Lydian MindHarp by Lydianstream Ltd

Lydianstream Ltd released Lydian MindHarp, a new music app designed for people living with dementia. It seems to be loop-based, with a simplified interface to layer the loops harmoniously.

This seems like a great idea, until you see the price tag. At $100 I have to wonder if that price is in any way justified, or merely a cynical cash grab aimed at dementia care facilities.

Lydian MindHarp iTunes Description:

The MindHarp, requires no musical technique, background or prior skill. It is completely accessible to all. It is played via a simple interface on an Apple iPAD and can be used anywhere. The player simply touches coloured and numbered pads which trigger very carefully designed and harmonised musical sounds.

From the outset, the player can be creating beautiful and beguiling soundscapes, melodies and harmonies. It invites people to explore, enjoy and actively engage with music without inhibition.

As it is convenient and does not rely on external (or visiting) facilitators, the MindHarp can become an everyday part of providing high quality support and care.

For use individually, in pairs or small groups, it is ideal for use either at home or at care homes or centres.

Following months of development directly with people living with dementia, the creators have developed a fully supported system. With many ideas and tips available, the MindHarp can be integrated into other activities as well as being played for its own sake.

It provides an activity that not only enhances mood and social interaction, but also gives back a sense of autonomy to the player and can build self-esteem and confidence.

haQ attaQ: Which iOS Granular Synthesizer should you buy?

Jakob Haq compares the new SpaceCraft and tardigrain apps with the reigning Granular Synth champ, Borderlands. There are more Granular options on iOS, and more on the way, but these are his favorites!

Video Description:

There's a lot of great Granular synthesizers for iOS on the AppStore and it can be hard to choose which one to buy. I've received a decent amount of questions about this over the years and lately the apps asked about have been Tardigrain vs Borderlands Granular. With the release of SpaceCraft granular the same type of questions popped up, SpaceCraft vs Tardigrain etc. Now there are more really good granular synths available other than these three, but so far ( yeah so far because i might have to do a new comparison once Quanta by Audio Damage comes out ) these three are my absolute favorite ones. They all have strengths and they all have weaknesses. So which one should you get? Check out my breakdown and comparison and find out!


thesoundtestroom: RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter AUv3

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom shows off the new RX950 app released over the weekend!

Video Description:

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Anatoly Kasyanov - SynthExperiment

Anatoly Kasyanov impressed me with this epic synth jam; featuring DSI Mopho and Novation Bass Station II!

Video Description:

My second live performance recording.
Ableton Live in live mode.
Lead - analog synth Dave Smith MOPHO,
Bass & lead solo - Novation Bass Station II,
FX - iPad with TouchAble,
AKAI APC mini, AKAI MPK mini,
VST synth's

Lo-Fly Dirt Automation in Cubasis

Jay Elliot from MSXII Sound Design shows us how to automate their Lo-Fly Dirt app in Cubasis!

Video Description:

Details here:

We're back with another installment of our MSXII iOS tutorials with the fam Jay Ellyiot. Today we take a look at using automation to create movement/different sections within Cubasis. If you're not familiar, Cubasis, in our opinion, can be one of the most complete "canvas" style DAWs on iOS. Really stable, has tons of features, and works great. If you search around, tons of people are doing full tracks + recording vocals within the program!

Check the video out, let us know if you have any questions below in the comment section. As always, stay with us...much more on deck!

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