Perplex On - Rainy Outdoor iPad Jam

YouTuber Perplex On did a gorgeous sounding jam in the rain with Fugue Machine, iSEM, iGrand, and Eos 2. This sounds so good! I loved every minute of it. The videography is also excellent!

Video Description:

I took the iPad outside on a rainy day for jamming with a minimalist piano sequence, combined with the sound of rain and a touch of gritty synth. Controlled with a Korg nanoKONTROL. Enjoy!

Apps in use:
Fugue Machine (sequencing both the piano and the synth), iGrand Piano, iSEM, Eos 2 (Reverb), AUM (mixing and recording), BeatMaker 2 (midi recording).
While iGrand Piano was used on location, the piano track was replaced with the beautiful and more nuanced Una Corda Piano by Native Instruments afterwards. This was done by recording the actual midi output of Fugue Machine live with Beatmaker 2 in the background and then exporting this midi track to the DAW.

This track is a free download:


BandShift & Bark Filter Updates

This weekend VirSyn updated BandShift and Bark Filter with parameter automation when used in AUv3.

What's new in BandShift v1.2.0:

- Audiobus 3 compatibility
- AUv3 Parameter automation
- Channel pan parameter editor

What's new in Bark Filter v1.1.0:

- AUv3 Parameter Automation added

Drum Pads 24 Update

Drum Pads 24, from Paul Lipnyagov, was updated with the ability to create your own sound packs! This is a big development for the little app.

What's new in Drum Pads 24 v3.0.0:

We’ve worked very-very-very hard to introduce you new fresh Drum Pads 24 v.3.0!
* New amazing feature: create your own sound packs with our Pad Editor! Create, save, share and import
* Background audio mode is back
* Redesigned menu
* Battery life is improved
* A lot of polish, fixes and stability improvements

Thank you guys for support and ideas!
Please let us know what do you think about our Pad Editor! We are so excited about it, really looking for your feedback!
Feel free to contact us directly from the app or via

Your Drum Pads 24 Team

Taetro - Blocs Wave X Circuit Mono Station

YouTuber Taetro got one of the brand new Novation Circuit Mono Stations and put it to immediate use in this moody jam with Blocs Wave!

Video Description:

Creating a beat with the Circuit Mono Station & the FREE Blocs Wave app
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FM4 Tutorial: Part 1 - The Very Basics of FM Synthesis

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this FM Synthesis tutorial by Power DX7, using FM4.

Video Description:

This FM synthesis tutorial series is designed for people who want to start a FM synthesis journey without complexity of the DX7 6 operator FM synthesis. I will show you how you can learn 4 operator FM synthesis using FM4. I will take you through sound design of the DX7 famous Bass 1 patch using FM4 with only 4 operators.

FM4 is an iPad FM synthesizer. FM4 can teach you how easy it is to make a great sound on a FM synth, using only 4 operators. Its interface is quite similar to analog synths, making transition from analog synths to FM synths easier and smoother.

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