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iTunes Description:

IMPORTANT NOTE: FLSM is a legacy product providing updates for owners of FLM.

Get FL STUDIO MOBILE here - https://itunes.apple.com/app/fl-studio-mobile/id432850619


If you own FLSM (formerly FL Studio Mobile), please don't worry, FLSM is now identical to FL Studio Mobile (formerly, FL Studio Mobile HD). We are sending NEW customers to the other version to concentrate sales on a single App. This App (FLSM) will continue to be updated and supported in step with FL Studio Mobile. Please note that Apple related review delays may mean that there can be, up-to 4 days, differences in update times. Although updates normally happen on the same day for both Apps.


Please help us to help you! Register FL Studio Mobile and visit the support forum to report bugs and make feature requests:


What's new in v3.1.50

WHAT'S NEW 3.1.50

* NEW FX: Leveller - Precision level plugin
* NEW FX: Stereorizer - Stereo effect plugin
* Audiocopy SDK updated to 3.4
* CPU optimized recording
* Hide CC's when loading MIDI files
* Improved drawing wave files
* Improved loading of MIDI files
* Imports files (.flm, .mid, .flmpst, .flms, .wav, .mp3) from email, downloads etc.
* L/R record input settings (when stereo input is detected)
* MIDI CC7 maps to Level CC8 & 10 to Panning
* MIDI Channels DrectWave saves bank name
* MIDI files load with placeholder instruments
* Samples when loading MIDI files have correct pitch
* More UI scaling options
* New-song templates
* New Help menu


* iOS IAA is planned to be fixed in the next update, thanks for your patience

* Please Tap the HELP button and go to the USERS & SUPPORT FORUM to report bugs

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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