Precision Spectrum Analyzer by Craig Tuffnell

Craig Tuffnell released Precision Spectrum Analyzer, as a professional frequency analysis tool with power spectrum frequency discrimination. I thought I knew about spectrum analysis, but I have no idea what the fuck "power spectrum frequency discrimination" even means. It sure sounds important!

Precision Spectrum Analyzer iTunes Description:

Precision Spectrum Analyzer is a fast and accurate tool for frequency domain analysis of audio signals. It is clutter free and is suitable for professional and amateur audio-visual and hi-fi enthusiasts. Features line or bar graphs and touch zooming. Most importantly, this tool gives a high degree of power spectrum frequency discrimination.

SoundOfIzrael - Ashamnu

YouTuber Sam Izrael is celebrating Yom Kippur with this remix of the confession prayer that sounds like it was recited in a cave that opens out to a swamp.

Video Description:

Confession prayer

KORG Gadget Update

KORG Gadget was updated with the ability to transfer songs from the Nintendo Switch to the iOS version!

What's new in KORG Gadget v3.6.2:

• Added ability to receive song data from KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch with a QR code.
• Files App support.
• Stability improvements and bug fixes.

• Slice lock mode : long press the “slice trigger” button on the performance page to prevent the slice assign popover from opening while using the pads. The button will begin blinking to indicate that this mode is active. Long press again to exit this mode.
• Loop latch mode : long press the “loop trigger” button on the performance page to make Stockholm continue to play loops after the note trigger has ended. Long press again to exit this mode.
• File load speedup.

AX-Edge Editor by Roland Corporation

Roland has released a new keytar called the AX-Edge. This $1,000 keytar arrives with AX-Edge Editor for iOS!

Historically no one has been able to make a keytar look cool, and I'm not sure if Roland will succeed in changing that with this. It looks Retro Futuristic; like something designed in 1985 for 2015, released in 2018 at the tail end of 80's nostalgia.

AX-Edge Editor iTunes Description:

Customize the AX-Edge to your taste

AX-Edge Editor is a free app that lets you take full advantage of your AX-Edge by customizing it to your taste.
AX-Edge Editor provides editing functionality that lets you create original sounds and librarian functionality that lets you organize lists of sounds as needed for different performance situations. It also provides numerous other useful functions, such as system effect editing that lets you customize the output sound appropriately for each live performance venue, and the ability to download additional sound lists and sound data from Axial in a single operation. The AX-Edge features a distinctive external appearance, and now you can also customize its sound to give it even more of your own personality.

Main features:
- Program editing and tone editing let you create your own original sounds (programs and tones).
- System effect editing lets you adjust effects such as EQ and reverb as appropriate for your live performance venue.
- Librarian lets you create, save, and recall program lists and tone lists as needed for different performance situations.
- You can download additional sound lists and sound data in a single operation from Axial (*) and load them into your AX-Edge.
- The app connects to your AX-Edge wirelessly via Bluetooth.

* Axial is a sound library site that lets you download additional sounds for Roland synthesizers.

There are a lot of demos for the Axe-Edge on YouTube, but Sergio Selim has the most holes in his pants.
If anyone can make this thing cool, it is this guy!

stemshade - soft acid techno jam

YouTuber stemshade used a bunch of apps on this "soft acid" jam, controlled via a nanoKONTROL Studio.

Video Description:

everything triggered by bram bos rozeta, realized i didn’t have the re-1 fx track engaged, so disregard that applied some other delay when mixing down to compensate. nanokontrol studio conreolling stuff on every track.

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