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iTunes Description:

We have been getting great customer feedback regarding SynthX so far. Let us know what you think!

Beginner or pro, SynthX is great fun and candy for your ears and eyes.

You can chose to play using the intuitive XY mode that automatically makes every touch tuned to the selected scale, grid mode where you explore harmonies in a fun new way, and the keys mode that provides a standard piano keyboard.

Built using Way Out Ware's award winning virtual analog technology and heavily optimized for the iOS operating system, SynthX delivers a great looking and sounding analog experience to the iPad.

A mathematically modeled synthesizer, SynthX contains no samples. As a result, it is very small in size, yet it has an extremely large and professionally design sound library.

An effects chain including distortion, flanger, delay and limiter are included. Additionally, a separate identical effects chain is provided to process an external signal connected to the iPad's audio input.

SynthX has been designed from the beginning for the iPad and multi-touch. It has a comprehensive MIDI implementation using CoreMIDI including MIDI Note send and receive and MIDI Beat Clock LFO sync.

You can also record your performances within SynthX and use Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy to share your performance with other iPad apps. It also supports iTunes file sharing which allows you to drag your performances in full quality into your favorite digital audio workstation.

Warning: SynthX can be habit forming. Please be sure to reserve time for it's use.

P.S. No natural sounds were harmed during the creation of this app.


iTunes Description:

Introducing your one *stop* for all organ needs: Organ+, a fully featured organ emulator!

Organ+ comes with 7 different organ engines that faithfully recreate the sounds of celebrated transistor and tonewheel organs. The sweet FX stack --with dual chorus/vibrato, vintage-y reverb, overdrive and more-- lets you create ample variation, and hone in on *that* sound. Organ+'s two manuals are individually adjustable with 9 drawbars each, giving you distinct tones that improve phrasing and effect. You can even set organ key clicks and "percussion"!

In addition, you can save your own presets, record your performances (and watch them play back with a friendly phantom pressing the keys), bounce your recordings to audio and export them via Wi-Fi. To start you out, Organ+ comes with 36 presets spanning decades worth of classic organ tones.

You can also play Organ+ using external MIDI controllers. Simply use the appropriate adapter to connect to your device's charging port and rock out!

Whether you are practicing a Bach piece, working on your "John and Marsha" routine, rocking out with your paisley-shirt-loving band, or cheering on your favorite baseball team, Organ+ is ready to accompany you!

Check out our YouTube channel to see the hot Organ+ features in action:

*Visit us at*

-- Faithful, real-time emulation of revered tonewheel and transistor organs
-- 44.1k, 16 bit pro-quality stereo sound
-- 7 unique organ engines, each with different "feel" and "response", including b-, f- or v- types.
-- Dual manuals with dedicated drawbar groups
-- Nine drawbars per manual
-- Full effects stack:
-- Retro-spec reverb w/ time and feedback
-- Dual chorus/vibrato with knob-controlled mix, speed and depth
-- Fat-circuit overdrive
-- Rotary effect w/ intensity
-- Key click
-- Organ percussion effect w/ settable length and harmonic selection
-- Event-based recording with key-animation and bounce-to-audio
-- 36 factory presets of classic organ sounds
-- Ability to save infinite number of user's own presets
-- Export bounced audio files via Wi-Fi, or on the iPad, via iTunes
-- Metronome with multiple time signatures
-- Keyboard note overlays
-- Configurable key width with 8 size steps (individually adjustable for each manual)
-- 61-note keyboard at each manual
-- Audio copy
-- CoreMIDI support: use USB MIDI keyboard control via the Camera Connection Kit USB adapter (iPad), or use a MIDI interface on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

MIDI Fretboard

iTunes Description:

Attention: iOS 8.3 disabled a few features. A fix is on the way. Thanks for understanding.
SALE 50% OFF until the release of version 3.0 - Get it NOW.
The Best MIDI Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, etc. Controller in your pocket is here.

