Summer Solstice App Sales!

Happy Summer Solstice! Classic app Epic Synth is having its first sale since 2012, following an update that adds Audiobus 3 and 64-bit support. Epic is joined by Olympia Noise Co.'s Ribbons, the app formerly known as Ondes. XME's Pocket Studio is free today, along with several other deals!

As a music blogger I'm expected to maintain my hipster cred from time to time, by casually dropping hints about music you've never heard of. One of my favorite new albums you've never heard of comes from Highly Suspect, a Post-Emo band I liked before they were cool.

As someone who hated Emo, I was immediately intrigued by late-2016's The Boy Who Died Wolf. On the album you'll find some Emo trappings, like narcissism and questionable neck tattoos, but this is combined with a very mature and modern take on Blues. All of these factors, and even more questionable face tattoos, can be experienced in this video for Serotonia which also includes some stunningly deep lyrics.

Zario by Ricardo Nazario

Ricardo Nazario released Zario, a new lead synth app with Audiobus 3. The app is Universal, and arrives with some demo videos and tutorials.

Zario iTunes Description:

With Zario you can set a single oscillator to your desired waveform, customize the keyboard, and play any lead with ultimate expression.

I've embedded a playlist of performances on the app. There is another playlist for tutorials.

Rock Drum Machine 5 Update

Rock Drum Machine, from Luis Martinez, has been updated to version 5! Today's update includes MIDI Out, and a new sound module mode for MIDI input.

What's new in Rock Drum Machine 5 v5.0:

- Midi Out
- Sound Module Mode ( Midi In )
- Program Change or Midi Notes for Live Pads
- Improved UI

The update arrives with a brand new official demo!

Ripplemaker Modular Synth Demos

A couple of new Ripplemaker demos arrived today! Midiverse - TV posted his review, and here is a demo from reader Red Sky Lullaby.

Video Description:

Demo of Ripplemaker iOS Modular Synth by Bram Bos.

haQ attaQ: Twitter Quickie 2

Jakob Haq posted another Twitter Quickie compilation. If you're reading this around the time that I post it, Jakob is also doing a live stream today at 17:00UTC.

Video Description:

In the second Twitter Quickie compilation we are mapping the Dubmasta MIDI controller to the synth engine inside DM2 by Audionomy. Not only that, we are also checking out the choke groups in Groovebox by Ampify and having a play with the mini synth inside the RK-004 by Retrokits.


DM2 ►
RK004 ►


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