James Skar - Cold Virus Eductional Video

YouTuber James Skar did an awesome jam on his collection of Korg gear. This one is genre bending; with obvious influences from Hip Hop and experimental Techno. All of this is punctuated with some amusing samples from a 1955 educational video on avoiding the common cold.

Video Description:

This is the first electronic music video of my Minilogue, Monologue and Electribe RMK2 timeclock midi synced. I'm running banks of sequenced beats, freehand playing and live sequence recording. For transitions, I'm utilizing controls like cutoff, delay time, LFO rate, master volume and samples from my Roland SP-404 taken from a 1955 public domain cold virus educational video. I fashioned a tool out of a credit card to hold my pitch shifter handsfree. This is all recorded, mixed down and mastered with my TASCAM DP-24SD Portastudio, video recording was done on a iPhone 7 Plus with a fisheye lens attachment. Edited with Microsoft Movie Maker on an old Toshiba laptop at my cabin in the woods of Bellingham, Washington.

haQ attaQ - Why we fight │ Launchpad iOS Live Performance

Jakob Haq spent 24 hours on recording and editing this excellent Launchpad performance!

Video Description:

Without LumaFusion this video would have just been a regular four minute long fixed screen-type of video, with my hands moving around a bit while interacting with LaunchPAD for iOS. It is amazing what we can create when we've got access to the right type of tools. What do you think?

A long list of apps where used for this project. Links can be found down below!

PATREON ► https://www.patreon.com/jakobhaq
TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/foonastudio5
FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/haQattaQ/
PAYPAL DONATE ► https://www.paypal.me/jakobhaq
BUSINESS INQUIRES ► https://jakobhaq.squarespace.com/

Drum Session for iPhone Preview

Reader Derek Buddemeyer recently submitted an iPhone version of his Drum Session app to iTunes. While we await its approval, here is a preview of the new interface on the smaller screen.

Video Description:

Quick preview of Drum Session for iphone. The fastest way to create professional sounding drum tracks on your mobile device in just minutes. Website: https://drumsession.org

Centro Italiano Musica - One (U2 Cover)

In a follow up to their cover of Bob Marley's One Love, Centro Italiano Musica did a beautiful take on U2's One.

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

Seventh round of review CIM Live Sessions for the presentation of the project "The Creative Class". The iPad Orchestra is a project of the students of the class MAN1 Course BTEC Professional Diploma in Music College CSM

efectism - hErE & tHeRe

YouTuber efectism is back with another amazing Eastern jam on FingerFiddle with a bunch of other apps.

Video Description:

i use Loopy HD for rec the sounds from :SampleTank,Thumbjam, iTabla Pro & FingerFiddle via Audiobus
# Audiobus Remote from iphone controls loopy via audiobus

lishen only the audio track here : https://soundcloud.com/efectism/audio...

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