Sebastian Resch - Blocs Wave

Sebastian Resch has been doing Groovebox video exclusively, but now he's taken to Blocs Wave on his iPhone.

Video Description:

Blocs Wave

Charlie Puth - Attention (GarageBand Tutorial)

YouTuber Arvid Sandgren did another great GarageBand tutorial!

Video Description:

Learn how to make "Charlie Puth - Attention" in Garageband on your iPad or iPhone!
You can also check out when Charlie Puth himself makes the song ;)

Last Tutorial:

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DM2 - The Drone Machine Update

DM2 - The Drum Machine was updated with the a new Drone Machine. In this mode all 9 tracks switch from Drum Machine to Ambient Machine! I really look forward to checking this out!

What's new in DM2 - The Drum Machine v1.6:

Introducing the "DRONE MACHINE”. With the brand new "Drone Machine" mode DM2 turns into an instant Ambient machine. All 9 tracks play continuously regardless of what the sequencer plays. Switch it on and drive a powerful Dream Machine at the tips of your fingers. Extremely versatile when used with a MIDI controller and MIDI Learn mode. Dark Ambient admirers, Space Rock lovers, Dream Music adorers, Minimal fetishist are welcome.

+ AUDIO ENGINE : Improved CPU management when idle in the background
+ Faster loading time

** FIXED **
+ Minor Sequencer issue with solo mode
+ Some memory issues after a long use

Electronisounds Audio - Remixing Jakob Haq in BeatMaker 3

Electronisounds Audio did a live performance remix of Jakob Haq inside of BeatMaker 3. After the jam he goes into a full-on tutorial for his setup. Now I need a Jakob Haq soundboard too!

Video Description:

Remixing Jakob Haq with Beatmaker 3 on iPad

- Live electronica -

- remix - performance - tutorial -

iPad TOOLS ► Figure, Intua Beatmaker 3, Amazing Noises Limiter, Audio Damage Dubstation 2, Audio Damage EOS 2, Audiocopy, Audio Paste

iPhone app ► Xynthesizr

LIVE-PLAYED HARDWARE SYNTH ► Novation Ultranova (factory patch "Pin Code")

ROLAND SPD-S Sampling Pad (being used as a MDI trigger only) and is triggering a chilled melodic patch in Beatmaker 3 on an iPad Mini 2

The Jakob Haq livestream that inspired the lead synth and vocals:



App Sales

Positive Grid's new X Drummer is on sale today! Other sales worth mentioning include the fun Self-a-Fuzz, DJDJ Mixing App, and Photophore Synth for just $1!

I also wanted to share this fun Dance Remix of Winnie the Pooh, by the ever impressive VJ Pogo.

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