New free instrument for Rhythm Studio!

I love Pulse Code! They continue to pump out big updates and entirely new instruments for Rhythm Studio, with no In-App Purchases. Hell, you can buy the whole app for a buck right now because it is also on sale!

Today we get FM-3, a step-sequenced 3 Oscillator Frequency Modulation (FM) Synth.

Nice! It looks like a cross between the OP-1 and a TB-303, but with an FM engine.

My video review is somewhat outdated by all these updates.

Buy Rhythm Studio on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Is iDesignSound really a secret cover for Palm Sounds?

I don't like to report on rumors, but it's a very slow day. I've also recently been brushing up on Libel & Slander laws in Illinois, so I'd like to explore those!

Two of the biggest iOS music sites have been iDesignSound and Palm Sounds, but are they really run by the same person? It was on January 2nd, 2012 that Ashley Elsdon announced Palm Sounds would shut down, but it has returned in a series of posts exploring contemporary mobile music making. On the same exact day "Alex" has stopped updating iDesignSound. Coincidence or cover-up?

What do we really know about the "alleged" men behind these sites? They both claim to be living in the UK, but where were they born? Neither have released their birth certificate, even after all of these years!

Let's look at the facts:
• iDesignSound's last post was the Arctic Keys update on May 25th.
• Palm Sounds celebrates its 6th Birthday with a post also on May 25th.

The only known
picture of Ashley
What is he hiding?

No Photo Available
Artist Rendering

Immediatly following the events of May 25th, iDesignSound stops regular updates, while Palm Sounds has seen a new post everyday!

• May 26th - Hold on, have we just replicated the desktop on mobile devices?
• May 27th - The journey from music consumption, to creation (and beyond)
• May 28th - Platforms, Subscriptions, Models
• May 29th - Mobile Music, Community and Social Media

Trust no one! Not even me! Everyone involved in iOS music making has been touched by these sites. Palm Sounds was the first site to regularly feature my Everyone Can Play Music videos. If something were to happen to "Alex", and iDesignSound was finished, discchord would become the leading iOS Music App site.

I contacted Ashley to get to the bottom of this! He adamantly denies everything, almost as if he had something to hide!

I do know Alex and we both live in the UK, but we're not the same person.
- Ashley via Twitter

I hope it is painfully obvious that this post is a joke. I just wanted to link over to Ashley's new stuff and couldn't think of a good way to frame it. His posting of my videos on his site was how I got started, so finally I can post something of his on mine! I also hope Alex is okay! The Internet would be a poorer place without iDesignSound.

APG Composer for iPhone - also free!

An iPhone version of APG Composer has been released, for free! This FM synth offers 3 voice oscillators and lots of delicious modulation. It looks like they did a great job of fitting all the important stuff on one screen, so you don't have to fiddle around to get at anything.

I'm really excited by this! I've had a lot of fun with the iPad version. FM synthesis is unique in many ways, but it is also convoluted. I think it is better to just relax and explore, rather than try to think through a patch logically. Having a mobile option is great, so wherever you are you can discover new sonic territory!

This isn't as feature rich as most iOS synths, as it is mostly just a tech demo for dlab's Audio Plugin Generator (APG). APG allows developers to write code that runs on many different platforms, so the code for APG Composer can be compiled for iOS or VST; without any changes. A great accomplishment to help rapidly develop new apps. Unfortunately it is very expensive ($1,000), and requires even more expensive ($10,000!) software to really use. Still, the app is free, so if you've wanted to geek out with FM here is your chance.

Here is a track I made with the iPad version. It is a little crazy, but I like aggression in my FM.

Note:This only supports iPhone 4, 4s and iPod Touch 4th Gen!

Buy APG Composer for iPhone on iTunes: Free

BitWiz 2.1: Now useful!

Although I've been intrigued by this generative music app, it has fallen outside of my interests for being too nerdy and not very useful.

Half of that has changed!

This update makes it both easier to make sounds and get those sounds out of the app! A worthy goal of any update. The app is still dauntingly dorky, but now instead of trying to program it in C, you can just use a gesture to create new random generative musical musings. Once you've got something you like, you can now record and AudioCopy your results!

I haven't played with it yet, but the sounds I've heard of this in videos are really nice and meaty. It is lo-fi, but not low-quality. There is a lot of potential here for importing these sounds into Grian Science!"

Here's an exploration of the factory presets from Apps4iDevices. He also gets into playing with the X/Y controller and the code.

Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $2.99

Surreal Que Sera cover on Animoog

YouTuber Argon Vancouver posted a wild cover of Que Sara Sara (Whatever Will Be). The song was originally featured in Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much, but this version sounds like it would fit in Bladerunner! Really haunted and surreal!

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

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