Jaime Derks - Play This Music

YouTuber Jaime Derks produced a fun original track in GarageBand with vocals processed by Voloco.

Video Description:

Created in GarageBand on iPad.
Bass guitar Lakeland 55-94 direct in iPad with Apogee Jam
Guitar Squier telecaster direct in iPad with Apogee Jam
Drums created with app Rock DM
Voice processed with app Voloco

iMPC Pro 2 Update

iMPC Pro 2, from Akai and Retronyms, was updated with the ability to export stems. The update also brings a whole lot of fixes; which includes some fairly important AUv3 and IAA tweaks.

What's new in iMPC Pro 2 v2.0.7:

Features added:
* You can now export stems!

Bugs fixed:
* Right-bias fixed in resample recordings
* Solo automation gets stuck in on position
* Tempo Sync now supported in Audio Units
* Syntronik Audio Unit now works with iMPC Pro 2
* Fixed gaps in audio track mixdown on certain device/OS combinations
* Fixed bug where slice markers were off when editing sounds > 44khz
* MIDI input no longer triggers last-selected AU track when on a drum track
* Fixed Undo when recording MIDI
* Fixed bugs when multiple audio segments were highlighted
* IAA effect send now work on audio tracks
* Occasional buzzes and other audio glitches when IAA removed
* Crash when trying to open an empty user program
* BPM changes when writing out stems and mixdowns
* Audio Unit quantization fixed
* Audio Unit notes may now be erased with the Erase button in Perform
* Audio Units now always play correct sequence on restored projects
* MIDI-learned drumpads no longer triggered in AU mode
* Tracks view now shows notes as they are recorded
* Outputs to virtual MIDI devices can now be disabled in the MIDI menu

As always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions, please email us at support@retronyms.com. If you are enjoying this update, please leave us a review! :)

014london70 - EMX2 Volca Keys & FM Deep Techno Session 1

YouTuber 014london70 takes us deep with his Electribe 2, Volca Keys, Volca FM, and AUFX:Space.

Video Description:

The Volca Keys and FM are running through AUFX Space iOS app as a send on the mixer.
Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

Studio Live Today: Erhu (World Instrument) in GarageBand

Pete Johns has been showcasing the range of World Instruments inside of GarageBand. Embedded here is the Erhu, and he's also posted videos for the Pipa, Guzheng, and Koto.

Video Description:

In this third in our series on GarageBand iOS World Instruments, we take a look at yet another amazing traditional Chinese instrument, the Erhu.

Covered in this video:
1. Selecting the Erhu
2. Playing notes
3. Using the grace notes effect
4. Playing trills without 3D Touch
5. Playing trills with 3D Touch
6. Using the “horse effect”
7. Adjusting vibrato
8. Changing the scale
9. Playing chords
10. Using the autoplay function
11. Adjusting vibrato during autoplay

For more tips, tricks and videos, head on over to http://studiolivetoday.com

MrFesnation - DJ Player Professional EDM Mix

YouTuber MrFesnation put together a nice mix of EDM, ranging from pop to agro, inside of DJ Player!

Video Description:

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