ElasticFX Preview by Oliver Greschke

Developer Oliver Greschke, maker of Elastic Drums, just posted this preview for his next app! ElasticFX is a multi-effect app for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio. It looks like there are a multitude of these effects in this multi-effect powerhouse! There's even parameter automation and Ableton Link.

Here Oliver explores the app with a Waldorf Blofeld as the source instrument.

Video Description:

ElasticFX is soon to come out. It's basically a 4 channels effect machine with lots of different effects of different categories (Modulation, Pitch, Distortion, Filter, Delay, Reverb, Others).

The special twist of EFX is that there are different routing options how you connect 4 different effect slots AND similar to Elastic Drums, you can automate your tweaks of the effect parameters. Automation can get synced with other apps via Ableton Link and IAA sync then.

Elastic FX runs standalone (like in this video), or you can play it with other apps via Audiobus or InterApp-Audio (AUv3 is not supported).

Syntronik Update

Syntronik, from IK Multimedia is now Universal! That's some pretty welcome news in and of itself, but this update goes even further by including AUv3 support! Now you can load Syntronik into any Audio Unit host.

What's new in Syntronik v1.1:

- Now compatible with iPhone
- AU plug-in compatibility added: record with Syntronik inside Garageband, Cubasis, Auria, AUM Mixer and more

Doug from thesoundtestroom shows off the update with Syntronik inside of AUM.

App Sales

Several apps that missed Cyber Monday are now on sale! At the top of this list is Casio's CZ App for iPad. Notation app Komp Create was pulled from iTunes at the end of November, but returns now for free so I assume the developer is dropping support.

I don't have any new music to share so instead I'll plug my latest Reef Tank video. For those of you that have not been following along, I have had a hard time keeping fish alive. I've finally got the water chemistry stabilized, and the tank matured! Now I have two adorable little clowns sitting right next to me as I type this!

Red Sky Lullaby - Algorithmic Soul

Reader redskylullaby did a video for the title track on his latest EP, using 3D Fractals from Julius Horsthuis.

Video Description:

Red Sky Lullaby EP available here:

Video compiled from 3D Fractal videos by Julius Horsthuis:

How to make a DROP like Galantis in GarageBand

YouTuber Arvid Sandgren brings us another excellent GarageBand tutorial!

Video Description:

Learn how to make a drop in the style of Galantis in Garageband on your iPad or iPhone!

Last Tutorial:

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