Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer & Groove Rider GR-16 Updates

Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer and Groove Rider GR-16 were both updated with an iPhone X fix. Poison-202 also gains a new dialog for managing Bluetooth MIDI devices.

What's new in Poison-202 Vintage Synthesizer v2.4.2:

- for iPhone X, when app running as standalone, changed behavior of the home bar. Now it will not switch between apps on first occasional touch or swipe;
- Bluetooth Midi Devices dialog added (new button on the Settings page);
- minor bug fixes.

What's new in Groove Rider GR-16 v1.5.3:

- for iPhone X, changed the behavior of home bar. Now it will not switch between the apps on first occasional touch or swipe;
- fixed bug: part volume meters were not reacting to the audio signal in certain cases.

2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer Update

2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer, from Rob Wilmot, was updated with support for Kymatica's AudioShare.

What's new in 2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer v1.1:

Added support for Audioshare. Now you can easily export to Audioshare with one button for easy sharing of your audio recordings between apps and tools like trim/normalize
Fixed some bugs and made some other minor changes.

nthirteen: Live Heizwerk Erfurt / Werkraum opening

YouTuber André Neumann performed live at the Heizwerk in Erfurt, Germany, on his bowed guitar and synths!

Video Description:

I was kindly invited to play at the WERKRAUM show opening in Erfurts beautiful Heizwerk. What a nice place! Check out https://www.facebook.com/events/21165...
for more infos.

Elektron Octatrack INAB: iPad with audiobus, tonestack, colossus piano, vocalive, samplr, key step, op1 and epiphone sg guitar into an iconnect audio 4+

Elektron Octatrack INCD: mother32 and dfam into digitone

LCW-2 mono by Itoh Tomoaki

Itoh Tomoaki, developer of LCW-1 and ToyTone, has released LCW-2 mono for iPhone. This fits in an odd place. It is a stripped down version of the iPad's LCW-1, but it offers more complex synthesis than ToyTone.

LCW-2 includes Inter-app Audio support.

LCW-2 mono iTunes Description:

LCW-2 mono is a little complicated synthesizer.
Based on ToyTone and implements several experimental functions.


- Voice

4 channels, Monophonic


Wave form:
Sine, Triangular, Sawtooth, Rectangular, Noise

- LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator)

Wave form:
Sine, Triangular, Sawtooth, Rectangular, Noise

LFO1 for Voice
LFO2 for Delay effect

- EG (Envelop Generator)

EG1 for Modulation
EG2 for Modulation
EG3 for AMP/Modulation

- Time modulatable delay

Time modulatable delay gives effects like Chorus / Flanger.

- Signal

Signal generator can trigger each voice in combination with a threshold.

and more.

- Support Inter-App Audio (Generator only)
- Timbre that can be stored is 16


Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express (Korg Gadget iPad Cover)

YouTuber Loopingstar Music recreated the Kraftwerk classic Trans Europe Express in Gadget!

Video Description:

Just for fun , Korg Gadget cover of Kraftwerk’s classic track #korggadget

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