Cross DJ Update

Cross DJ, from MIXVIBES, was updated with a new feature that automatically detects and assigns cue points to songs as you load them up. I'm not sure how well it will do at that, but an algorithm taking stabs in the dark at transients is better than nothing when you just want to mess around with some beat-juggling.

What's new in Cross DJ v3.5.0:

The best DJs deserve the best app! This is why we keep improving Cross DJ for you to have the best experience when mixing your music.
This version contains a new "Auto Hot Cues" feature that detects the different parts of your song and sets locators so you can "jump" easily within your song.

Keep sending us emails at, your feedbacks are important to us!
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*Add Auto Cue feature
*UI modification in the collection: import files and navigate more easily
*Stability improvements

Here is a new demo from Mixvibes to show off the Auto Hot Cues.

SCG01 Music - Live iPad Jam

YouTuber SCG01 Music put together a nicely energetic groove with Launchpad, Cassini, and Model 15!

Video Description:

Main App: Novation Ampify Launchpad
Bass: Moog Model 15
Synth Arps: Cassini

iPad's headphone output recorded directly into Zoom H6. No post processing.

Perforator by Bram Bos

Today Bram Bos released Perforator, his trancgate effect for AUv3 on iOS! This rhythmic gating app lets you carve a groove into whatever you throw at it, by "gating" the amplitude of the signal. It can do this to the left and right channels independently, and with complete automation from your AU host app.

Perforator iTunes Description:

*** Note: Perforator is an AUv3 Audio Unit plugin; which requires an AUv3 compatible host app, such as Garageband, Cubasis, BM3 or AUM ***

Perforator is a rhythmic gating audio effect: it will creatively snip, cut, gap and filter incoming audio to create rhythmic patterns out of sustained sounds.

By tuning the slice envelopes you can create anything from classic staccato "trance gate" sounds to emulations of sloppy pumping sidechain compression.

Two gating mechanisms can be dialled in: an AMP EG gate (the traditional way of gating) and a 12dB/Oct lowpass filter which will rapidly carve away high frequencies from your sound to effectively silence them.

- AUv3 Audio Effect, works in all AU compatible hosts
- automatically syncs with your project's tempo
- edit Left an Right channel independently
- built-in preset manager with a ton of factory presets
- all AU Parameters exposed for host automation
- user manual available on
- Universal: works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
- Bonus Feature: AU MIDI output*

* AU MIDI: both envelopes (L+R) can send their values out as MIDI CC messages to mimic 'parameter lock' messages in other plugins/apps. Note: this feature requires iOS11+ and a host compatible with AU MIDI from effects.

Bram has posted a few demos on his YouTube channel, including a new one showing off the MIDI Output affecting Ruismaker FM. This is meant to simulate parameter locking, as popularized on Elektron's gear.

It is a good thing Bram covered MIDI in his video, because thesoundtestroom's Doug Woods starts off this demo for the Perforator with the caveat that he doesn't understand what parameter locking even means.

Patterning 2 Announced

Olympia Noise Co. announced today the imminent release of Patterning 2. This new iteration of the popular circular drum machine refreshes every aspect of the app and includes a whole slew of new features. You can now record in your own patterns from a drum pads page, switch drum kits on different patterns within a single song, and use new sample folders to manage your samples in Patterning.

Towards the bottom of the lengthy feature list you'll find Divide Mode Measure Length. This new loop divide mode lets you split any time signature into as many bars as you like. Someone is going to have a field day with that! And that someone is probably regular discchord reader Stub.

Patterning 2 arrives this summer in June or July for $20, but you can pre-order now for $15.

What’s New in Patterning 2:

Record Beats

Record patterns using the new drum pads page or with an external MIDI controller.

Randomize (Almost) Everything

Randomize instrument parameters such as panning, filter cutoff and resonance, tuning, velocity and more. Randomization can be automated on a per step basis.

Next Generation Ratcheting

Creating stuttering beats with up to 8 divisions of a step. Use the Ratchet Decay parameter to create growing or decaying velocities for ratchets.

Drum Kit Switching

Create as many kits as you like within a song and apply them to any number of patterns. Switch samples, effects, and mixer settings when changing patterns to subtly modify parameters or load a completely different palette of sounds.

Quantized Pattern Launch

Switch patterns on the fly and never miss a beat.

Coarse Tune Quantize

The coarse tune parameter can be quantized to specific intervals, making melodic sequencing a breeze. Combine with randomization to create stochastic melodies. Works with MIDI out, too!

Pattern Tempo Changes

Patterns can now override (or revert back to) the song tempo, optionally slewing gradually to new tempos.

Loop Rotate

Set the initial rotation of a loop, offsetting the loop to start on a different step or slide off the grid altogether. Steps can be nudged by single ticks or by regular sub-divisions of a step.

Sample Folders

Easily organize your samples into folders for quick sample loading.

Divide Mode Measure Length

In loop divide mode you can now set the measure length for the loop. So go ahead and divide that measure of 7/8 into 23 equal parts, because you can.

Automation Improvements

Automation recording now latches on with the record button. New automation layers include parameter randomization, ratchet settings, and MIDI gate length.

Ableton Link Updates

Patterning 2 uses the latest version of Ableton Link, with Start/Stop andnow includes support for Link’s quantum setting.

MIDI Gate Length & Unlimited CC Layers

Automate MIDI Gate Length for MIDI tracks. Gates longer than 100% will tie together with the following step, if present, to create longer note lengths. Unlimited CC automation layers for controlling your MIDI devices.

MIDI Only Tracks

You can now disable audio for a track to make it MIDI only.

Daft Punk - Something About Us (Gadget Cover)

YouTuber Cosmo L makes great use of iVoxel in this Gadget cover of Daft Punk!

Video Description:

My first attempt at Korg Gadget & iVoxel (for the voice) on the iPad Pro 10.5.

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