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Mogees Maestro

iTunes Description:

This app requires a Mogees Play or Pro sensor, available from

Mogees Maestro allows you to perform famous music pieces using any real world object with a Mogees attached as your instrument. You are in control of the way you play, allowing you to become a true musical Maestro in your own home.

Play the World
Maestro allows you to perform famous music pieces using any real world object with a Mogees attached as your instrument.

Feel the music
Be in control of the music you create, slowing down, speeding up and controlling the dynamics as you play.

From 3 to 103
Anyone can play music with Maestro, no music lessons are required to teach yourself to become a virtuoso.


iTunes Description:

Ops is a modular synthesiser designed to make it easy to create and explore sound interactively with a touch screen. Ops does away with patch cords, instead using a system of connected blocks with a clear signal flow.

The blocks, called ops, are joined together into structures by dragging and dropping them on screen. Structures can easily be copied and varied to build-up rich, interesting results.

There are ops to perform a wide range of functions, including interaction, signal generation, effects processing, control, audio input, MIDI input, and pitch and rhythm manipulation.


iTunes Description:

LCW-1 is app with 8 monophonic synthesizers.

This app is for playing the SE (sound effect).
It resembles ToyTone released in the past.

MIDI is supported only "Note On", "Note Off" and "All Note Off".


Anti-Aliasing has implemented.
"AA" on app is an abbreviation for "Anti-Aliasing".
When turning off anti-aliasing, it sounds like ToyTone.

Delay Effect

Supported from short interval to around 1 second.


- Drum

Receive "Note On/Note Off" and work like a drum machine.
In the "Note" setting you can change it with the application.

- Synth

Using 1-8 channels, it operates as 8 monophonic synthesizers.

and more.

- Support Inter-App Audio (Generator only)
- Timbre that can be stored is 24

To receive MIDI on LCW-1, Camera Connection Kit and MIDI device (ex. USB MIDI Interface) is required.


iTunes Description:

Nodal is an iPad sampler based on the research of Andrey Markov, a Russian mathematician who lived a very long time ago and had a very crazy beard. You know what else is crazy? The sounds you'll get from this iPad app. Just pick some of the gnarly sounds included with it or record your own and link them together to hear the sweet sounds of probability theory.

Simple Music Note Workout

iTunes Description:

Simple Music Note Workout lets you practice where your notes are on your instrument, music notation reading, and note recognition by ear. Learn your guitar fretboard or your piano keyboard, with a teacher that’s always available and never tired.

The app will pick a note at random and wait for you to play it back on your instrument. Through pitch recognition, it will tell you if it’s the right one, and if not, which note you played.

There are 3 levels of difficulty : first one will pick notes among C, E, G. 2nd will pick notes from the C major scale, and 3rd one will pick notes from the chromatic scale.

Two exercises (music notation and ear training) are available through an in-app purchase.
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