BLEASS Released

BLEASS was released yesterday as a new groovebox, with 2 drum tracks and 2 mono synth tracks. I believe the name is pronounced like a bleating sheep trying to say, "Bliss." The app arrives with Ableton Link and Audiobus, as well as MIDI In/Out support. Many of you will be annoyed by the app being locked in portrait mode on iPad, while nearly all of you will be offended by the subscription pricing of €7 per month.

BLEASS iTunes Description:

Fed up with standardized presets and instruments? Feel lost in overcomplex filters and effects? Don’t wanna sound like everyone else? BLEASS is just the right instrument for you: it unleashes your inner musical creativity by bringing music production and performance to its very core: play, perform, compose beats and melodies in a new yet intuitive way thanks to its multitrack sequencer, synthesizer and drum machine.

BLEASS is the first iOS music instrument invented for both iPhones & iPads to bring instant musical bliss with almost limitless possibilities: its powerful realtime audio engine has been designed to let you go deep in the shaping of electronic sounds without being limited by factory presets.

Record, import and edit your own samples and make sick beats out of the 16 steps sequencer with customizable filters and grooves.
Customize endlessly your mono synths by tweaking the filters, envelopes and LFO !

Record/Edit/Start/Stop/Copy/Paste your patterns as you feel like, build and arrange your song on the fly, apply reverb or delay effects, and let the music live!
Thanks to its unique slider controls and long-press ergonomics and its unique wild sound, BLEASS almost feels like an electric guitar.

BLEASS supports Ableton Link, Audiobus and Inter-App Audio and also works in complete synergy with all of your studio soft- and hardware gear using MIDI IN/OUT and SYNC features.

All musicians will enjoy using BLEASS for its intuitiveness and musical potential, making music composition and live performance feel completely uninhibited.


>> low-CPU and low-latency iOS-dedicated audio engine
>> 4 tracks sequencer
>> up to 16 steps per bar
>> up to 8 bars per sequence
>> separate groove settings per track
>> live and song modes
>> tap tempo
>> speed control for each sequence ( x 0.5 / x1 / x2 )
>> solo button for each track
>> 2 FX sends : reverb and filtered digital delay
>> optimized workflow for a smooth live/studio experience

>> 6 user-customizable samples per track
>> sample length, attack, release and pitch settings
>> low pass and high pass filters
>> post and pre- drive and bitcrusher settings
>> velocity settings per step (with random velocity option)

>> up to 9 * mono virtual-analog synthesizers for each track
>> 2 oscillators (sine, triangle, square with pulse width modulation, sawtooth) + 1 noise source
>> 1 amplifier enveloppe
>> 2 filters with 1 enveloppe
>> post and pre- drive and bitcrusher
>> 1 LFO
>> presets loading

>> expression panels (pads or keyboard) with beat repeat
>> on the fly sequence recording with automatic quantization
>> sample recording (using built-in mic or external sound card)
>> iCloud automatic synchronization
>> live audio export
>> Ableton Link compatibility
>> Audiobus 3 & Inter-App Audio compatibility

When subscribing to BLEASS, you contribute to help us improve the app continuously!
As a subscriber, you gain access to all premium features, all samples and all presets packs, as well as upcoming new features and instruments added continuously:

>> Access to all samples packs
>> Access to all presets packs
>> Monthly updates : new features, new packs, new instruments…
>> Projects files management : load, save, import, export…
>> MIDI in/out
>> MIDI LEARN (control changes)
>> MIDI sync out
>> Mono synth presets saving
>> MIX panel
>> FXs parameters customization

By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Service. Your subscription will auto-renew and payment will be charged to you iTunes account unless you cancel it in your Account Settings at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial or current billing period. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase. ToF :

The Sound Test Room has posted a video already. Embedded here is the official demo for BLEASS.

St Just in Roseland Organ by Omenie Limited

Mellotronics M3000 developer Omenie Limited released St Just in Roseland Organ. This is a wavetable synth designed to faithfully recreate the organ found at St. Just in Roseland church. It is unclear what, if any, inter-app connectivity is available, but it definitely supports hardware MIDI input.

Update: Reader Laarz commented here with a note that the app supports IAA and Audiobus!

St Just in Roseland Organ iTunes Description:

This is an accurate reproduction of the organ in St. Just in Roseland church, Cornwall.

The original organ features 2 manuals and a 32-note pedalboard, 22 stops, a rich selection of couplers and a tremulant on the Swell division. The full complement of stops, couplers and tremulant is in place in this digital recreation. Additionally 8 programmable pistons are provided to allow one-touch access to frequently-used registrations. A high quality reverberation engine is provided in the app, and the reverb controls, overall instrument volume, swell, crescendo and the pistons may all be controlled by an attached MIDI controller.

By exploiting Wavetable Trajectory Synthesis rather than sample replay, this app is tiny, yet manages to capture all the beauty and the subtle nuances of the organ.

Note that this version of the app does not contain a playable on-screen keyboard, so attached USB MIDI controllers are required to play the organ.

Privacy Statement : this app does not access any of the personal data on your device.

YouTuber Mark Ireland provides an excellent sounding demo of the new app.

Thomas Piper - GET IT

YouTuber Thomas Piper, with videography by Thomas Piper, and editing by Thomas Piper, presents this fun track in Gadget by Thomas Piper. Vocalist Thomas Piper makes for a smooth addition to this one!

Video Description:

GET IT is the new single by Thomas Piper Jr Listen/buy here:

This Video shot by Thomas Piper
Edited by Thomas Piper

Every Friday The Peoples Republic of Sound presents Beatdesign a Beat Culture show with Controllerism Performances by Thomas Piper. Tutorials Review and Lifestyle Drone Footage with new Music.Come on everybody

Spectral DnB in Virtual ANS

SunVox developer Alexander Zolotov shows off some "Spectral" Drum and Bass in his Virtual ANS app!

Video Description:

Virtual ANS is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS - photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1938 to 1958:

Ruismaker Noir by Bram Bos - Pre-Release Demo

The Sound Test Room got a preview of Noir, a new drum synth from Bram Bos! Doug comes up with some fun bleepy blorpy tones in this pre-release demo! In the comments Bram notes that Noir will be compatible down to iOS 10, so older devices will be able to play along! There are some short demos on Bram's channel too.

Video Description:

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