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App History

Nov 19, 2018
Version 1.7
Nov 18, 2018
Version 1.6
Sep 26, 2018
Version 1.5
Sep 12, 2018
Version 1.4
Aug 23, 2018
Version 1.3
Aug 20, 2018
Version 1.2
Aug 09, 2018
Version 1.1
Jul 27, 2018
New App: $8.99, v1.0
Jul 16, 2018

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iTunes Description:

Woodpressor is a high-end audio compressor. It is both a standalone app supporting IAA (Inter-App Audio) and an AUv3 audio unit plugin.
It has all the classic compressor controls like "Threshold", "Attack", "Release", "Ratio", etc
but also has some extra features not commonly found on other compressors :
- Auto gain
- Tube distort
- Adaptive Threshold
- Non-linear Release
- Side chain filter (bandpass, highpass, lowpass or notch)
- Makeup Gain Limiter
- Brick-wall Limiter

It also has it's own side chain mechanism as currently no or very little AUv3 hosts implement a side chain.

Woodpressor can save/load user presets, especially useful in standalone mode (or for AUv3 hosts not having their own preset store)
User Presets are written to iCloud Drive which makes them automatically available (and synced, and backed-up) on all devices (and all host apps or DAW's) running Woodpressor.

What's new in v1.7

- Added Brick-wall Limiter
- Added Clip Led
- Added Max dB Out value

bug fixes/improvements :
- fixed small dependency from Tube Class A amount on Distort amount
- BPFilter Listen does not add the Makeup gain any longer (could cause clipping)

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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