Chilled Trap Beat Made on GarageBand iOS

I've been doing this whole music app thing for about 6 years now, but I'm continuously impressed by the sheer creative power in our mobile devices. YouTuber Travdidthat is the latest to impress me with this excellent Trap beat made using just GarageBand on his iPhone!

Video Description:

Made this beat on GarageBand 2.2.2 iOS 10.3.2
Chilled fire lit hip hop trap beat to rap to, freestyle, dance, or zone out too. If you like it (click the like button now) then subscribe thats all i ask if you want use hmu.

Made this with all the touch instruments including the all new alchemy synth from logic pro X.
GarageBand iOS is now becoming a powerful music tool and i want to continue to push it forth.!

Thomas Büchel - Song For My Father

Reader Ornette001 celebrated Father's Day with this this track; featuring Borderlands, GliderVerb, and guitar.

Video Description:

Christoph Titz - Flügelhorn
Lars Vestergaard Larsen - Marimba

Rough Rider 2 by Audio Damage, Inc.

VST and hardware manufacturer Audio Damage, Inc. released their first iOS app! Rough Rider 2, a compressor effect plugin, is available now for free! The app can be used in Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, and AUv3!

This is a direct port of the desktop VST, promising "the exact same plugin" on iPad! If all goes well with this Rough Rider's launch they have even more to apps come in the near future!

Rough Rider 2 iTunes Description:

With over half a million downloads, the free Rough Rider compressor from Audio Damage is one of the most popular plugin effects on the planet. Now available for the first time on iOS, Rough Rider 2 brings the exact same plugin to your iPad, as a stand-alone app (with Inter-App Audio) and as an AUv3 for use with hosts that support it, like GarageBand, Cubasis, and Audiobus 3.

Here is a brief demo of the desktop version by YouTuber Andrei Martinez Agras.

Jam Maestro Update

Jam Maestro, from David Blake, was updated with full AB3 support, as well as improvements to PDF exports. The app is on sale right now for $3 off.

What's new in Jam Maestro v3.4.2:

- Audiobus 3 support added. Using AB3 you can now hijack any instrument and turn it into a midi instrument. Both midi in and out supported for each track.
- Audiobus panel moved to the left side
- Mixer screen now has an 'automated' label if an instrument's volume or panning is being controlled by automation
- PDF/Txt exporting now trims blank bars from start and end of an instrument
- PDF font size increased at smaller scales
- Fix for Bass instruments being silent if instrument order is not contiguous
- Dropbox API V2 support

Tekno Pirate - CircuStep [Dubstep - Hip Hop]

YouTuber Tekno Pirate is making some CircuStep on his Circuit with a BeatStep controlling iSEM!

Video Description:

Live Dubstep - Hip Hop avec Novation Circuit et Beatstep (midi controlleur/sequencer pour iPad)
Le Circuit fait tout sauf l'atmosphère dans la première partie du son.
Bonne écoute !
free download :

Lien SoundCloud:

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