Zé Osório - Mellowsound Demo

YouTuber José Osório de Souza did a short demo of the new Mellotron app Mellowsound!

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

Demo of the Mellowsound musical app that emulates 14 sounds of the legendary Mellotron, an analogue sampler (made with tape players) of the 1960s, used by famous Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, etc. Line with piano tone previously recorded in the app itself. Video recording directly from the screen by the iPad 5 MIDI through the Steinberg UR22 mk II interface on the Roland A30 keyboard by José Osório de Souza.

Mellowsound by Fingerlab

Fingerlab, the developers of DM1 Drum Machine, released Mellowsound! This is a Mellotron app with 14 instruments. The app is free to try, but for just $3 you can fully unlock all of the instruments and effects. Mellowsound arrives with Audibous and Inter-app Audio.

Mellowsound iTunes Description:

Mellowsound is a simple yet powerful emulation of a legendary instrument: the Mellotron, a keyboard sampler from the 60s, used by many famous artists (the Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead, …).

Play Flute, Clarinet and Sax, or unlock the « Full Version » IAP to get all the 14 instruments (including Electric guitar, Vibraphone, Sad Strings, Piano, Choirs, …).

As we have the chance to own a Mellotron M400, we wanted to share with you this unique sound, so we sampled all the notes from our beloved Mellotron, one by one, for all the instrument tapes.
With Mellowsound, you will be able to play Mellotron everywhere, with professional audio quality (16bit/44Khz).
It’s now like have a vintage orchestra in your pocket!

In the same spirit, we designed a smooth and photo-realistic user-interface as an homage to our dear Mellotron.

Free version features:
-3 free instruments (Flute, Clarinet, Sax)
-Classical Mellotron settings: Volume, Tone & Pitch
-Mixer (instrument & Metronome, Volume & Pan)
-Midi support
-AudioBus & Inter-App Audio support

IAP Full version features:
-14 instruments (including Sad Strings, Electric guitar, Vibraphone and many more…)
-3 FX: Tremolo, Delay & Reverb
-Live Recording

Soon coming: more instruments, more Fx, ADSR envelope control!

We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Stay tuned!
Fingerlab Team

BeatMaker 3 Update

INTUA's BeatMaker 3 got its second major update of the year, adding AUv3 MIDI effect support. This opens up the door for Rozeta to finally be integrated into a BeatMaker 3 workflow! In addition to modulating things with Rozeta, you can now record automations on the fly with a new automation slider in the editor. The update also offers a lot of other improvements; including pro-level transient detection when slicing samples, and better automation recording for Audio Units.

Thanks to readers D4DG and bittergums for the heads-up on this update!

What's new in BeatMaker 3 v3.0.11:

BeatMaker 3 is constantly improving thanks to your feedback.
Please keep sending your suggestions on support@intua.net

Here is what to expect:

>>> 3.0.11
- Adding MIDI effects capabilities for Banks and Pads
- AudioUnit MIDI effect support (Fixing BramBos Rozeta, etc...)
- Improved AudioUnit stability
- Adding pro-level transient detection for slicing samples
- Adding automation slider in the editor for parameter recording on the fly
- Adding On/Off Toggle for automation quantisation (better precision for recording parameter changes).
- Better automation recording for AudioUnits
- Better selection tool in automation editors
- Adding a quick save button in the transport bar
- Fix audio export rare crash concerning streamed samples with small loops
- Improvement to audio track recording & Fix monitoring issue
- Updated Ableton Link
- Updating ZPlane Elastique Timestretch
- Adding Live Timestretch High Performance / High Quality Options
- Adding a delete option for focus action templates and effect presets
- Various stability improvements

iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone Announced

Retronyms has announced iMPC 2 will be coming to iPhone. This is going to be a separate app from the iPad version released last year. iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone can be pre-ordered for $5 and will arrive December 10th.

Video Description:

We've collaborated with Akai Professional again to bring you the greatest beatmaking app for your iPhone. iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone is available for preorder now on The App Store. You won't want to miss this preorder price – it'll never be this low again.

iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone includes all of the beloved features of its iPad counterpart, including vocal tracks, support for Audio Units, and a sleek new design. Producers can record, arrange, and edit directly within the app’s multitrack environment.

The app features an incredible new library of built in sounds! Designed exclusively for iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone to give you the best user experience possible. Users who already own the built in content from the original iMPC Pro 2 can easily import each of their 5 Sound Packs to iMPC Pro 2 for iPhone, as well as pick up an additonal three Sound Packs.

GarageBand Update

GarageBand was updated with QWERTY keyboard support. This allows you to use keyboard shortcuts!

What's new in GarageBand v2.3.7:

• Supports keyboard commands when using a Smart Keyboard or Bluetooth keyboard
• Adds the Wah stompbox pedal and Face Control to Smart Guitar
• Provides stability improvements and bug fixes

I'm sure Apple would prefer that you use this feature with their $200 keyfolio, or at least an Apple keyboard, but Studio Live Today's Pete Johns shows off the shortcuts working on an old Microsoft keyboard!

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