Lucid Music - Gadget Lo-fi Hip-hop

YouTuber Lucid Music Inc Recordings used a whole lot of gadgets in Gadget to make this beat!

Video Description:

Korg Gadget Tutorial Song Demo Featuring Stockholm Vancouver Madrid and Bilbao (Lofi Hiphop)

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thesoundtestroom: Tardigrain & Quanta - Industrial Soundscape

Doug from thesoundtestroom combined the powers of the recently released granular synths Tardigrain and Quanta to form an epic sounding Industrial Soundscape!

Video Description:

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SuperMetronome Groovebox Pro Update

LumBeat developer Luis Martinez has updatedSuperMetronome Groovebox Pro. This is the first update to the app in two years, and a complete overhaul at that!

What's new in SuperMetronome Groovebox Pro v2.10:

- New Design
- Swing
- Beat Hider
- Progressive Tempo Tool
- Count In
- Count bars
- Fixed Problems with iPhone 6s
- Lights on the Groove notes
- More little improvements
- 2.01 Solve the crash on "Percussion 1" sound set.
- Fixed litte bugs

Frozen Lonesome - Normal Correction

Reader Frozen Lonesome has released a new EP produced entirely in Gadget. This one could best be described as Smooth Industrial Jazz. It is cacophonous, with lots of gritty textures, but it is also an easy listen! That's a weird combination, but I've enjoyed listening to it while I've been working this morning.

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Nicki Minaj ft. Swae Lee - Chun Swae (A Capella Cover)

Rebecca Loops is back with another A Capella cover using Everyday Looper. This one starts off slow, but I was quite impressed by her performance in the rap break at the end.

Video Description:

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