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Sonic Logic

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App History

Version 3.0.2
May 01, 2018
Version 3.0.1
Apr 30, 2018
Version 3.0
Apr 28, 2018
Nov 25, 2017
Nov 24, 2017
Version 2.3
Jul 03, 2017
Version 2.2.3
May 26, 2017
Version 2.2.2
May 25, 2017
Version 2.2.1
May 21, 2017
Version 2.2
May 19, 2017
Version 2.1
Mar 25, 2017
Version 2.0.2
Jan 05, 2017
Dec 31, 2016
Dec 23, 2016
Version 2.0.1
Dec 05, 2016
Version 2.0
Dec 03, 2016
Version 1.4
Jan 06, 2016
Dec 13, 2013
Dec 12, 2013
Version 1.2.1
Nov 18, 2013

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iTunes Description:

Sonic Logic is a modular MIDI controller that allows you to edit and control MIDI setups from your iPad.

Connect over WiFi, Bluetooth(*), USB (*), MIDI cable or use Virtual MIDI and Audiobus to control other iOS apps internally.

Control DAWs like: Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Protools, Traktor, and other many more.

Create and edit on your iPad! Super easy and fun interface to create, edit, control, manipulate, assign MIDI controllers and notes live, using touch gestures. (No external editor needed).

Add Buttons, knobs, toggle buttons, XY pads, sliders and text objects.

* Create your MIDI controller easily from your iPad.
* Import and export your setups and layouts.
* Multi screen - Each setup can have up to 8 different, easily switchable screens.
* Intelligent MIDI assignments makes component creation fast and easy.
* Edit component's color, size, MIDI channel, range and controller number.
* Time advancing gestures for buttons, create a time based MIDI transition with just a press of a button.
* Control everything with multi touch.
* Snap to middle feature on sliders and knobs.
* Built in, editable templates.
* Low latency.

* to Mac clients
** Windows users - 3rd party software exists for Windows to connect Sonic Logic to it over Wi-Fi

Visit us at www.soniclogicapps.com for more information, videos, DAW presets and more…
Email us for feature requests and ideas!

Spread the love <3 - If you like Sonic Logic, let us and others know by posting a review here :)

What's new in v3.0.2

Version 3.0.2 fixes an issue when editing note values and a potential crash when loading templates.

Sonic Logic 3 is a complete overhaul of Sonic Logic with some awesome new features, so what’s in store?

1. Multiple MIDI destinations - Control multiple MIDI destinations from one component. Component can now map up to eight different destinations (Channel, CC, value or type). Create complex button, knob and slider mappings. Multiple MIDI destinations also work with timed transition buttons, so one tap of a button can trigger complex timed transitions to multiple destinations.

2. New top bar and workflow - The new top bar replaces the legacy one with a better workflow, the top bar has a built in MIDI out output indicator, showing exactly what MIDI values are transmitted out. The legacy components selection bar has been replaces with the new component creation screen.

3. Tab bar - The screen selection and controls have been replaces with an easy and more visible tab bar.

4. Connection center - All of the outgoing connection has been put into one managing screen, tapping on the connection panel anywhere in the app opens it and it’s a one stop shop for all types of connection.

5. MIDI Logger - the MIDI logger logs all outgoing MIDI traffic, you can easily monitor what data is transmitted in a session. The logger holds up to 10,000 records.

6. Component creation screen - The new component creation screen has easier controls for selecting component types, presets and edit controls.

7. Detailed edit screens - The detailed edit screens have been refactored for better control. The group edit screens now allows access only to relevant edit data from a complex group, making it easier to select what traits are changed in a group.

8. Better support for 10.5” and 12.9” devices - Almost all components have been redrawn to fit beautifully on 10.5” and 12.9” screens and are fully scaled for large devices. 12.9” devices can work with two sizes - normal or large, both are fully scaled.

9. Redesign simple edit screens - The simple edit screens now show better grouping and have a blurred background to preserve the work context. Almost all modal screens have been enhanced with a similar effect.

10. Fixes and tweaks - Bugs squashed and a lot of over perfectionist code has been written to enhance tiny bits of the overall experience.

Sonic Logic 3 sets a rock solid ground for future feature to be built, there’s a lot more coming this year!

iPad Screenshots:


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