TheAudioDabbler - WerkBench Overview

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler brings us an excellent overview of the recently updated WerkBench sampler.

Video Description:

Werkbench overview first look

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Whipping Girl - Find + Replace

Reader Isobel Morris joined forces with Matt Sweeney to form Whipping Girl! This duo explores some seriously challenging Pop-Punk territory and Isobella's gender transition, with a litany of iOS apps used on many of the tracks. The album began over 3 years ago before Isobella had come out as Trans. The album's growth and release coincides with her official name change this month!

I've been a serious student of singing for over 10 years, when I decided to move beyond just singing in the shower. This study has not made me a particularly good vocalist, but I am now an excellent judge of vocal qualities. I found it extremely fascinating to listen to the variations in her voice throughout this album. It's shrill at times, and I'd be lying if I said it was good, but it is incredibly brave throughout. I can't even imagine trying to do an album while hormones are playing merry hell on my vocal chords.

BeatMaker 2 Update

Despite the release of BeatMaker 3, INTUA is still updating the classic BeatMaker 2! Today's update brings back Dropbox, along with Bluetooth MIDI. The update also ensures some future-proofing with iOS 11 compatibility and iPhone 8/8+ fixes.

What's new in BeatMaker 2 v2.6.3:

• Dropbox is back!
• Added Bluetooth MIDI support
• Fixed iPhone 8/8+ UI glitches
• Compatibility with iOS11
• Small improvements around the app

Shin Hinata - Suspension Bridge of Autumn Rain

YouTuber Shin Hinata has a Shakuhachi flute, an iPad loaded up with apps, and a green screen for his unique efforts at being a Tourism Ambassador of Sound. For this track he created a "theme song" for the Amagase Suspension Bridge.

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

It is a picture that Makoto Hinaka composed and played. Please use for relaxation time.
Traveling Composer ~ Sound Tourism Ambassador Hinata Sound Sketch

This is a song created when I stayed at the Amagase Suspension Bridge in the upper reaches of Uji River. There is when you climb a little from the Uji River on the side of the "Byodoin" famous for 10 yen coat curing. When I stayed I tried to compose that scene with autumn rain falling day.

What is the tourism ambassador of sound ...? Life work that composes and plays with the beautiful image of the place where traveler Composer · Hinata visited against the background. I create the theme song of the place and introduce it to the world.

[Osamu Hyuga] Official site:
Channel subscription:
Shakuhachi performance list:
Sound tourism ambassador list:
Copyright All Right Reserved 2011-2017 hinata Please comment on this video to use shin music.

[Professional introductory text] Connect Microkorg (61 strings) and nano KONTROL 2 to iPad. Synth applications are iM1 (korg), ODYSSEi, iWAVESTATION, SampleTank Loopy HD. Loopy HD. The application connected with Audiobus. - Raw sound recording and final mastering are done with SONER application of Windows 10.

Fuck Synthrotek

Yesterday boutique music manufacturer Synthrotek decided to go out in a blaze of glory by doubling-down on wildly inappropriate social media posts. Steve Harmon, founder of Synthrotek, posted a baffling picture of Harvey Weinstein on Instagram. The accused sexual harasser, and confirmed creep, was pictured with the caption: "BUY MORE SYNTHS"

The crass non sequitur would probably have gone unnoticed by all. But when Steve was challenged on the merits of this marketing gimmick he decided to double-down on Facebook... and then triple-down. Before eventually melting down on Reddit.

Steve continued to post throughout social media; vacillating between aggressive ad hominem attacks, and defensive assertions that he was being ironic. Even under the most permissive definition of the word, it seems impossible to apply irony to this situation. He went on to claim that his pictures were somehow attacking sexism and the objectification of women, while simultaneously challenging consumerism. Several observers of this behavior, and its asinine justification, opined that we could be witnessing some form of manic mental illness.

As the day wore on his communications became increasingly erratic. Many of his comments on Reddit, and the original offending image on Instagram, were deleted or edited. Some of the remaining comments reference a spiritual being named Jesus, of presumed Mexican heritage, which he claims will forgive him.

Further revelations on Reddit appeared from a former employee. The employee had specific grievances with Steve's spiritual preoccupation in the workplace, and revelations of a criminal side-business selling "pirate merchandise" on eBay. In all of the comments from Steve, he did not seem dispute the charge. (Update: It turns out the pirate merchandise is literally a website for pirate themed clothing of the same name. Thanks to a comment here for pointing that out.)

To get a sense of the man we can look once again to Instagram where he posted a non-apology. No matter how you feel about using images of alleged sexual harassers in lazy memes, an issue that seems surprisingly controversial, I think everyone who watches this will agree that at the very least... this guy is an asshole.

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