Musaico adds AudioPaste on iPhone

When Musaico went Universal last month, the only feature missing on the iPhone was AudioPaste. This has been been added in today's patch, along with some minor bug fixes. There is also now a Musaico Mini, specifically for the iPhone.

It looks pretty cool. Has anyone played with it yet?

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GyrOSC Hard Drive Mod

Yesterday we saw a couple of apps that make use of iPhone gyroscopes. Today I bring you a similar one that uses OSC (Open Sound Control) over WiFi, from the developer of TC-11.

Wirelessly control your OSC capable audio or video app by moving and tilting your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Wirelessly send:
• Gyroscope {pitch, roll, yaw}
• Accelerometer {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}
• Compass {magnetic heading}
• GPS {latitude, longitude, altitude, course, speed, time}
• Quaternion {w, x, y, z}
• Rotation matrix {m1 ... m16}
• Rotation rate {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}
• Gravity {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}
• Magnetic field {x-axis, y-axis, z-axis}

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All that is nice for motion-based instrument control, but here is an excellent example of it in use! The developer, Bit Shape, has turned an old hard drive into a DJ platter.

Reuse, Recycle, Remix!

NLog Gets a Massive Update

Both NLogSynth Pro and NLog MIDI Synth just received a massive update.

  • True Mono/Legato Mode
  • MIDI Learn
  • Reset Parameter to Default Value
  • Overdub Recording & Looping
  • Sound Bank Import & Export
  • Core MIDI Network Support
  • Full MIDI CC Range 0-127 for external control
  • Export Media Files in Another App
  • New Default Sound
  • Running Phase parameter improved & fixed.
  • Update to new SDK for Akai SynthStation 25

The screenshot here shows the new "Open In..." support for exporting your recordings directly into other apps that are associated with .WAV files. This is in addition to the AudioPaste and General Pasteboard support already in NLog.

I've already posted a lot of great songs using NLog, so here is a video from Tempo Rubato developer Rolf Wöhrmann, showing off all the various MIDI Ins and Outs that are available in NLog. I love to hear developers talk about their babies!

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Buy NLog MIDI Synth on iTunes: $4.99 (iPhone)

SampleTank adds advanced MIDI support

Fans of Cantor and Thumbjam are going to be very pleased with the latest update to IK Multimedia's SampleTank. There are very few apps that support MIDI Continuous Controllers, but today that number has increased by 1! Apps like Cantor send a continuous MIDI pitch message, allowing for fluid pitch bending mid-note, on a per-note basis, rather than just the pitch wheel effecting all notes. Now SampleTank will be able to take advantage of that!

Fans of Genome will also be excited to know that IK has also added MIDI Program Change support, allowing you to switch samples on the fly!

Here's one of my favorite examples of SampleTank in action. YouTuber efectism is playing with Geo Synthesizer; which is also a MIDI Continuous Controller, but this was done before it was added to SampleTank. I've featured efectism here before, really good stuff!

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MIDI Designer 1.3.7 Feature Preview

MIDI Designer's Dan Rosenstark is back with another preview of the features coming to MIDI Design 1.3.7

MIDI Designer 1.3.7 adds several new and interesting features. In the current video I go over:
  1. Slide to Reverse
  2. Snap to Default (on release)
  3. Send on Release Only
  4. Snap to Value

Snap to default and snap to value have two settings -- constant speed or constant time -- and have a variable speed from 25ms to 16 seconds, so you can get a lot more variation than you see in this video.

Last week we saw a tutorial for setting up Snap to Value. They have also set up a Q&A site for support questions.

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