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Collider - For The Analog Rytm

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iTunes Description:

Collider is a performance and control surface for Elektron's Analog Rytm drum machine.

Unlock the full potential of your drum machine with minimal effort and programming!


- Intelligently randomize Parameters, Pages, Tracks, FX, Patterns, Trigs and Parameter Locks
- Randomized Kits of a certain flavor + sound design functions
- Control common parameters across ALL tracks
- Pattern Mode: Euclidean patterns, humanization, randomization, and much more!
- Automate the addition of TRC conditions and P-Locks, Randomize Retrig Rates and Sequence Lengths creating interesting and evolving patterns
- Over 300 drum grooves from various genres are included to kickstart your production
- Save and Load Kits, Tracks, MFX, Mixer Settings, and Kit Snapshots
- Morph parameters for sound variations
- Mixer Mode
- Chromatic Mode
- XY Pads to control Master Filter, FX, Drive
- Link multiple tracks to individual pads for layering
- WIFI + direct connection support

What's new in v1.4

New Functions on the Pattern Page including Trig Detail Mode

New and Modified Kit Flavors:
- "OS 1.3+" is a random Kit with new Track Engines
- "Snap" is a random tight Kit with exponential LFO affecting the volume
- "AM" is a random Kit with a fast LFO affecting a parameter
- "808" is a slightly randomizes 808 Kit
- "Self-Osc" is a random self-oscillating Kit

New Sound Design functions
- “Tighten” applies an exponential LFO affecting Amp Volume across all tracks
- “Dynamics” adds an LFO affecting each track engine's most important parameter
- “SMP LFO” adds an LFO affecting each track engine's sampling parameters
- “RND ENG” randomizes all Track Engines
- “Purge” locks any tracks / sequences that are currently active and playing, and mutes / resets anything that is silent

New Pattern Algorithms
- “Euclid Cascade” populates Euclid sequences across all tracks, similar to an arpeggiator
- "DrmPtn/Euc + RTRG" chooses a random pattern or Euclid sequence and adds random Retrigs

Pattern Snapshots Autofill
- Automatically populate Pattern Snapshots

Added ability to Randomize / Morph / Reset Pages across All Tracks at once
Added ability to Randomize / Morph / Reset the Mixer from the Mixer Page
Added ability to add / remove TRC Fills to sequences
Added ability to Randomize Retrig Rates
Added ability to Randomize Track Mutes
Added ability to nudge Sequences forward and backwards with Micro-timing
Added ability to move Trig Velocities up and down

Streamlined the Options page

Page Buttons on the Pattern page now show if the sequence length extends into it
Various UI changes and optimizations

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