DreamsOfWires - Korg Odyssey & Mersenne in the Garden

YouTuber DreamsOfWires did an impressive sounding peformance on his Korg ARP Odyssey with Mersenne!

Video Description:

...for no particular reason, other than it was a nice night, so I'd been sitting out there messing around with Mersenne on the iPad: I found something I liked using it's arpeggiator, so I recorded a couple of takes, tweaking the sounds in real-time, and then decided to bring the Odyssey out there too and lay something simple over the top of it. The Odyssey part is meant to be a little in the background, as I didn't want to drown out the sounds from Mersenne, because it produces some really lovely timbres.
Video footage is of a recent trip to Europe. No technical/gear questions please; I'm a perpetual n00b, and as always it's just intended to be music for music's sake, in the off-chance that someone else might enjoy it. It's not instructional or critical.

KQ MiniSynth Update

KQ MiniSynth was updated with 7 new modules and a new synthesis engine! The app is also on sale for $4!

What's new in KQ MiniSynth v1.8:

- Modified the synth engine.
- Added Polyphonic Noise feature.
- Added modules: 8 Step Sequencer (CV/Gate), Loop Gate, CV Mixer, Dry / Wet Mixer, LFO (Tempo Sync), Toggle, Const Value.
- You can disconnect all cables which are connected to a connector when you tap the connector twice.
- Changed a Clipboard behavior.
- Changed a behavior when Audiobus connected.
- Bugfix: Something was wrong when the sample rate is not 44100 Hz.
- Bugfix: Could not record.
- Supports Audiobus 3.
- Ableton Link integration.

Thicket - Quick Play Demo

Doug Woods dusted off classic app Thicket for a quick play. The app was released in 2011, but hasn't been updated since 2015. I'm not sure how long it will continue to be on iTunes if it doesn't get a 64-bit update.

Video Description:

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Mersenne - Melodic Percussion Synthesizer Demo

Developer iceGear Instruments posted this official demo for Mersenne that sounds pretty incredibly epic!

Video Description:


Sound Demo

Music by Aero Finback

HalutioN - 3x VOLCA FM feat. Druweed

HalutioN did a duo with Druweed on 3 Korg Volca FM synths, and it is awesome! I love these sounds!

Video Description:

No VOLCA's were hurt during the filming of this video!

We teamed up again with Druweed to record a crazy 3x KORG VOLCA FM jam. All the sounds in this jam are coming from our 3 Volcas + heavy processing via Line 6 M5 (drive), Octatrack (Compressor, Filter, Reverb, Freeze Delay) and Behringer VD400.

Check out our second jam: https://youtu.be/c239cm7fuMc
..and his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4fl...

Visuals: https://vimeo.com/21229638

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