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iTunes Description:

AutoPad is the easiest way for your band to run background pads!

AutoPad is an app for musicians that allows you to play ambient pad loops. Simply tap a key to start a pad, and AutoPad will provide a tasteful soundscape that plays for as long as you desire. Natural crossfades between keys are handled automatically.

AutoPad comes with 10 carefully designed pad sounds that can be accessed by pressing the "Sounds" button. Each one provides a unique atmosphere in all 12 keys.

AutoPad features a dark color scheme that is easy on the eyes and performs well on the stage.

AutoPad now works with Audiobus 3 and Inter App Audio (IAA) so you can run your pads alongside your other IAA-enabled apps using Audiobus 3, AUM, GarageBand and others!

Please note: For iPhones SE and 6S and older, AutoPad will only work with Audiobus 3 and IAA while headphones are plugged in. This is a known issue and is unavoidable at this time.


iTunes Description:

ElliottGarage presents EGDR606, a drum machine that emulates the vintage hardware from the 80's with the easiness of modern software.

Its realistic and clear interface recalls the analog machine from the past, for all the vintage fanatics.
You can play with the groove presets included or you can create your own beat to play along your favorite song via InterApp, Audiobus, Core MIDI and clock MIDI.

You can also share your drum patterns with iTunes filse sharing or Audio Copy.

- Interface like the real drum machine from the 80's
- 16 steps sequencer, with variable lenght
- 16 programmable rythm patterns
- Save the pattern you've created and play your songs
- Manual Play, Pattern Write and Pattern Clear mode
- Drumkit pieces independent parameters control (tuning, pan and volume)
- Song Mode page (swipe to left to open) with loop option
- Swing and tap tempo
- Quick Edit mode
- Core MIDI & clock MIDI (network session, external controller, inter app midi)
- Audiobus support
- Ableton Link support
- Interapp Instrument
- Export with iTunes, mail or Audio Copy
- Korg Wist sync

Check the videos on



iTunes Description:

This synthesizer offers a brand new way of finding the optimal sound. By rotating a sphere that consists of more than 70 professionally created states anyone can dial in the perfect sound. In addition to the sphere, a ping-pong delay and a few more global settings are available.

SyndtSphere is based on the more traditional polyphonic synthesizer Syndt (also available on the App Store).

A video demo is available at the developers website.


• AUv3 Compatible - use it as a plugin inside Garageband or any other AUv3 compatible host app.
• High quality internal audio engine.
• Stereo ping-pong delay
• Optional legato mode with glide speed setting.

Feedback or suggestions? Drop us a mail: support(at) or @klevgrand on Twitter

Zeeon synth

iTunes Description:

Zeeon is a virtual analog synthesizer, powered by an advanced analog circuit modelling engine. We spent a lot of time analysing iconic analog synths, both vintage and modern, to find out which parts of the circuit contribute most to their specific character. We used this knowledge to create a unique synth, with focus on what’s most important - the pure, organic and detailed sound. Many analog synth emulations sound dull. Not Zeeon. We take care of the entire spectrum range from deep lows to sweet highs. All audio and modulation signals are processed at 176 KHz (4x oversampling).

Full manual and audio demos available at the BeepStreet website.


• Audio Unit v3 and standalone application with a simple polyphonic step sequencer

• 2 oscillators with continuously variable waveforms, hard-sync and sub-oscillator. Carefully simulated analog drift and PSU influence.

• Filter: 3 models available: Transistor ladder low pass, OTA cascade low pass and State Variable Filter with continuously variable LP-HP + BP mode.

• 2 low frequency oscillators and envelope generators per voice.

• Overdrive: diode clipper and transistor saturation, pre and post filter.

• Up to 2 layers per voice. Layers can modulate each other.

• Powerful modulation matrix offering self-modulation and cross-layer modulation, 8 modulation slots, 17 signal sources and 41 targets available, both from modulation modules and audio signal path. This takes Zeeon into semi-modular territory. Imagine oscillator waveform, panning, filter cutoff, resonance or LP-HP mode modulated by oscillators or another layer!

• Effects unit: Circuit modelled BBD chorus, bass booster, zero-delay Phaser, Stereo delay and Reverb.

• 144 presets and Tutorials bank.

More presets and exciting features in upcoming updates.

PWM-2 mini

iTunes Description:

PWM-2 mini is a synthesizer with the concept of easy operation on a small screen.

The following functions are not implemented, please forgive us.

- Send MIDI data
- Change parameters by receiving MIDI data
- BPM synchronization by receiving MIDI data


- Voice mode

8 Polyphonic, Monophonic

- OSC (Oscillator)

Wave form:
Sine, Triangular, Sawtooth, Rectangular

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)

Detune, Note, Volume


- LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)

Modulation target:
OSC2 Pitch, PWM Width, LPF Cutoff

- LPF (Low Pass Filter)

Cutoff can be modulated by EG out

- EG (Envelop Generator)

Attack, Decay, Release

- BPM sync delay

Send, Time, Depth

3/2, 1.0, 3/4, 0.5, 3/8, 0.25, 3/16, 1/32, 1/48

- Step sequencer

1.) 8 steps x 4 ch mode(*1)
Using 1, 3, 5, 7

2.) 16 steps x 4 ch mode(*1)
Using 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8

3.) 32 steps x 2 ch mode(*1)
Using 1-4, 5-8

4.) 64 steps x 1 ch mode
Using 1-8

(*1) Timbre is applied to all channels with the current parameter


NoteOn, NoteOff, AllNoteOff,
Start, Stop, Resume (For operating sequencer)

and more.

- Support Inter-App Audio (Generator only)
- Timbre that can be stored is 24

To receive MIDI on PWM - 2 mini, Camera Connection Kit and MIDI device (ex. USB MIDI Interface) is required.
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