Groove Logic TV: Traktor DJ for iPad with Traktor Kontrol Z1

Groove Logic TV explores Native Instruments' neglected Traktor DJ. He pairs this with the Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer interface for physical control and audio output.

Video Description:

Review and overview of Traktor DJ for iPad. Paired with the Traktor Kontrol Z1 mixer and interface, this can be a powerful mobile and portable DJ setup and solution.

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Hans Werner - Digitone Ambient feat. iOS Apps

YouTuber Hans Werner is loving his Elektron Digitone. Here he uses it to sequence Animoog, Neo-Soul Keys, Quanta, and SpaceCraft for some ambient noodling.

Video Description:

I love my Digitone. And beside being a wonderful FM synth its also pretty nice to sequence 4 more MIDI Tracks with it. In this case Animoog, Neosoulkey Studio and Quanta.

Beside that the incredible Spacecraft app is used here.

2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer Update

Rob Wilmot's 2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer was updated with a new live performance feature; allowing you to switch between saved sequences while playing.

What's new in 2XB303 Acid Bass Sequencer v1.4:

New Live Control feature:
In [Sequence/Control/Pattern], instantly switch to a saved sequence while playing. Keys correspond to stored program numbers, starting from the current program thats loaded (key 1 is your current program, key 2 is current program+1). Highlighted keys show stored programs. This is great for building up live tracks, or instant crossfading between programs. You can also "Hold settings" so it locks settings like effects.

Added the ability to save while recording & choose destination to save to.
To save you press "Save all", it then flashes. Now choose destination ("!" means its occupied ) then press "Save All" to confirm.

Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind (iPad Cover)

Kunitaka Watanabe, aka Kuni Dylan, performs an amusing cover of Blowin' in the Wind on GarageBand.

Video Description:

”Blowin' in the Wind/Bob Dylan” Playing the iPad and Singing.
Performed by Kunitaka Watanabe at Encore Musique Atelier(Kobe City Japan).

Cubasis Tutorial: Inserts and Sends

FutureSonic, makers of Reverser Delay, FreezeVerb, and Refraktor, did a tutorial on the differences between Insert and Send effects. They're using Cubasis as the example, but this is relevant across all DAWs.

Video Description:

We take a look at how to use insert and send effects in Cubasis and what the difference between the two is.

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