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iTunes Description:

Synthesizer specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes in wide range from noises to melodic instruments and everything in between.

You can construct melodic pads or atonal soundscapes from different kind of built-in or downloaded samples by using all power of multi-layered oscillators, chains of filters and effects, envelope generators and low frequency oscillators. Or just use predefined scenes and creating your own scenes from library of oscillators presets.

Very flexible settings of each module give you a great opportunity for creating unique and colorful sounding from usual instruments or natural samples and adding automated changes and spatial effects for an endless variations. Different ways of assigning screen and MIDI keyboards to the oscillators provide very advanced features to control the sound. The on-screen keyboard is adapted to create special effects and varying the continuous textures and drones.

Main features:

● Three independent oscillators.
● Three layers with own samples in each oscillator.
● Six voices in each layer.
● Six envelope generators.
● Six low frequency oscillators.
● Separate arpeggiator for each oscillator.
● General processing of level, balance, LPF, HPF for each layer.
● Three additional slots for filters and effects after each oscillator.
● Set of different kind of filters and effect modules.
● Spatial mixer with two different sound space.
● Screen keyboard adapted for continuous drones and soundscapes.
● Predefined set of keyboard scales and custom scales.
● Full screen, double and split features for screen keyboard.
● Options of screen keyboard for pitch, continuous, modify, velocity.
● Supports for two virtual and two MIDI keyboards at the same time.
● Flexible assigning keyboards and controls to the oscillators.
● Two main effects controls can combine several parameters.
● Uploading samples thru Dropbox, Web access, clipboard.
● Auto and manual tuning of samples with frequency analyzer.
● Set of predefined and ready-to-use scenes and presets.
● Built-in library of samples of instruments, synths, noises, etc.
● Possibility to pack and share scenes and samples as single file.
● Detailed application description.
● Inter-App audio compatible (with transport and BPM controls).
● Supports Audiobus 3 with "State Saving" and MIDI features.
● Supports Ableton Link.

SynthScaper constantly develops and the next version will have even more sounds, effects and features.


Recommended at least iPhone 6 / iPad Mini 4 / iPad Air 2 and higher.

You can find more details about SynthScaper on the website:


Overview and demo video:

Preview 1 - http://youtu.be/qqeWdFVfBCg
Preview 2 - http://youtu.be/vyKX0ZfJ_n8
Sound design demo - http://youtu.be/oqCz7ALNhOM
Default scenes demo - http://youtu.be/-pflmiFtHnc

What's new in v1.1

This update contains several big changes such as support of Audiobus 3 and Ableton Link. Also added new features of using one shot samples and automate pitch shifting, and very convenient option for packing scenes and its samples to single file that you can send to another device or share it with others. Of course that is not a final changes, SynthScaper continues to develop and improve.

One shot sample feature demo - http://youtu.be/U3kDs3V5DH4
Automate pitch shifting feature demo - http://youtu.be/8PRT2Gk02jk

All changes:

● Supports Ableton Link.
● Supports Audiobus 3 (Audiobus MIDI).
● Added new scenes and presets.
● Added new samples to build-in library.
● Packing scenes and samples to single file.
● New mode for using one shot samples.
● Automated pitch shifting by LFO and Envelope.
● Buttons "Mute" for each oscillator on filters panel.
● All delay effects can sync with BPM.
● Small improvements of sound engine.
● Small improvements of user interface.
● Built-in description updated.
● Minor bug fixes.

iPad Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshots:

Of course, it's amazing. Insta-buy for droneholics like myself. Food for my Digitakt, too.
July 07, 2017  | person noodldoodl
SoundShovel thinks this synthesizer is amazing. Brotherhood and Sisterhood of sound experimentators likes this smooth sound machine very much. This guy delivers. His apps are amazing. Not one was bad. There are some apps that at first look great but then after some time everyone realizes that everything was overhyped and app is useles. Mr. Igor Vasilev does not create overhyped prone to fast to be forgotten syntesizers and other devices.
August 10, 2017  | person SoundShovel

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