Z-Drums 2 Pro by XME Inc.

Today XME, developers of BeatPad, released Z-Drums 2 Pro. This new Universal drum app arrives with MIDI and Audiobus! This is a follow up to Z-Drum Pro which has been price bouncing like a fucking fiend for the last 3 years, without any updates. Fortunately the sequel is priced at a modest $1, so you won't feel burned when they make it free next month.

Z-Drums 2 Pro iTunes Description:

XME Inc. has created BeatPad, Pocket Studio, Music Healing and other great apps that have been featured by Apple & iTunes all over the world. We are proud to bring you another music app that you'll love!

Z-Drums 2 Features:
* CoreMidi - Plug in a midi keyboard to control the drum racks
* Beautiful Design and Rich Functionality
* Mastered Drum Kits and HipHop Samples
* iPad and iPhone compatible
* Built-In TapTempo/Metronome
* Quantized Recording Capability
* Built-In Demo Song
* Low Latency
* Play Live in a band with Z-Drums Pro
* Use your Z-Drum Recordings as the drummer for your Musical Shows
* Share your drum solos with friends
* Send your Z-Drum Song files to friends for collaboration
* Built-In Kits: Session Drum Kit, Session Kit Wet, Extreme Kit & HipHop Kit.
* Updates are Always FREE

A.I. Experiments: A.I. Duet

Sonic State brought my attention to this intriguing video from Google Developer Yotam Mann. Developers all over the world are working on many interesting Artificial Intelligence experiments, as well as some terrifying ones. Yotam and friends have come up with something that is actually useful! Here he shows off an A.I. that can play a duet with you on your computer, using WebMIDI in Chrome!

Video Description:

Check out https://g.co/aiexperiments to learn more.

This experiment lets you make music through machine learning. A neural network was trained on many examples and it learns about musical concepts, building a map of notes and timings. You just play a few notes, and see how the neural net responds. http://g.co/aiexperiments

Built by Yotam Mann with friends on the Magenta and Creative Lab teams at Google. It uses Tone.js and open-source tools from the Magenta project.

More resources:

Forever Beats Tutorials

Developer John Hussey has posted several short tutorial videos for his new Forever Beats sequencer!

014london70 - Deep Tech House Session 5

014london70 did another awesome Deep Tech House jam on his mobile gear, with Sunrizer and Poison-202!

Video Description:

Circuit is sequencing Sunrizer and Poison 202. Sunrizer is running through AUFX Dub and both are being controlled from circuit's macro knobs. The Volcas are playing their own patterns. Recorded into AudioShare on iPhone via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

haQ attaQ - LumaFusion Video FX Animation Tutorial

Jakob Haq has started a new tutorial series on LumaFusion, the new iOS video editing suite by the developers of Pinnacle Studio. This is a must watch for anyone that wants to make well produced music videos like Jakob's recent Why We Fight.

Video Description:

What are "key frames"? A soft start into making videos with LumaFusion for iOS by LumaTouch. In this episode we are going through the project makeup of my new intro logo thing. We'll be having a look at the pixel animation, blurring effect, whats making the background flicker and how to get your own fonts into LumaFusion. I even have a segment in Cubasis where I am breaking down the background track used for the intro. Video FX Animation here we go!

Why we fight │ LaunchPAD iOS live performance ► https://youtu.be/DZx816ltYIc
Poison 202 │ Review and guide ► https://youtu.be/wqMIq31vNoc

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