- Play & Record Instruments in Garageband, Thumbjam, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Reason, etc.
- Write Tablature & Sheet Music with Guitar Pro 6.0, CuBase, Sibelius, Progression, etc.

Four Ways To Play = Endless Possibilities
1. Play 14 built-in Instruments : Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, etc.
2. Play instruments in other apps on the same device
3. Play instruments in other apps on another device over WIFI. *
4. Play instruments in PC music software over WIFI or via LAN. (Mac & Windows) *
* Read MIDI Connection Setup below

Optimized for the iPhone/iTouch 4 inch. iPhone 5 screen optimization coming soon...

Watch Demo @
Visit website @

------------- 5 Star World Wide Reviews -------------
A Killer App! It is just the best App from all the App Store in its category. (France)

Best midi app - ...To able to use for recording on GarageBand is excellent . Finally I can do my bass tracks and guitar tracks and this app is a definite win. (Singapore)

すばらしい! - ...this is the BEST app in it's genre I've seen and I would have still found myself paying the full $20.99... (Australia)

HIGH QUALITY AND AMAZING PLAYABILITY! much more than just a Wifi midi controller...a necessity for guitarists and all other players of stringed instruments. (Australia)

Works great - I've had success connecting this with everything I use (Mac / win7 / Ubuntu). (Canada)

CoreMIDI opens new door. Controls PC/Mac and iOS music apps with undetectable latency. (USA)

"Great! - The only app of it's kind ...Every update makes you go like: "Yay an update" Hehe..." (Israel)

------ MIDI Connection Setup: Please watch tutorial for detail steps ------
------ Make sure all devices are on the same WIFI network

(1a) On Windows PC, download and launch rtpMIDI server. On a Mac, launch Audio MIDI Setup. Add and enable a session if none exists.. Write down the IP address and port number.
(1b) On Apple mobile devices, under WIFI settings, tap the blue arrow next to your network name. Write down the IP address.
(2) On your iPhone/iPod Touch, launch MIDI Fretboard and go to MIDI Setup page. Enter the IP addresses and port numbers of up to 5 devices you wish to control and hit the [Save Connection] button.
(3) Launch any MIDI-capable music software in Windows, Mac OSX, or iOS. Choose Network Sessions as the MIDI input source.
(4) Choose a sound and start playing, recording, or music writing.
*** Using WIFI on your computer reduces performance. Use a LAN cable for optimal speed.

Amazing Features:
- Pitch Bend, Key Velocity & Modulation Controls
- Key velocity *control
- Bar frets entirely or partially (Double tap a note)
- Hammer-ons and Pull-offs
- Set note duration timers
- Supports both left and right handed players
- Capo up to the 12th fret.
- Traverse the fretboard with
a. a mini-fretboard
b. Programmable shortcut keys.
- Tune your fretboard with 100+ tuning presets.
- 14 built-in sounds to play anywhere: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano, Dulcimer, Japanese Koto, Japanese Shamisen, Sitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Slapped Bass Guitar, Chinese Guzheng Zither, Chinese Pi-Pa Guitar, and Oud Lute
- Control 1000's of virtual instruments via WIFI

Echo String™

iTunes Description:

Apple Featured as New and Noteworthy on CN App Store
Apple Featured in "Band In Your Hand" (2011)

Echo String™ is an innovative harp app. with it, you can create wonderful music with more easy and more fun.

It has 7 partitions strings with different Chord Mask settings,you can just glide over and create music. you can even export your songs as MIDI file.

Video on Youtube:


√ 7 partition strings.
√ Chord Mask(string mask).
√ Cool visual effects.
√ Record / Playback.
√ File Management (Save / Open / Delete)
√ Two playback-speed avaliable( original speed or dual speed)
√ Export as MIDI format file.
√ Share song files via iTunes or Email.
√ Supports AudioBus and Inter-App Audio
√ MIDI Out & Wifi MIDI Out

Include 8 demo songs

1. Bach's Minute - 巴赫的小步舞曲
2. Canon - 卡农
3. Dolls And Dancing Bear - 洋娃娃和小熊跳舞
4. Jasmine Flower - 茉莉花
5. Past Life - 前世今生(新白娘子传奇插曲)
6. The Great Wall - 长城谣
7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - 小星星
8. Love Is Blue - 蓝色的爱


1.Set Chord Mask you want to use for each performance partition.

