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iTunes Description:


iOS 10+
Recommended iPad Air / Apple A7+
iMessage Account
Dropbox Account (Optional)


Core Audio support
Audio Bus Support
Audio Unit Support
Visual Mixer

Representation of your mix with draggable instrument icons
Instrument X-Axis Drag (Left / Right) to change channel pan
Instrument Y-Axis Drag (Up / Down) to change channel volume
Instrument Z-Axis Drag (Ring) to change channel Volume, Reverb Send or LPF
Hold to solo
Audio channel automation record (Volume, Pan, Mute)
Channel volume/frequency to colour.(Let's you know when two instruments have a similar spectral aura)
Traditional Mixer

Up to 64 Audio-channels
Up to 16 Aux channels
Record up to 16 simultaneous audio channels**
Master channel with Buss Compressor
Auto AudioBus channel creation
Channel name, audio-input select, Pan, Volume, Mute, Solo, Record Arm control, FX, audio-output select
Channel automation record (Volume, Pan, Mute)

Per-channel effects rack
Up to 32 effects per effects-rack **
Audio Unit support
In-built effects
3-Band EQ
IO Unit
Aux/Send Unit
Waveform View
VU Meter
Test Tone (Tone generator)
** Results may vary depending on device CPU load


Play, Stop, To Start, To End, Reverse Scrub, Forward Scrub
Loop playback
Fixed 4/4 Time Signature
Adjustable BPM
Global metronome
Time display


Basic audio arranger
Record Arm, Mute, Solo
Clip drag to move
Start point, end point clipping
Copy, Paste and Share clips
Import WAV / AIFF / MP3 / AAC / M4A
Export WAV
Loop audio


8 Engine drum sequencer
8 tracks per engine (Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat..)
Rotational trigger sequencer with 3 modulation types (Velocity, Swing, Pitch)
8 loadable audio layers per track for each engine
Switchable velocity-to-layer triggering or velocity-to-volume
Basic drum pad view
Pattern record


iMessage based file sharing
Share files with collaborators directly on iMessage
Share Dropbox coded links for collaborators to download with one click in Orsilus
Secure Dropbox based collaboration-based system
Share presets, audio files, bounces or entire project

What's new in v1.0.3

Change Log

Adds bounce automatic sample rate conversion
Adds MIDI input support
Adds Audiobus V3 support (Audiobus MIDI port)
Adds new room
Adds room selection to visual mixer side menu
Adds midi input control to quartz beat
Adds per channel midi input control to quartz beat

Fixes hidden instruments re-appearing bug
Fixes to graphic mixer z axis halo not disappearing on instrument delete
Fixes Bug with automation / reverb popping
Fixes BUG where automation has no effect in bounced audio file
Fixes bug with project reverb settings not loading

iPad Screenshots:


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