FM Essential Update

FM Essential, from Yamaha, was updated with, "Support for MX88 BK activation." The app is crippled unless you connect a pricey Yamaha MX keyboard. Today's update means the priciest of the bunch, released yesterday for $1,300, will also unlock the app.

What's new in FM Essential [US] v1.1.2:

- Minor Bug Fix
- Support for MX88 BK activation

The update arrives with a new demo of the unlocking process.

haQ attaQ - Midiflow Adapter for Audiobus 3 │Tutorial

Jakob Haq has posted a timely tutorial for the new Midiflow Adapter app that lets you connect legacy apps, or really... abandoned apps, to Audiobus 3's MIDI routing system.

Video Description:

The new Audiobus 3 MIDI routing system is pretty awesome. But right now most synth apps hasn't had time to catch up. So far we haven't had any way of really addressing this issue until now. Midiflow Adapter allows us to route MIDI to and from our older synthesizer apps inside Audiobus 3, by taking advantage of their core MIDI compatibility. In this video I am showing you a cool use case and also how to set stuff up!▼CONNECT WITH ME▼

ReSlice Update

ReSlice, from VirSyn, was updated with new choke groups to let your sounds cutoff others as they play. This update arrives with sales on both ReSlice and Poseidon.

What's new in ReSlice v1.3.0:

- Cut samples off using up to three choke groups
- Importing .aif wave files
- iPhone GUI: show sample position in slice window
- Bugfixes

Jack (Tekno Pirate) - Ambient Acid

YouTuber Jack - Tekno Pirate did a unique 'ambient acid' performance on an Electribe 2 Sampler with Beatstep controlling Ableton Live. This starts off as some mellow acid, but it builds into being almost polyrhythmic with a crescendo of delay feedback.

Video Description:

Jam Ambient - Acid at the Electribe 2 Sampler, Beatstep (midi controller / sequencer for Ableton) and iPad (midi controller for ableton)
The evolution is rather slow and at times the delays sound out of sync but it is Still the beginning for me on the beatstep and on ableton, here, I hope that despite all that you will like!
Good listening!
free download :

Lien SoundCloud:

KRFT Setting Up & Getting Started

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom did a tutorial on crafting your own KRFT surface!

Video Description:

If you would like to learn a lot more about KRFT in more detail then you should check out this video by Jakob Haq

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