Audiogus: Making Trippy Videos with LumaFusion on iPad

Audiogus did a helpful tutorial on creating unique and trippy music videos with LumaFusion!

Video Description:

Took video captures from Springle and Flurry into Lumafusion and messed around with fx etc etc...

jenamu6 - GadgetVirgin

MATRIXSYNTH spotted jenamu6 losing his Gadget virginity on this beautiful track!

Video Description:

First track I made with Korg gadget on Ipad. Video editing done on Ipad

VGSG's FREE SF2 Pack for iOS (BS-16i)

VGSoundtrackGuy has released a free 900MB SF2 Soundfont pack for bs-16i, with samples from their desktop Kontakt 5 collection. The last time VGSG released something it was much more contentious and resulted in VGSG pulling their video from YouTube and threatening to DMCA me. I never received the DMCA takedown; partly because the threat was hollow, but mostly because that's now how the DMCA works.

Video Description:


This SF2 Soundfont pack includes sounds from our Kontakt libraries and all new sounds created just for this Pack!

We have had the privilege of bringing our sounds from the Desktop sampler Kontakt 5, to the powerful BS-16i Soundfont Player App for iOS Devices.

We understand that there are few musicians who solely use iDevices for music production. So we wanted to create this FREE SF2 Pack to help introduce more musicians to Software Synthesizer sounds on iOS!

Included are eight high quality sounds!

VGSG's FREE SF2 Pack includes the following sounds:

- Metal Grand
- MK Rhodez
- S700 Grand
- Bell Chime
- Super Synth
- Warmer (EX5 Pad)
- Digital Dyno
- Film Strings


Evil Mega-Corporation's Plot Thwarted by Indie Developers

I am so grateful to everyone that stepped up over the weekend to save discchord. So many new advertisers have signed up to make sure Apple's sudden policy change will not leave the site (and me) unfunded.

Thank You!

Thanks so much to Fortamento, Audio Damage Inc, KV331 Audio, Aleksandar Mlazev, AuDSPR, Oliver Greschke, and Coffeeshopped! And of course thanks to all of my existing advertisers!

Additionally many more of you guys joined the Patreon campaign! I'm going to have to extend the outro credits on the Let's Plays by at least 5 seconds to fit in everyone's names!

You did it! The site will survive! I love what I do here, and I'm so overjoyed to see so many people are willing to financially support it. This community is now self-sustaining, and I get to keep doing what I love! Thank you all!

Elastic Drums Update

Elastic Drums was updated with a lot of improvements to the microphone sampling function, which is already available if you've purchased the $4 Sample Import IAP. There's now a better visualization of the recording process and it can be triggered via MIDI.

What's new in Elastic Drums v2.2:

- Improvement: Micro Recording for Sample Player got improved, showing input level, etc.
- New (Midi): Mic record button can now be triggered via Midi and will show sample view
- New (Midi): Autom & velocity buttons can now be triggered via Midi
- New (Midi): Program Change via IAA should work now also
- Improvement: „Record audio“ will not overwrite existing audio files anymore, but create new ones with a date ending
- Improvement (Jam screen): Midi notes will always trigger an instrument, even with „trig“ > 0 and stopped sequencer

You can see developer Oliver Greschke making use of the new recording features in this demo jam.

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