AudioLayer Update

VirSyn impressive new sampler AudioLayer was updated with a new Reverse sample type. The update also offers new zone editing options for Loop/Release and Reverse.

What's new in AudioLayer v1.0.2:

New features
- New sample type "Reverse"
- Automatic voice overload protection
- Level envelope can now be switched off, good for one shot drum sounds
- Multi selection Zone editing for Loop/Release mode and Reverse

- Pan parameter was global, is now at scope level
- AUv3 Sample cursor lost after resize: fixed
- AU samplerate was fixed to 44100
- Pitch analyzer now takes audio between loop markers if loop is set
- "Release in Loop" now works also for alternate loops
- Mapping editor: handles to size zone didn't worked as expected in zoom mode
- Layer mode "Key release" was broken

haQ attaQ - Amida | monkStep meets 70's Cassette Recorder

Jakob Haq makes great use of a vintage tape recorder to add some dubby flavor to his Dubstep track Amida. The song can now be downloaded in digital or the much grittier analog tape masters.

Video Description:

What it looks like when an iPad meets a 70's tape recorder! Amida is a vocoder infused progressive Dubstep track, heavily inspired by Tibetan monk throat-singing. I call it “Monk Step” AmidA started as a remix of one of my earlier works named “Amitabha (Amitābha)” that I published four years ago. Yup it took four years to finish this "masterpiece". I’ve never taken so long to finish a track ever and I’m hoping I’ll never take this long with tracks in the future. Apps used in the production of this track: Steinberg Cubasis, KORG Gadget, Auxy, Virsyn Harmony Voice & iVoxel and more.


70's & 80's Tape cassette nerds can download the Tape master version of the Amida (noise and hum included) track from this dropbox link ►


thesoundtestroom: SpaceCraft Granular Synth & apeMatrix

Doug from thesoundtestroom is having a lot of fun creating wild sounds with SpaceCraft in apeMatrix!

Video Description:

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TheAudioDabbler: Rozeta Suite - GoToPattern Options

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler has another helpful little tutorial; this time showing off the GoToPattern option inside of Rozeta's X0X and Cells sequencers.

Video Description:

In this video, I go over what the GoToPattern options do inside of the Rozeta Suite of AUv3 midi apps.

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Meerkat Music - Into The Light

Reader Meerkat Music layered up a bunch of SpaceCraft instances in AUM to take us Into the Light!

Video Description:

Made this video to showcase SpaceCraft Granular Synth by Mark Watt. One of my favourite music apps to appear in 2018.

All tracks are from SpaceCraft and layered inside AUM. Overtones from Noise App in first part of video. See video for full list of apps used.

Filmed on location around Greenan Castle, Ayr, Scotland.

Took me a while to put together so hope you enjoy.

Any Questions please feel free to comment below.

See the dev website for further info on SpaceCraft Granular Synth.

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Thank you.

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