How to use Drummer Loops in GarageBand iOS

Studio Live Today's Pete Johns show us how to make use of the new Drummer Loops added in the latest GarageBand update. Some of these sound really good, and can be a quick way to develop your rhythm section.

Video Description:

How to use "Drummer" loops GarageBand iOS (iPad, iPhone).

If you don't play drums (or even if you do!) the Drummer feature is one of the coolest ways to get a drum backing track in your songs in GarageBand iOS.

In the latest version (2.3.6) of GarageBand, a new set of Drummer loops have been added, making it even easier to use Drummer to create drums for a complete song.

In this video, I show you how to use Drummer to set up a complete backing track.

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El Capistan by Denis Desjardins

Denis Desjardins released El Capistan as a simple tool for saving snapshots of settings on the popular Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo effect. This is similar to the way vintage gear settings were stored on paper or Polaroids, since they did not have presets to save into.

This $3 app is a lot cheaper than a roll of film, and includes some helpful reference guides.

El Capistan iTunes Description:

Catalog your favorite settings for the Strymon El Capistan tape echo pedal. Save and name up to 24 presets. Lock your presets to prevent accidental editing during a live performance.

The app also includes a quick reference to all El Capistan modes of operation as well as tips. A virtual tape machine displays tape head configurations and an animated tape reel.

Travdidthat - That Voice

Reader Travdidthat did a highly orchestrated Hip Hop track in GarageBand. The video shows off all the gear he uses with his iPhone, including the stylish looking Blue Microphones Baby Bottle.

Video Description:

Travdidthat shows you his mobile studio where he uses:
Baby bottle blue mic
Master and dynamics headphones
Fender strat
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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Update

Davy Wentzler continues to roll out some big updates for the iOS version of Audio Evolution Mobile Studio! This update focuses on AUv3 parameter automation. There are also tidbits in here for ROLI products and MPE in general.

What's new in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio v2.0.4:

* When pressing Auto, the automation lanes for busses are now displayed as well and can be edited
* The automation lanes now show a horizontal dotted line for the default value of the selected parameter
* Parameters for AUv3 instruments can now be recorded (touch automation)
* Added ‘Paste’ to relevant pop-up menus in Scroll mode for faster pasting without having to go into Range mode
* Control Change value lines are now drawn thicker
* Added an option to the Settings to activate drum pad velocity where the vertical tap position in a drum pad determines the velocity/volume
* Channel pressure and pitch bend events are now only added if there is no other such event around that time
* The piano roll editor now draws a center line for pitch bend and pitch bend events are now snapped to the center
* Channel pressure and pitch bend events can now be both created and edited in Draw mode
* Added ‘Convert to instrument track’ option for MIDI tracks
* When selecting Seaboard or Lightpad Block as MIDI input, ‘Keep channel information’ is turned on automatically
* The AudioUnit interface entry was not displayed in the More menu of a drum pattern track for small phones. Solved.
* The MIDI channel on output of instrument tracks was forced to one channel which would cause problems with MPE. Solved.
* Fixed an issue with the virtual keyboard where a key release would stop other keys from moving
* Solved an issue with range display on MIDI clips
* Solved a problem with note off events not being sent on the correct channel after pressing stop, causing stuck notes.
* Solved a problem with MIDI playback in loop mode
* Solved an issue with importing files with UTF8 encoding
* Solved a crash with AudioBus

App Sales

Omenie's Mellotronics M3000, M3000 Ultimate Edition,and Victorian Chapel Organ are all on sale. As is BeepStreet's AUv3 vocoder DerVoco. Both KORG Gadget and Cubasis 2 are also on sale right now.

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