KORG Gadget Jam with ROLI BLOCKS & micro:bit

YouTuber BEATNVISION is up to more interesting micro:bit experiments! Here he's using it, along with a Roli BLOCKS, to control Gadget!

Video Description:

Using ROLI BLOCKS as a mixing control surface
Track 1-4: Faders
Track 5-8: Mute Button

Track 1 & 2 controlled by BBC micro:bit with the FRISK case MIDI controller

iPod touch and KORG Gadget

André Neumann - Octatrack Ambient Guitar & Piano

YouTuber André Neumann did some interesting ambient noodling on his Octatrack with an iPad!

Video Description:

Today I worked on something like a song and it turned out pretty ok, so I decided to try a little performance on the octatrack and show you how I built this card house. Feat. slicing, distorting vocals, midi tracks, master fx and pattern structure.

Download the song here: https://soundcloud.com/n13-media/your...

Connected to in AB
iPad running Audiobus3, tonestack and vocalive
with iconnect audio 4+, vocals, guitar, nordstage

Connected to in CD
Op1, Sub37 into A4 into Rytm into Analog Heat

Smart Pianist by Yamaha

Yamaha released Smart Pianist this weekend as a companion app for their CSP series digital pianos. A key feature in the app is the ability to generate a score from an audio source. Just point the app at your favorite music and it will give you automatic sheet music! I'm not sure how well that actually works out in practice, but it sounds promising!

Since this is a Yamaha app they have unnecessarily split the app into US and non-US versions.

Smart Pianist [US] iTunes Description:

Smart Pianist lets you access features of the revolutionary Clavinova Smart Pianist (CSP) series digital pianos, like the CSP-150 and CSP-170. This special app provides a variety of music-related features for you to use your compatible iOS device with the Clavinova CSP.

■ Features
1. Learn to play your favorite songs right away with the exclusive Audio to Score function. When connected to the Clavinova CSP, the Audio to Score function automatically creates a piano accompaniment score from songs in your music library.
2. Enjoy backing band accompaniment and singing with your own performance. Control the accompaniment feature of the Clavinova CSP, including a large number of Style patterns in various musical genres. These allow you to choose the best virtual backing band for your songs.
3. Hear concert grand piano sound at your fingertips. This Clavinova CSP features high-definition instrument Voices, including the Yamaha flagship CFX concert grand piano and the legendary Bösendorfer* Imperial concert grand piano.
*Bösendorfer is a subsidiary company of Yamaha.

Kraft Music did a demo of the piano with the app! I love the "Stream Lights" feature as an educational tool. Unfortunately the $3,500 CSP-150 may be too steep for some educators.

TheAudioDabbler: Beatmaker 3 - Audio Track Exploration

Mitch from TheAudioDabbler gives us an overview of the BeatMaker 3's audio tracks, and how they differ functionally from other tracks.

Video Description:

In this episode I go over the audio tracks inside of Beatmaker 3. They are very similar and have a lot of the same features as banks but with a few differences.

Patreon Link(if your into that sort of thing)


Frozen Lonesome - Rented By Design

Reader Frozen Lonesome has released a new iOS produced album. This is gritty stuff, but with some fun textures that keep you engaged. It's crunchy... like peanut brittle for the ears!

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