ReBirth Vs. DSI Tempest

Now that ReBirth has MIDI Sync, YouTuber inforlk hooked it up to his Dave Smith Instruments Tempest and started jamming!

Buy ReBirth for iPad on iTunes: $14.99

BitWiz, Sunrizer XS and PPG Wavegenerator get Audiobus!

As more and more apps start to get on board with Audiobus, I'll be collecting them all into a single post for the day. I don't want to have 10 posts in a day where the only major change is Audiobus support!

This has been a particularly exciting day though. BitWiz, Sunrizer XS, and Wavegenerator all got their updates!

Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $2.99

Buy Sunrizer XS (iPhone) on iTunes: $2.99

Buy PPG WaveGenerator on iTunes: $19.99

iPad mini DJ Rig

YouTuber SuperEvenSteven has DIYed up a very nice ultra-portable DJ Rig with an iPad mini and relatively inexpensive gear.

Video Description:

In this video I'll show you how you can DJ using the following:

  • iPad
  • USB Hub (Non-powered)
  • Lightning to USB Camera Kit adapter (Apple Retail Store)
  • USB Sound Card (Behringer UCA202)
  • USB DJ Midi Controller (mustn't require drivers!!!)
  • Speakers + Headphones

I use the sound card for my master output and pre-listen and cue my songs using the headphone jack on the iPad. The software is controlled by both the USB Midi controller and the touch screen.

What was most surprising was that the iPad was able to power both USB devices including the hub and that they both worked flawlessly.

Buy DJ Player on iTunes: Free ($18.99 IAP to Unlock)


In October we saw a couple of new attempts to bring us lower-latency-less-hassle MIDI on iOS, using Bluetooth instead of WiFi.

Developer Mikkel Gravgaard is the first to bring us something we can actually play with. That is, if you're on a Mac.

His first plan was to make a library, or SDK, for other apps to integrate his technology, but he wanted a proof of concept that can be used with all existing Virtual MIDI apps. The library is still in the works, but for now we've got BlueMidi!

iTunes Description:

Send MIDI over Bluetooth from your iOS device to your Mac! Works with all apps that support Virtual Midi, such as TouchOSC, Midi Pads, etc.

Download the free host app at

NOTE - the app requires Bluetooth LE and is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch 5th gen.
  • iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini

The helper app also requires a Mac running Bluetooth LE, meaning Macs released after June, 2012.

Buy BlueMidi on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)

Ranch Woodpecker Yellow

No, I haven't completely lost my mind. Ranch Woodpecker Yellow is Google's translation for this Brazilian gem by Rafael Rosas.

It doesn't matter that it is in Portuguese, you'll probably start singing along to this catchy song found by!

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