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App History

Aug 08, 2018
Version 1.4
Aug 08, 2018
Jan 02, 2017
Dec 26, 2016
Version 1.3.1
Dec 15, 2016
Nov 30, 2016
Nov 26, 2016
Nov 25, 2016
Nov 25, 2016
Nov 24, 2016
Version 1.3
Oct 06, 2016
Feb 29, 2016
Version 1.1.2
Feb 25, 2016
Version 1.1
Jan 11, 2016
New App: $6.99
Dec 25, 2015

iTunes Description:

***20% OFF! - RRP $9.99 (£9.99)***

• Intelligent audio looping for the iPad.

• Record, loop, overdub, add effects and much more! The perfect music creation tool for performers, song writers and beat boxers.

• Create entire songs with verse, bridge and chorus structures then switch between them in real time.

• Audio Unit v3 effect support - Use your favourite 3rd party effects.

• Ableton Link support.

• Audiobus and Inter-app audio support.

• Built in drum machine.

Full list of features:

• Record and loop your voice or instrument.
• Group together loops to create sections (e.g. Verse, Bridge, Chorus).
• Switch between groups in real time.
• Audio unit version 3 support.
• Audiobus support.
• Inter-App Audio support.
• Ableton Link support - Play in time with other music apps and devices.
• AudioShare support - Import and export loops via AudioShare.
• Inbuilt effects - Reverb, delay, noise gate, LP/HP filters.
• MIDI control - Control Group the Loop remotely with a MIDI foot pedal or any supported device.
• Built in drum machine - Jam along to a comprehensive collection of grooves and beats.
• Drag and drop support - Drag and drop audio files between Group the Loop and other apps.
• Tap tempo.
• Pitch algorithm - Change the tempo by altering the pitch.
• Time stretch algorithm- Change the tempo without altering the pitch.
• Overdub - Record infinite layers on any loop.
• Undo / redo overdub layers.
• Metronome.
• Volume and pan control on every loop.
• Volume and pan control on every group.
• Labels - Label loops and groups.
• Headphone monitoring - Monitor your instrument through your headphones.
• CUE recording - Automatically start and stop recording loops. Or turn ‘CUE’ off for instant and continuous recording.
• CUE muting - Loops will wait until the beginning of the next cycle before muting/unmuting.
• CUE overdubbing - Loops will wait until the beginning of the next cycle before overdubbing.
• Performance Recording - Record your performances in real time.
• Count In - Counts you in before recording a loop.
• Master Group - A separate group for drums or percussion that plays throughout your song.
• Move - Move loops between groups.
• Merge - Combine two loops.
• Copy - Duplicate a loop.
• Sample accurate recording and playback - Keeps your loops in perfect sync.
• External audio interface support - Use an audio interface to connect to a PA or amplifier.
• Supported buffer sizes: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 frames.
• Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz.

What's new in v1.4

• AUv3 effect hosting

• Greatly improved MIDI control

• Ableton Link “Sync Start/Stop” support

• Drag and drop support

• Audiobus 3 support

• New and improved loop engine

• Mute and overdub CUE options

• 64 frame buffer size support

• and much more...

iPad Screenshots:


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