Artiphon Update

Artiphon got a firmware and app update, adding two new ways to play on the expressive and expensive instrument controller.

What's new in Artiphon v1.0.7:

iOS App 1.0.7
With INSTRUMENT 1 Firmware 1.0.40

New Feature: String Bending

With the new String Bend feature, you can now bend notes by applying pressure to the fingerboard.
In Fretted Strum technique, string bending allows you to press on the fingerboard to pitch bend the string.
To turn on the feature, tap the “A” icon to go into Settings where you’ll find an on/off switch. This switch can also be found in the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor for Mac/Windows.

New Feature: Tilt

Rotating the INSTRUMENT 1 can now shape sounds in new expressive ways.
Using the built-in accelerometer, tilt the INSTRUMENT 1 to control the mod wheel in the Artiphon app, GarageBand, or any other MIDI app that supports this input.
In a horizontal position, the mod wheel is at zero. It starts activating at 15 degrees, and is at max value when the instrument is in a vertical position.
To turn on the Tilt feature, go to Settings where you’ll find an on/off switch. This switch is also available in the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor for Mac/Windows.
When using the Artiphon App, Tilt controls a filter sweep effect. In third-party music apps, mod-wheel (MIDI CC 1) can often be mapped to control any effect.

New Feature: No-Note is now a tuning option

You asked and we built it: individual strings can now be turned off.
New tuning presets have been included for instruments with four or five strings like banjo, bass, and violin.
No-Note can also be assigned to grid or pad locations.

Update Mode Light Show

A new LED pattern indicates that the INSTRUMENT 1 is updating. We hope you like it :)

Audio Effects On/Off

On/off switches for delay and reverb are available in the “More” section of preset settings.

Reset App Preferences

In Settings, use the Reset button to bring all global parameters to back to their default settings.

Bug Fixes

Verification Hash Error blocks firmware updates.
The first time a note tuning is edited, the note will de-select.

Known Issues

Lightly tapping the bridge with tap method can double-trigger notes.
Pressing hard near the edge of a fret can cut off the note. This can be obvious when using String Bend.
Changing the sound in the Artiphon app resets the capo setting.

Phantom of the Opera Piano Medley

YouTuber Bryan Kujawa did a medley of songs from Phantom of the Opera, with ForScore.

Video Description:

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

0:00 Overture
0:40 Angel of Music
1:10 Music of the Night
1:50 All I Ask of You
2:36 Think of Me
My Sheet Music
My Audio

Piano - Yamaha P155
Interface - Audiobox 22vsl
Audio Editing: Studio One 2
Video Editing: iMovie
Computer - MacBook Pro
Camera: iPhone 6
Headphones - Audio Technica ATH-M40x
Tablet - iPad Pro (ForScore app)

Livingroom Madness 012 - 135bpm Techno Mix

YouTuber livingroom madness is back with more livingroom DJing on djay Pro.

Video Description:

Phase - Obscura Mix1

Dax J - The Quest

UVB - Honne

Setaoc Mass - SK11

Seatoc Mass - Numb

Kobosil - Die Schwellen

Rebakah - Transient Being

Dhalang MG Update

Both versions of Dhalang Microtonal Groovebox were updated with new EQ and automation functions, available on each instrument track and bus.

What's new in Dhalang MG v2.5:

- Instrument tracks have now individual 3 band EQ units.
- Instrument tracks have "Functions" that automate and beat-synchronise mute/solo changes and volume fades.
- Buses have 3 band EQ units with configurable middle frequency.
- Buses have various effect routing configurations.
- Buffered online render added to iOS version (red switch on main out).
- Audiobus and IAA multiple port output fixed and tested to work 100%. Also port icons with channel part names.
- Sampler segment playing logic fixed.
- Bug fixes in matrix sequencer and state machine logic.
- Stability fixes on app starting and project loading.
- Volume faders made more smoother (can affect previously saved project settings).
- Mixer channel solo and mute states saved to project file.
- Matrix MIDI file importing fixed to survive file anomalies.
- Offline render fixed.

Citizen-X: Tales To Astonish

Reader Citizen-X has released an album produced in NanoStudio and Gadget, with various other apps. The album sounds good, but it is super weird. I think you might want to start with something easy like Weeping Angels before venturing off the deep end into this SciFi EDM.

Tales To Astonish: name your price

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