Laser Pig - Nightvisions 2

Married duo Laser Pig setup a night vision camera for this jam; him on Blofeld, and her on GarageBand's Koto.

Video Description:

Laser Pig - Nightvisions 2

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What do you do when you find yourself with a night vision camera? Make night vision music of course.

Me and missus set up a couple of cameras, a Waldorf Blofeld, the Koto from GarageBand on the iPad, my Yamaha P115 piano and improvised this. It has a lot more 'live' feel to it than intended due to the fact that my computer crashed during recording so we only had the camera audio to work with. Doesn't sound too shabby considering. Plus I've just noticed I screwed up the ratio on the render FFS.

Guest appearance - Crusha The Cat as Himself

Tutorial: Chordana Play App for your Home Piano

Casio Music UK released a tutorial for their new Chordana Play app. Chordana Play is a practice aid which is intended to help you learn to play piano, on compatible Casio pianos: AP-470, AP-270, PX-870, PX-770.

Video Description:

Our NEW Home piano range is compatible with our latest Chordana Play App, which serves as a very useful navigation and effects tool to greater enhance your overall piano experience.

Kalkartronic - Mini Holiday Live Jam

YouTuber Kalkartronic is on vacation in Spain, but he made sure he could fit some gear in his luggage to jam while he was away. In addition to the Korg Volca Keys and Korg miniKP2S, he's rocking on Patchblocks' minijam tek.drum and minijam .hub, all of which would fit in his toiletries bag.

Video Description:

¡Hola! & Greetings from Andalucia, Spain!
My Holiday Set-Up (to suit in the cabin luggage) ;-)
Volca Keys sends sync out to the tek.drum, both audio signals are mixed with the hub and send out thru a ping pong delay of the Kaosspad to the Yamaha Pocketrak recorder. That's all.
It's still amazing to me what a great sound these little machines generate.
Thanks a lot for watching, likes and subscribes - really appreciated! 😀
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CPUs Now Have Primary Control Of Critical Vehicle Functions

YouTuber jonny capes put together a fun ditty with his guitar, an iPad, and NASA recordings!

Video Description:

By Kong Audio. Guitar and GarageBand on iPad
: quick little ditty off’v a sunny Sunday.

n-Track 9 Pro Update

DAW app n-Track 9 Pro got a major update with new guitar and bass amp simulation plugins! There is even a VocalTune plugin for pitch correction. All of which seems to be included in the base price of the app, because there are no In-App Purchases listed on iTunes!

What's new in n-Track 9 Pro v1.3:

n-Track Studio 9 is here!

That's what we added in this version:
• Guitar & Bass Amp simulation plugins
• VocalTune - pitch correction and manipulation plugin
• Stereo image analyzer
• New quick presets for audio effects
• MIDI keyboard support for touch position velocity
• Channel phase inversion
• Bypass all bands control in the EQ
• Save and delete custom effect presets
• Single track bounce
• Time format menu (MBT, Seconds, Samples)
• Optimized for iPhone X screen

If you have comments or bug reports please contact us at
If you like the app please remember to leave a review on the App Store. Good reviews will allow us to keep making n-Track better.
Thanks for using n-Track!
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