MIDI Timecode

Dyslexia Software, makers of MIDI Test Box, have released the Universal app MIDI Timecode.

This is another MIDI diagnostic tool that shows, in real-time, the MIDI clock used in syncing your setup.

iTunes Description:

MIDI TimeCode realtime display shows the realtime running timecode code from any CoreMIDI compatible devices including:

• Digital Audio Workstations
• Sequencers
• External MIDI TimeCode sources
• Synchronisers

Buy MIDI Timecode on iTunes: Free

Here is a little setup guide from the developer.

Cat Synth (Powered by Impaktor)

Aaron Apter was one of the winners in my recent Impaktor promo-code give away on Twitter. Aaron also has a camera and a cat.

Video description:

My cat Vincent is actually a synthesizer. A fluffy, orange synthesizer. I'm using Impaktor, which captures Vince's acoustic impulses and uses them to excite various sound modules. With the aid of my iPad, Vinny and I kick out some jams.

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

Noisepad Gets Big Update

Man there are a lot of apps out there. I hadn't even heard about this one until I saw the update news for it on Palm Sounds.

I like the minimialist interface of this beat maker. They try to hit you up to buy IAP loops, but I double-checked and you can import your own via iTunes file-sharing.

Update Highlights:

• Organize samples
- Organize samples into Soundbanks, drag 'n drop them onto buttons and swap them around
- Create as many Soundbanks as you like
• Sequencer / Record
- Real-time sequencer: record your beats on the fly
- Record up to 12 patterns, each with own variable length
- Export pattern to WAV file

Buy Noisepad on iTunes: $4.99

Here's a little demo of the new sequencer, from the developer.

djay 75% Off Sale!

The most popular DJ app for iPad is just $5, for a limited time, to celebrate IK Multimedia's DJ Rig for iPad app release!

Buy djay on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

This is the first time in the app's 2 year history that it has ever been this cheap! Here's a short tutorial from Kenny Yong.

Yonac 4th Anniversary Sale!

Yonac's celebrating their 4th Anniversary! All of their apps are just $0.99 until midnight (EST) tonight! They also released a screen of the upcoming Magellan for iPhone. Although the picture is running on an iPhone 5, they note that it will also support the old screen.

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Buy miniDrum PRO on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $6.99)

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