from a global musical scale.
• Save and load your compositions.
• Ability to adjust the musical scale, key and octave on the fly.
• Volume mixer to adjust your tracks.
• Advanced options to create custom scales.
• Set the tempo and individual trigger speed for each track.
• Ability to add delay and reverb effects.
• Stream live audio via Audiobus or Inter-App audio.
• Output notes to other apps via Core-MIDI.
• Adjust the playhead for each grid.


Review -

"From a quick test, it looks like a perfect app for those into minimalism (think Steve Reich playing with an iPad). Sure, I wish to see a more full featured MIDI section, more instruments and Ableton Link support in the next updates, but even as it is, the app is really well-designed (I loved the fact that you can change scale and key on the fly) and deserves your attention."

What's New in Version 1.1

Introducing Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support. Now you can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus and IAA compatible apps!
Improved Midi support. You can now send notes via Core-MIDI to other apps.

Vaag - Hidden

Reader Vaag released an impressive EP that has been my soundtrack this morning. This is some truly excellent Trip Hop, with a modern sound and old school influences. The EP was produced on desktop and iPad; with Patterning, and Reactable.

Hidden - EP: €2

Moon Beam Synth/Sampler by Christopher Conti

Christopher Conti released Moon Beam Synth/Sampler in 2014... and today it got its first update!

MIDI and Audiobus Support were added to this Casio SK-1 inspired app! Sadly at no time in the last 3 years has anyone thought to do a demo video for the app. Reader Haphtur found a video the developer posted this afternoon! I've added it to the post below.

Moon Beam Synth/Sampler iTunes Description:

Inspired in part by the Casio Sk-1's lo-fi sonics/sampling, the Moon Beam also adds features only possible in the touch screen world: bend keys independently!!! You can of coarse also bend all voices in sync using the touch pad.

The Moon Beam Synth/Sampler gives you:
-Unique key independant pitch bending
-2 sample/oscillator layers for each voice... or split them to top and bottom keyboards.
-Effects (Delay/Reverb,Filter,LFO,Vinyl Noise,Distortion)
-Easy sampling
-Easy sample editing
-4 octave keyboard + 2 pitch ribbons
-1 assignable effects touch pad

What's New in Version 2.0.1

Midi support
Presets (Default and User created)
LFO with noise mix
Sendable Knobs (to FX pad or LFO)
Increased Performance
Fixed a handful of audio glitches

Basslet Wearable Subwoofer Talkthrough Video

Christian Yates from Digital DJ Tips reviews the Basslet, a wearable subwoofer available as a kit for $300, or standalone for $200. These could be very handy for folks that are mix mastering on the go!

Video Description:

Full review:
Join us:

Patch Base Update

Patch Base, from Coffeeshopped LLC, was updated with native support for 4 Roland classic 90's synths! Each is available as an IAP, which includes both Patches and Rhythm Patches (drum kit) editors, and are available for 50% off for a limited time.

What's new in Patch Base v2.6:

Added editors for 4 classic Roland synths:
* JV-1080
* JV-2080
* XP-80
* XP-60

Each synth features a separate editor for Patches (regular synth voices) and Rhythm Patches (drum kits)!
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