2.Tap the recored button and start your performance

3.Tap any button(record stop play) to end record.

4.Tap the save button to save song.

5.Tap the library-button and select your song to playback

AmpliTube Fender™ FREE

iTunes Description:


Turn your iPhone®/iPod touch® into the ultimate mobile Fender guitar/bass multi-FX processor and recording studio! Derived from the award-winning Mac/PC version, AmpliTube Fender FREE gives you the ’65 Deluxe Reverb™ amp + matching cabinet, 2 mics and 2 stompboxes. You can expand your rig with 4 more effects and 4 more amps + cabinets via in-app purchase.

Build your own dream Fender guitar or bass rig with up to 6 stompbox FX, an amplifier and speaker cabinet w/Mic — you can even drag and drop your stomps to sit before or after your amplifier (4 slots pre and 2 slots post).

Just plug your instrument into your iPhone or iPod touch with one of IK's instrument interfaces, like iRig 2 or iRig, and you'll be ready to rock.

You'll actually feel like you're in your own professional recording studio thanks to its "Cab Room." You can mic your cabinets in 3D with up to 2 mics in a beautifully rendered virtual studio environment. There are also 16 new highly sought after studio mic models available via in-app purchase

Record yourself with the built-in single-track recorder that can be expanded to a full-featured 8-track recorder and DAW-style studio via in-app purchase. Amplitude Fender now also allows project sharing between different versions and devices.

Hone your chops with the Speed Trainer tool to import backing tracks and loops from your music library for practice.

Get creative with loops via the Super Looper. Available via in-app purchase, it makes it easy to record and play along with up to 4 loops.

Use the Loop Drummer system to jam to killer drum tracks. Make your own rhythmic patterns or let it create some inspiring drums for you.

If you own AmpliTube for iPhone, AmpliTube Fender gear models are available for in-app purchase either as a complete set or a-la-carte. You can now use iCloud to transfer in-app purchases between different AmpliTube versions and devices.

AmpliTube Fender FREE features:
- Build a rig with up to 6 stompboxes + amp head + cabinet + mic
- Includes Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb™ amp
- 2 Fender stomps included: Noise Filter and Compressor (by registering)
- 4 more Fender amps with matching cabinets available for in-app purchase: ’65 Twin Reverb™, ’59 Bassman™ LTD, Super-Sonic™ and Pro Junior™
- 4 more Fender stomps available for in-app purchase: Fender Phaser, Fender Blender™, Fender Tape Echo, and Overdrive
- “Cab Room" feature that allows 3D miking of cabinets with up to two mics (available via in-app purchase)
- 16 high-end studio mics now available via in-app purchase
- Single-track recorder (with re-amping) expands to 8-track studio with master effects via in-app purchase
- Studio section with DAW-style editing features (available via in-app purchase)
- AutoFreeze allows for separate effects chains on each track of the multitrack
- Import songs/backing tracks directly from Music library or computer
- Export via E-mail, SoundCloud, FTP or File Sharing
- Looper feature (available via in-app purchase)
- Loop drummer module plays in sync with the recorder
- UltraTuner available for in-app purchase
- NO VOICE feature removes lead vocal or guitar solo from imported songs
- Change tempo (-50% to +200%) of imported songs without affecting pitch
- MIDI controllable
- Tuner and metronome
- Inter-App Audio support (iOS 7 and above)
- Audiobus compatible
- Add individual gear models or bundles via in-app purchase
- Complete project compatibility between iPhone and iPad
- FULL version also available

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