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Klimper - Music Composition

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iTunes Description:

Create music on your mobile device! Just pick some chords you like and draw some notes. Intuitive editing features let you build whole songs in no time. Beeing the first sequencer with integrated chords and scales, Klimper enables even beginner musicians to create awesome musical content.

# Chord Palette
The Chord Palette shows a range of chords that are available in the scale of your song. When a chord is selected, chords with a strong relationship are highlighted. Drag and drop chords you like to build your songs chord structure.

# Note Grid
Compose melodies by placing notes in the note grid.
Klimper shows you which notes are in harmony with your selected chords.

# Intuitive Editing
Duplicate, copy and paste, selective-playback with the context sensitive selection tool. Find chords that match your selection. Change the scale of your song.

# File Export
Export and share your creations with audio file export.
Edit your song in other Apps with MIDI-file export (Note: With the current release 1.0, measures are wrongly scaled. Will be fixed with the next update, price is at 50% until update is available)

The included tutorial will help you getting started.
The song in the the Preview-Video was solely composed using Klimper.

Included Instruments: Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Violin, Cello, Harp, Glockenspiel, 8-Bit Synth, Soft Synth Bass, Electric Drumset.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

Pretty nice...fairly easy to figure out. Managed to save an audio file iCloud...but it fails to export MIDI...no error when saving to iCloud and a generic "something failed" error when saving to DropBox. If they fix that, might be a really handy tool!
January 06, 2017  | person_outline Buzz

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