Kronecker Synthesizer by iceGear, Inc.

iceGear, developer of Redshrike, Mersenne, Lorentz, Laplace, and Cassini, has released another innovative synthesizer for iOS! Kronecker is a "clockwork" synthesizer driven by rhythmic patterns. Using 4 FM synthesis generators, called emitters, you can specify when each will trigger inside of the clockwork mechanism.

This isn't just FM synthesis though, as each emitter can be processed through two resonators. This combination is somewhat similar to the synthesis engine in Mersenne... but not really. Kronecker is definitely its own beast, as you can hear in the demos below.

Kronecker arrives as a Universal iOS app; with AUv3, Inter-App Audio, Audiobus, and Ableton Link support!

Kronecker Synthesizer iTunes Description:

Kronecker is a synthesizer with a mechanism to make sounds many times like a rhythm machine each time you press a keyboard.

In addition to synchronizing the trigger speed to the tempo, you can gradually increase the speed or slow it down after pressing the key. This makes it possible to produce synthesizer sounds like bouncing balls and clockwork toys.

Kronecker has four emitters that emit sound particles made from FM tones and noise. At the emitter you can specify at what timing the sound particles will be triggered. You can also add effects such as the pitch and tone of particles gradually changing.

Particles emitted by the emitter can be processed with two resonators, and you can reproduce sounds like particles jumping on strings and pipes.

Kronecker works not only on the iPad but also on the iPhone. It also supports Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3), so you can plug in to AUv3 compatible host. For each screen size, different layouts are designed to be easy to use and intuitive.

## Key Features
* Universal App
Optimized for both the iPad and the iPhone.

* Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3)
You can use in a host application that supports Audio Unit such as GarageBand.

* Inter-App Audio
You can stream live audio directly to other Inter-App Audio host applications.

* Audiobus support
You can stream live audio directly to other Audiobus-compatible apps. See for more information.

* Ableton Link
Ableton Link is a new technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live and Link-enabled iOS apps over a wireless network. See for more information.

- Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI, Inter-App Audio MIDI input
- MIDI Clock synchronization
- MIDI Controller Mapping

* Programmable Arpeggiator
You can easily create your own pattern.

Doug Woods has already posted his thesoundtestroom demo for Kronecker. Embedded here is the official reveal from iceGear.

Audio Dev Interview: Andy Bull, creator of LayR iOS Synth

Developer Matthew Fecher interviewed Andy Bull, the man behind the epic LayR synth! Andy let it slip that the price for LayR will be going up later this month, so you should definitely snag it now if you haven't already!

Video Description:

Andy Bull has had an amazing career. Before the internet was even invented, he started out writing software for the world famous Akai Samplers, including the MPC. Read more to see some highlights...

And now, he's using his decades of experience as an engineer and musician to make amazing apps like LayR, an awarding winning iOS Synth that sounds LUSH.

"Don’t let people put you off your vision. Develop a thick skin for criticism. Learn the technical aspects as you go instead of feeling like you need to 'get it all' before you begin". — Andy Bull


0:00 Intro & Inspiration for LayR?
1:42 Working w/ Sound Designers Brice Beasley & Red Sky Lullaby?
3:39 Why the massive LayR update?
4:45 How did you get started making apps?
8:10 Golden advice for those with ideas who want to make apps?
10:00 Working at AKAI?
11:14 Making Music Shareware for Desktop "Back in the Day"
13:57 Apple "App of the Year" Award Winner
14:53 Is the App Store sustainable? Tell us how you really feel
15:45 Passion Projects, Music Making
16:56 Software Andy made for the DX7
18:00 All Marketers are liars
20:02 What's next for Andy
21:38 AudioBus forum preset creation
22:50 Dealing with bad reviews in the app store
26:15 Do apps need manuals/videos, why don't all apps have them
28:13 Final Thoughts

>Living Memory Software:

Brice Beasley LayR Video:

Red Sky Lullaby LayR Video:

Learn more about AudioKit:

Electronisounds: Perforator - AUv3 Rhythmic Gate Effect

Dean from Electronisounds plugged his Ultranova trance-machine into the new trance-gate effect, Perforator! This is an excellent demo of what this app was designed for, and how well it does its thing!

Video Description:

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maasijam - Ambient Jam (feat. Fugue Machine & Animoog)

YouTuber maasijam produced some beautiful ambient music with 2 iPads running Fugue Machine and Animoog. The two iPads are synced via Ableton Link, and he's controlling them from MIDI controllers.

Video Description:

Atmospheric ambient ipad session with two ipads and animoogs sequenced by fugue machine. Synced via Ableton Link. Live recording in one take.

Fugue Machine
DIY Arduino Midicontroller
Akai LPD 8
iPad Air / iPad 2018
Eventide Blackhole

Filmed with:
Sony a6300 / Samyang 12mm 2


TouchOSC & TouchViZ Updates

Developer Hexler released updates to both TouchOSC and TouchViZ. This is the first update to either in almost a year, so it is nice to see they are still getting updates in 2018!

What's new in TouchOSC v1.9.10:

- Sending and receiving OSC/UDP port numbers can now be the same
- Added option to send all OSC messages as bundles with timestamps
- Added XY/Multi-XY background and outline options
- Added "Help" button to "Settings" screen

- Added dedicated Tab bar labels
- Added option to send XY / Multi-XY control values in reversed order
- Added option to disable/enable Push button control push/release messages separately
- Minor improvements and bug fixes

Be sure to also update to the newest version of the TouchOSC Editor and TouchOSC Bridge at

What's new in TouchViZ v1.3.4:

- Added ability to toggle recording using MIDI and OSC messages
- External displays are now activated automatically
- Added "Help" link to application manual on "Settings" screen
- Minor bug-fixes and performance improvements

If you enjoy the app and would like to see more free updates and continued development, please consider leaving a review! Thank you!
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