Rebecca Loops - All Star a cappella

YouTuber Rebecca Loops is feeling like an All Star at Central Park in New York City.

Video Description:

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Mercury Drum Sequencer by Marcus Spangenberg

First-time developer Marcus Spangenberg released Mercury Drum Sequencer, a drum synth app with tweakable parameters and Ableton Link! There's no demo for this one yet, nor any mention of inter-app audio platforms, but I'm impressed to see it launch with Ableton Link.

Mercury Drum Sequencer iTunes Description:

Mercury Drum Sequencer is a sample based drum machine and step sequencer.


- Five tracks with two sound sources (osc) each.
- Osc and track sound tweaking parameters.
- Individual track effects.
- Each osc and track parameter can be overridden per step, by holding the desired step and changing the parameter in question.
- Supports syncing with other music apps using Ableton Link.

AudioShare Update

AudioShare, from Kymatica, was updated for the first time since January 2016! Today's update adds high quality Bluetooth Audio, new audio formats, and Audiobus 3!

What's new in AudioShare v2.7.4:

• Allow high quality Bluetooth Audio (A2DP) and AirPlay output.
• Add setting for M4A AAC bitrate.
• Add M4A ALAC (Apple Lossless) format.
• Only check for old trash once a week.
• Auto-play next file when using preview-play button in Library (if LOOP is not enabled).
• Improve info about opened file (lossless, bit rate, etc).
• Update to Audiobus SDK 3.
• Update to AudioCopy SDK 3.4
• Switched to new Dropbox API 2.
• Hopefully fix rare Trash crash.
• Fixes for sample rate adaption.
• Improve Music Library import.
• Various minor tweaks and fixes.

kraftpeak - Signal (EP)

Reader kraftpeak released Signal, an atmospheric EP with some serious groove to it. It is quite crunchy and glitchy, but it finds a great balance between keeping your ears interested and not being obnoxious about it.

Dhalang MG Update

Dhalang MG, from Joel Kivela, was updated with a manual and a new time shuffle feature.

What's new in Dhalang MG v3.1:

- Integrated full manual (contains details and examples on almost every part of the app)
- Engine time shuffle ("humanizes" the time progression)
- Feed write and read skipping for sequence generators (mostly for Vector)
- Vector returner's First Note can be written over from Feed that is read.

- Sample playback preview on high sample rates fixed.
- Mixer view resize bugs fixed.
- DropBox interface updated for v2 API.
- Various smaller UI fixes.
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