Trip'N - Forgotten Galerie

YouTuber Trip'N recreated a couple of songs from the Rabi-Ribi soundtrack inside of Gadget.

Video Description:

Love Rabi-Ribi and, Love the sound track.

Forgotten Cave II and Speicher Galerie are two tracks I really enjoy from this awesome game, which makes sense that I would like both if I liked one, they're practically the same song.
They're in different musical keys though and have their own nuances and style of course, but notation wise are related.

So this mix is baaasically Forgotten Cave II, played in the same key as Speicher Galerie, and some of the general soft pleasantness of a piano. Nothing special, just a variation.
Oh, and It helped me learn how to use korg gadget a bit, as this is the first song I made in gadget =3

Intro pic was something I drew in ibis paint on my ipad.
The peeking from behind the ipad is supposed to be reminiscent of Erina peeking out from the box at the start of the game.

Gameplay footage are clips I recorded from me struggling my way through Forgotten Cave II on Hell+alternative. So fun ~♪

Roli Seaboard and Lightpad Blocks

YouTuber Matt Glass has a tasty looking latte as well as the Roli Seaboard and Lightpad blocks for this jam.

Video Description:

Here's a little somber song I made with some Roli Blocks and the Noize app.

Harmonizr by Matthew Robbins

Matthew Robbins released Harmonizr, a new AUv3 harmonizer effect with a lot of nice voicing options. In addition to AUv3, Harmonizr arrives with MIDI input so you can manually specify the harmony from a keyboard.

Harmonizr iTunes Description:

Harmonizr is a vocal harmonizer offering a unique and fun user interface. You can sing a melody, setting the appropriate key centers, and Harmonizr will do the rest, giving 3 voices of automatic harmony. A preset mechanism allows you to change the harmonization, and an editor allows you to customize how you want to harmonize each type of key center (major, minor, and dominant). Harmonizr also supports MIDI input, both to detect key center, and to provide a mechanism for keyboard players to manually specify harmony. There is a 10-voice limit in manual harmonization, and it can be used in conjunction with the automatic voices to create a richer sound, with a total of 14 voices.

There is an official tutorial, and embedded here is a demo by Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom!

Koichiro Toki - FM Synth Ambient Jam

YouTuber Koichiro Toki did an FM-based ambient jam with a nice spread of gear and Mersenne!

Video Description:

Equipment :
- KORG Volca FM
- iceGear Instruments Mersenne (iPad App)
- Line6 M5 Stompbox Modeler
- BOSS RV-500
- TC Electronic Nova Delay
- Ableton Live + Novation Launch Control XL (MIDI Sequencer & Mixer)

Bandcamp :
Twitter :

Beatball Metronome by Dmitry Klochkov

ChordFlow developer Dmitry Klochkov released Beatball Metronome. In addition to offering Ableton Link support, it has a really cute animation of a bouncing ball. Perhaps even more important than a bouncing ball, the app also offers different sounds besides the traditionally aggravating click-click-click-click-click-click-click.

Beatball Metronome iTunes Description:

A metronome with perfect timing, minimalist design and Ableton Link support.

Highly accurate clock engine generates perfectly timed metronome clicks.

Jumping ball animation provides very natural and perceptible visualization of beat phase movement. Feel the beats clearly even with the volume turned all the way down.

Play in sync with other apps or devices using Ableton Link.

- 20 to 300 bpm tempo range
- 1 to 16 beats in a bar
- 5 sound presets
- Tap tempo detection
- Italian tempo names
- Ableton Link support (a technology that synchronises beat, phase and tempo on multiple apps or devices.)
- Highly optimized code: small app size, low memory and CPU footprint.
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