SpaceWiz Official Videos

After yesterday's rampant speculation about what SpaceWiz actually does, we now have a great intro from Jordan along with 5 tutorial videos.

The intro video alone does a great job of explaining what is going on here. My guess was correct! The on-screen planets and particles are all doing their own randomish ambient thing, and you can play over that with an independent synth.

Buy SpaceWiz on iTunes: $9.99

It looks like a cross between chessy fun and beautiful ambiance!

Korg 50% off sale now through August 20th!

Here is an excellent opportunity for those of you that wait for sales! All of Korg's apps are now 50% off!

Grab what you can, before August 20th.

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Genome 1.1.1 adds MIDI Learn for everything!

Genome has it's 10th update since release, and it just keeps getting better and better!

New in this version:

  • MIDI Learn. You can bind a MIDI note or CC to trigger any pattern or song step. 
  • Added Song navigation buttons (MIDI bindable) Rewind, previous, next and end
  • Revamped pattern info dialog to add tabs and make more readable 
  • New Pattern Option: Launch Quantization for controlling when patterns can begin playing. Options are: 1 / 2 / 4 bars or 1/4th, 1/8th, 1/16th notes. 
  • New Pattern Option: One-shot flag. Pattern plays once then turns itself off. 
  • Genome can open .SNG files from email or another app now.

Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99

With all of these MIDI assignments you could be launching patterns in Genome while it is in the background, via an external controller like the Launchpad or APC20/40, or even over networked WiFi MIDI from another iDevice.

I'm also pretty excited by the idea of having different styles and quantizations for clips. It'll be nice to fire-and-forget on some one shot patterns.

SpaceWiz released!

Jordan Rudess, Kevin Chartier (Wizdom Music) and Tobias Miller have teamed up to form a developer Super Group.

The product of this culminated genius is SpaceWiz.

iTunes Description:

SpaceWiz allows you to interact with and control your environment at the highest level of complexity. With the manipulation of your own fingers on the playing surface, together with the technological wonders of the Chaos and Satellite generators, you fabricate particles, which then collide into planets. You can even add the onboard real time synthesizer with its independent set of sounds and parameters to create your sonic masterpiece.

Regardless of your desires, this app will reward you with a mind-blowing creation. Sit back, and allow SpaceWiz to guide you on a uniquely woven audio-visual journey. Enjoy the ultimate sonic/visual wallpaper, or get busy and start throwing your own particles around the universe. Try rolling the dice for total randomization and see what happens! For creators who want to play a larger role in their SpaceWiz experience, you also have the opportunity to build your audio/visual world from the void!

What the fuck does any of that mean? The iTunes description goes on about how famous sound designer Richard Devine likes it. Richard is one of my personal heroes, so it must be great at whatever it is doing. If only we knew what that was!

Further on in the description it mentions a synthesis engine that seems to be independent of the whole planets and particles thing. At first I thought this was similar to Sonic Charge's Synplant, a synth whose timbres are developed in a visual way. I don't think that is quite what is going on here. It sounds like the planets and particles are driving some ambient sound engine, and you play music on top of that with the synth engine.

The demo we saw on Tuesday seems to support my hypothesis.

Deeper in the description there is mention of it supporting CoreMIDI for external sound sources, as well as Virtual MIDI. It is definitely Wizdom music's Pro Grade style of functionality and funky.

Let everyone know in the comments if you've thrown $10 at them to find out what it does!

Buy SpaceWiz on iTunes: $9.99

Update: Super-sleuth reader Duke uncovered the best description available for the app. This was hidden on YouTube and available only from the NoiseCreep site. Here Jordan explains the app and shows it off.

CASSINI Synth for iPad Wallpaper for iPad

There are a few apps I should probably be reviewing, but I am feeling worn out after cramming in that Cassini review yesterday.

I procrastinate in Photoshop, so instead of being productive I have made an iPad-sized wallpaper for Cassini. This is based on a quote and image from the review. I've gotten a few comments on the image, both here and on YouTube, so I thought some of you might like it.

Click on the embedded image for the full-resolution version. The little buttons on the bottom actually look really good on the iPad, under the tray. Enjoy!

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