Marcus Padrini - iPad Synth Jam

Marcus Padrini used a whole bunch of apps on this epic sounding jam!

Video Description:

Recorded live playing with Modstep sequencer and the apps PPG Infinite (synth), Viking Synth (synth bass), Ravenscroft275 (piano), Zeeon (synth pad) & Arturia iSpark (drums).

Track mixed with Cubasis and video edited on Luma Fusion, both for iPad.

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (iWAVESTATION w/ Yamaha WX5)

YouTuber mkirino01 shows off the Yamaha WX5 MIDI wind controller with iWAVESTATION on an iPhone.

Video Description:

Song: Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
Equipment: YAMAHA WX5, iPhone 5s, and iRig MIDI

Backing Track:

・・・iPhone 5sだとLatencyに少しストレスを感じるかも。iPad Airだともう少し良好。

LumaFusion Updated with AUv3

LumaFusion was updated with AudioUnit support! Thank you very much to reader Psysword for this great news! It is awesome to see a video editor embracing AUv3. Now we can use the effects apps we already love, inside a video editor we increasingly love!

What's new in LumaFusion v1.4:

LumaFusion 1.4 is an incredible update with dozens of powerful new features and improvements

New Audio Pipeline with New Audio Tool Features:
• Stereo configuration for clips (fill from left, fill from right) for dual microphone recordings
• Audio Ducking: set master and auto ducking flags for clips, and adjust ducking parameters in project settings
• Panning: Pan stereo audio clips between left and right channels, and keyframe panning
• Keyframe audio volume and panning during playback
• Improved waveforms on timeline clips
• Audio Effects, including 3rd party Audio Units are now supported in LumaFusion
• Improved audio meters with dbFS range
• Audio mixer now switches between hidden, all tracks, and master volume only modes
• Solo/Mute buttons in the LumaFX audio tool

LUT Support for advanced color correction:
• LumaFusion includes a number of useful and interesting LUTs including a deLog and deFlat LUT for footage captured in FiLMiC Pro (provided by FiLMiC)
• Import your own .cube and .3dl LUTs up to 64 points

New Color Controls:
• Levels control for 5 point level control of black, dark-mids, mids, light-mids, and white levels
• Vibrance for increasing saturation with less effect on skin tones
• Highlight and Shadow along with Radius slider

And Much More:
• iCloud Drive support for import and export
• Support for split-screen multitasking
• Solo/Hide buttons for video in the LumaFX Editor
• Press-and-hold on slider to start single-stepping values for more accuracy
• When deleting a clip, current now time jumps to cut where clip was deleted
• Audio mix button shows red if any tracks are muted and yellow if any tracks are adjusted
• Press-and-hold on frame-step and jump buttons in LumaFX editor
Dragging transitions has been improved (transitions are centered on finger and have a minimum width)
• Added two lower bit-rate export settings for smaller files and quicker upload to Youtube and Facebook
• Unlink and link clips from a clip on the main track using the link/unlink tool
• Clip Style in settings to hide icons or waveforms on timeline clips
• Many more improvements and fixes (check out our forums for a complete list of changes)
• Added Dutch localization

In upcoming releases we’ll continue adding new features, and will continue to enhance every aspect of LumaFusion. We look forward to your feedback. Join our forums at (registration code 4fusion90) or contact us directly at

BeatMaker 3 Update

Today INTUA released the 3rd update to BeatMaker 3. In addition to a litany of fixes, and general usability improvements, the update also brings a "Fade In" option on sample slices to help avoid any annoying transient pops. If you find your samples making crunchy pop noises when they start, use this.

What's new in BeatMaker 3 v3.0.3:

• Added a keyboard shortcut in the global navigation bar for quick access of the currently selected instrument, from any screen.
• Double keyboard mode is now available in the full-screen keyboard screen.
• It is now possible to adjust the master tuning of a session (Settings > GENERAL).
• Max undo/redo history is now 64.
• Visual improvements on the sample editor markers, selection and tools.
• Visual improvements on the audio export panel.
• Improved the GENERAL settings, cleaner CPU/RAM meters and options.
• Preview volume setting now applies to the sample editor and audio recorder previews.
• Added copy & paste in pattern editor.
• Added two new slice snapping (left/right) tools in the full-screen sample editor. The default behavior can also be set in the settings screen.
• 6-band EQ graph now shows frequencies up to 20kHz.
• It is now possible to draw the note length by long-pressing a new note on the pattern editor.
• When a track is muted (or excluded from the solo group), no MIDI data will be sent on output.
• It is now possible to set the current chord/scale from the full-screen keyboard.
• It is now possible to scroll piano roll vertically using left keyboard
• Peak meters cosmetic improvements.
• It is now possible to set SCENE trigger quantize value In the perform screen in SCENE mode.
• Chords/Scales screens are now available along with the velocity, roll and wheels zone.
• Added “Fade In” parameter in sampler SLICE mode. Note that this is a shortcut to the amplitude envelope Attack parameter.
• Full-screen step modulator improvements: display the value tooltip and the small keyboard.
• Fixed multiple crashes that would occur while editing and managing samples and layers in the editor.
• Fixed various sample start/end and loop start/end related issues.
• Fixed a crash that would happen while exporting, with samples in disk streaming mode.
• Fixed reading of samples that have more than 2 channels.
• Fixed a visual glitch in the library browser category filters and results, that would bogusly get stuck, showing no items.
• Fixed a visual glitch in the audio export panel that would make it impossible to export multiple tracks in WAV format.
• Fixed an issue where loading a preset on an existing bank would change the current bank and bank group.
• Fixed an issue with the MIDI OMNI settings button.
• Fixed an issue where AIFF samples were not tagged properly.
• Fixed an issue with MIDI device listing in the settings screen.
• Fixed auto-scale crash on audio clips on the sequencer.
• Fixed trigger of audio pattern in SCENE mode.
• Fixed MIDI transposition selection.
• Fixed pads / solo bug where bank would stay in solo after disabling solo on last pad.
• Fixed file size labels for < 1kB files, which would bogusly display “0 byte”.
• Fixed a crash that could happen while displaying a delete modulator.
• Fixed support of Bluetooth speakers (through A2DP / iOS10+ only).
• Fixed effects preset listing glitch.
• Fixed an issue where the sample selection would not reset upon sample, pad, bank or session change.
• Fixed a crash that would happen while changing the default audio preview volume after creating a new session.
• Fixed peak meter highest value indicators that wouldn't decay down completely.
• Fixed an crash that could happen while loading a session from the welcome screen while an iOS pop-up appeared.
• Fixed missing elapsed time label on the audio recorder.
• Fixed an issue with layers folders in the editor SAMPLES tab.
• Minor visual improvements around the app.

Electronisounds: Recording Refraktions into BeatMaker 3

Electronisounds brings us a quick tutorial on recording the audio from Refraktions into BeatMaker 3. Dean also did a demo jam with descriptive captions.

Video Description:

▼CONNECT with me / SUPPORT creativity and good content▼

"Beatmaker 3 - QUICK TIP - Recording Refraktions With Audiobus 3"

FEATURING: PROBLEM SOLVING - Routing to Beatmaker 3 with Audiobus 3

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