iPadLoops: Rozeta Scaler + Fugue Machine Demo

iPadLoops shows us an interesting use of Rozeta's Scaler to manipulate Fugue Machine sequences.

Video Description:

Running Fugue Machine through Rozeta Scaler will give you instant access to manipulate those scales and keys. Fun experimentation! I was having fun with this combo and wanted to share. Also shown, Rozeta LFO slowly modulating the filter cut off in BS-16i. ApeFilter and EOS2 take it to another sonic level.

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2XB303: Preview - Tutorial

Developer BEATS N BOBS is getting ready to release his next app, 2XB303. As the name suggests 2XB303 offers two TB-303 style synths in one package, similar to the now defunct Propellerhead ReBirth. He put together this tutorial ahead of the release, which also gives us a good chance to see it in action.

Video Description:

A full in-depth guide showing you how to create melodic sequences and acid basslines.
Creating a sequence from scratch
Step Edits
Generation and modification of sequences:
Randomization, presets, notes only, copy/ paste, note selection
Sequence settings: shuffle, offset,
Filter Section
Effects controls
Mixer and sub bass/ phat levels
Wave selection including noise
Transposing of sequences
Metronome BEAT variations

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Tabletop - an iPad DAW with a Twist

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy takes a look at the classic Retronyms app, Tabletop!

Video Description:

Retronyms has been active in the iPad music apps for a while. They are behind the Arturia iMini and more....
They have created a DAW that is fun to use and mimics real live studios.
Learn more about it in the video.

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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Update

DAW app Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, from Davy Wentzler, was updated with automation recording!

What's new in Audio Evolution Mobile Studio v1.2.7:

* Added automation recording. When the automation Read button in the mixer display is changed to Touch, all parameter movements (volume, panning, parameters of insert effects) are recorded during playback. Touch mode means that all existing automation between touch and release is overwritten.
* Added output channel selection to MIDI output dialog
* Added ‘Project notes’ item to the Project menu
* The velocity of the drum pads can now be changed
* A progress dialog now shows which IAA/AU effect is being loaded when loading a project, for easier troubleshooting with effects that do not load
* Patterning should work now as IAA input
* Audio units with type ‘remote music effect’ such as Altispace should now work
* Updated to AudioBus 3.0.5

Let's Play with SynthMaster One

While the original SynthMaster Player enjoyed a lot of popularity, I was always disappointed that we didn't have the full version on iOS. All of that changed last week with the release of SynthMaster One! This is a full port of the desktop synth, with all of the synthy bits exposed for play. So... Let's Play with it!

Contest: I have 3 copies of SynthMaster One to give away! This post is going up on Thursday as a Patron Early Access Screening. The winning codes will go out on Saturday. This gives non-patrons a chance to enter on Friday, but they're going to have to be fast because I'm closing this early Saturday morning.

Contest closed! Congratulations to jimhanks, colorofdubious, and Frozen Lonesome!

Video Description:

KV331's first iOS app, SynthMaster Player, came out 3 years ago as a way for people to explore popular SynthMaster presets. But it lacked all of the fun synthesis elements. Finally we get the full version of SynthMaster on iOS with SynthMaster One!

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