Electronisounds: Live Jam with Beatmaker 3 & Novation Circuit

Dean from Electronisounds jams out with some surprisingly pretty sounding melodic-electronic in BeatMaker 3 with a Novation Circuit!

Video Description:

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thesoundtestroom: Eight Fantastic Apps for Synth Bass

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom follows up on his Eight Apps for Ambiance video with a look at his favorite apps for Synth Bass.

Video Description:

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ChordPolyPad Update

ChordPolyPad, from Laurent Colson, was updated with resentful MIDI Out. Now messages received at the MIDI In can be automatically resent to the MIDI Out. The update also allows for MIDI Program Change messages to go to specified presets by including "#nnn" at the start of the preset name.

What's new in ChordPolyPad v1.6.4:

• Midi messages received from Midi In Port are now resent to Midi Out Port if they are not processed
• The presets can be recalled by a Program Change by inserting the program number as "#nnn" at the beginning of the preset name.

Audiobus 3 & Ableton Link Update

Audiobus 3 was updated with support for the latest Ableton Link revision, which adds Start/Stop Sync. Previously Ableton Link could only tempo sync devices and apps, but version 3 now adds Start and Stop commands. Audiobus' implementation makes it possible for apps to take advantage of this without actually integrating the latest Ableton Link SDK themselves.

The new Audiobus SDK came with the following note:

The new version of Audiobus 3, will forward Link Start Stop Sync state changes in the form of Audiobus triggers. If you've implemented a play toggle Audiobus trigger, your app will be started or stopped in time with Link automatically.

This is a clever use of existing tech to quickly leverage new tech!

What's new in Audiobus 3 v3.0.14:

Fixed minor Link Start/Stop integration issue when Link is disabled.

Last update: Added support for Ableton Link Start/Stop Sync: When Start/Stop Sync is enabled, Audiobus will forward start and stop messages from Link to connected apps.

Camila Cabello - She Loves Control (GarageBand Cover)

YouTuber MinaSynth put together one extremely well produced cover for She Loves Control in GarageBand!

Video Description:

Camila Cabello - She Loves Control Instrumental Cover using just an iPad nothing else.
BPM - 95
Key/Scale - B minor

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