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iTunes Description:

Preview video: https://vimeo.com/70476823

Poly is a unique generative sequencer that harnesses the power of poly-rhythms to create intricate and exciting patterns.

Different coloured nodes are added to a circular area. The closer a node is to middle, the faster it repeats. Each node has its own sample, FX settings and keyboard. There are five available colours and up to 12 nodes maximum.

Poly comes with over 40 preset sounds, including a selection of awesome 808 samples!

Other features include:

- Audiobus integration
- Ableton Link
- Audio Copy and Paste
- AudioShare file sharing
- Virtual / Hardware MIDI
- Saving and Loading of Patterns
- Recording of performances
- Dropbox upload and download

What's new in v2.6.2

A few crash fixes
Updated Dropbox SDK

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

If you're confused about getting this thing running, the menus on either side scroll up/down and the one on the right has the play button at the bottom. Not sure if that's the best place for transport controls but... I do like this app a lot.
i want put more nodes :)
July 12, 2017  | person ryanhsu

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