GDPR Compliance & Privacy Policy Update

By now you've all received dozens of emails from companies alerting you to their GDPR compliant Privacy Policies. I know, I've been getting them too. I've also been getting emails hounding me from every third-party the site is connected with. They all insist that I need to also make discchord GDPR compliant too.

Thanks, European Union.

This site uses cookies...
Because that is how the Internet works.

The Tyranny of Bureaucrats

My usual reaction to anyone insisting I need to do anything is flippancy. This was how the Privacy Policy was originally born. I thought seriously about adding a Cookies Declaration to the site in protest. You know all the sites that say, "This site uses cookies..." That is another EU law. There are a lot of weird laws out there, but none is more bureaucratic and useless than making every website tell you how the Internet works.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at least has its heart in the right place. It is still bureaucratic nonsense that will have no impact on Facebook, and it is a pain in the ass, but at least it means well. So fine. After some extra work on my part discchord is now GDPR complaint. I sincerely hope that this exciting news will bring at least 1 EU staffer to a crescendoing climax; making my otherwise useless work worthwhile.

Go Delete Yourself, EU.

The only "data" I retain on people are the emails and other miscellaneous stuff you provide when creating an account. Your email addresses are never shared with anyone else! Hell, the site will only ever use them for emailing you prizes when you sign up for contests, or price alerts if you use the wishlist. That's it.

Thanks to our new European Overlords I had to spend time making a way for you to delete yourself. If you are a registered user you can login and then delete your account in the Profile page, accessible from the menu on the right. If you are not a registered user, you should probably register just to delete yourself and avail yourself of this glorious right and privilege.

When you delete your account all personal data will be deleted. Unlike on Facebook, despite whatever the GDPR or anyone else tells them, I made sure this site is complaint as fuck. When you delete, you're deleted.

Let's Play with Kronecker - Clockwork Synthesizer

I had other things planned for this week, but when iceGear released Kronecker on Monday all of those plans changed. Every single iceGear app is a new world to explore, and Kronecker is no exception. It features a simplified FM oscillator that is then run into a series of Resonators, with a sequencer that dictates when the oscillator triggers. You can have up to 4 layers with all of this going on to make a very big sound!

Video Description:

I love iceGear's apps. Every single one is a new innovative invention to explore. Kronecker continues that tradition with an entirely unique synthesis engine. Let's Play with it! Available on iTunes:

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haQ attaQ: Kronecker - Clockwork Synthesizer

Jakob Haq gets extremely detailed in this tutorial for iceGear's new Kronecker!

Video Description:

Is it iceGear or is it iceWorks? Either way Satoshi ( developer ) has done it again with Kronecker, a Clockwork Synthesizer. As with all iceGear um iceWorks synths this one has a great sound to it and I find this one to be quite unique, thanks to the added Particle trigger sequencer thingy. The interface is full of knobs and can be a bit daunting at a first glance. However once every module and modulation source has been identified, its easy to get going creating patches from scratch. In this video we are popping up the hood on this clockwork synth, having a look at what makes Kronecker go tick tock.


App Sales

Several apps have gone on sale this week, including all versions of Auria Pro. Reader Simon pointed out that the IAPs in Blocs Wave are also on sale today for 50% off.

Tony Joe White - Rainy Night in Georgia (GarageBand Cover)

YouTuber Dan Baker put together a beautiful sounding cover of Rainy Night in Georgia using GarageBand!

Video Description:

Here's my version of the Tony Joe White classic tune from 1967, "Rainy Night in Georgia" - I guess this version harks more to the Ray Charles version. I love the instrumentation on his recording..

All parts are recorded direct onto the iPad, using either the mic (for vocals and acoustic guitar), the iRig Stomp for guitar and bass, and the "camera kit" (USB to Lightning connector) for connecting the keyboard up to control the Hammond sound.

There are various annotations throughout describing various functions, but fire any questions in the comments below...

Enjoy and subscribe to my channel - share with all and sundry....!

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