MultitrackStudio for iPad Update

This weeekend MultitrackStudio for iPad received its first update in over a year! The update includes a redesign to the editor interface and changes to the IAPs. The "Track Pack" is now available to all 64-bit iPads and extends the track limit to 32.

What's new in MultitrackStudio for iPad v2.7:

• Redesigned editor user interface: The mode buttons have been removed. A selector now appears on touching an editor, and you can pick an action by moving your finger in that direction.
Editors can now be scrolled at any time without having to worry about the mode buttons.
MIDI and automation editors now always use 'handles' to move notes/dots.
• Editors are a bit wider.
• Score editors now have a 'duration' handle. The pitch handle now changes pitch in semitone steps.
• Various editor improvements (both visible and invisible).
• Improved AU compatibility.
• Fixed: Convolutor / Guitar Amp: very short IR files didn't work right.
• The former "iPad Pro Pack" IAP for 12.9 inch iPads is now called "Track Pack", available on all 64 bits iPads. It adds 32 tracks.
• The Pro Extension IAP now includes the Multi MIDI Editor.
• The Pro Extension IAP now includes two extra effect returns on 12.9 inch iPads.

David Graham - Aerodynamics

Reader David Graham was feeling particularly trippy when he did this track in DM2, Forever Beats, and Cubasis. The video is also iOS produced with Takete, Hyperspektiv, and iMovie!

haQ attaQ: Novation AudioHUB 2x4 Review & Guide

Jakob Haq did a review of Novation's tightly integrated AudioHUB 2x4. This is a combination USB Hub and audio interface, so they are hitting at least two birds with their $150 stone.

Video Description:

As a mobile musician using an iPad as my main music production platform, Investing in a Novation AudioHUB 2x4 is one of the best things I've ever done. Check out this full EPIC review and guide to find out why this sound interface is perfect for iPad! Especially if you're like me, using or are planning on using multiple USB gear for your mobile music production platform.



CraftApp Update

Modal Electronics released an update today for CraftApp, the dedicated controller for their $100 DIY Craft Synth. The update adds a new poly mode for chaining multiple Crafts together, and even a VirtualMIDI port!

What's new in CraftApp v1.2.0:

- Poly mode
- Midi Panic
- Incoming clock forwarding to Synth
- CraftApp Virtual Midi port

- Midi Device Refresh
- Refined firmware update process

Fixes / Optimisations:
- Improved Craft tab reliability
- Bluetooth pairing menu
- Improved device discovery reliability
- Improved app data distribution
- Filter graph and box slider performance optimised
- Fixed bug where midi notes passing through the app would be interrupted by changing craft tabs

Sidirbal - 160s

Today in North America we get to experience a total solar eclipse for the first time in 38 years, but that totality only lasts for 160 seconds. Reader Sidirbal composed a track of the same length in Mersenne, Animoog, and Cubasis. The video was also produced in iOS with Wizibel and LumaFusion.

Video Description:

160 seconds is the maximum length of totality during the solar eclipse on August 21, 201. This is also the title and length of this music video by Sidirbal.

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