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App History

Version 0.8.1
Nov 09, 2017
Version 0.8
Nov 03, 2017
Version 0.7.3
Oct 30, 2017
Version 0.7.2
Oct 27, 2017
Version 0.7.1
Oct 26, 2017
New App: $2.99
Oct 26, 2017

iTunes Description:

GridInstrument lets you play your iOS device like a musical instrument. Instead of a piano keyboard, notes are arranged on a grid. It also lets you hook up your Launchpad device (using the Apple Camera Connection Kit) and play that as well!


- Launchpad integration (connect your Launchpad Mini in low-power mode without a hub or any other Launchpad with a powered hub)
- Change octaves
- Change keys
- Change from over 20 musical modes ("Major, Minor, Dorian, Mixolydian, etc.")
- Choose between three grid layouts ("Diatonic 4th", "Chromatic/4ths String Layout", "Drum rack")
- Core MIDI out so that you use GridInstrument to control your other instruments
- Audiobus 3 MIDI support

Want to see some other feature implemented? Contact us at the Decidedly website.

What's new in v0.8.1

- New feature: Ability to select a MIDI output channel
- New feature: Drum rack layout
- App now stays awake when its in the foreground
- When hooked up to a Launchpad, if you enter scale settings mode (top-right button), the onscreen labels have now been resized to better show the scale names.
- Fixed a minor bug that caused the settings icon to disappear when switching orientations (iPad only)
- On-screen button colors adjusted slightly

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:


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