Wolfgang Palm explores the PPG Wavegenerator!

Just days before release, Wolfgang has released a video exploring his new baby! This is excellent, getting right into the details.

I love hearing developers talk about their creations!

MATRIXSYNTH found a new video from Jay de Miceli (NutekK Labs) showing off some of the factory sounds he's produced for PPG.

Video Details:

When Wolfgang Palm called on me to be a part of his newest project I cleared my calendar without hesitation. Soon he introduced me to his vision, the next generation synth -The PPG WaveGenerator.

This next generation PPG has the original PPG wave models but it also allows you, to create your own wavetables. Using my own wavetable, 'supertable' I created the program 'Invader ZIMmer'. There are no effects and no sequencer used here, this is a rich textured cinematic arpeggiated program - right out of the factory bank. And it was recorded straight from the ipad headphone jack.

Beatmaking with iMaschine and Ableton Live

Danny Lewis from Point Blank Online has posted a tutorial on beatmaking with iMaschine and importing the results into Ableton Live.

Video details:

In the next 3 episodes in our 'Making Music with Apps' series Danny J Lewis shows you how you can put together professional sounding tracks on the move. In this tutorial he starts off with the beatmaking using Native Instrument's iMaschine.

This approach is all about making the most of the unique qualities of each app and recording the results into Ableton as audio clips. The advantage is that you are committing the sound that you have made to audio so there is no temptation to endlessly fiddle with the synth parameters or the intricacies of the midi patterns and you can get on with the task of arranging the parts to make that banging tune that your 8 bar loop had promised!

Buy iMaschine on iTunes: $4.99 (iPhone)

WerkBench updated with "So much new stuff!"

Bolasol's latest Werkbench update is here! Among the new stuff added, is the ability to edit parameters on each individual step.

What's new:

::So much new stuff!::
  • Improved "Getting started guide" in app.
  • Longer sampling time!
  • Stereo effects!
  • Edit level, pitch, high-pass filters, decay, and pan individually for every step!
  • Save full sets of patterns along with tempo, swing, delay, and mixer settings.
  • Now you can delete patterns too.

Buy WerkBench on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale)

All that and it is still on sale! It will probably be jumping up to its full price of $6.99 shortly.

Here is a demo video from reader Jeff McLeod, tweaking around with pitches before completely loosing his fucking mind!

Video details:

Improvisation with bongos, tamborine & dobro on Bolasol's WerkBench for the iPad.

iVoxel update and 50% off sale!

The Universal vocoder iVoxel, from VirSyn makers of Addictive Synth, has been updated. It is also on sale for $5!

What's new:

  • iPhone scale dialog now working.
  • Crash on long Voxel names removed.

Buy iVoxel on iTunes: $6.99

I haven't played with this one, have any of you? I found this demo from Virsyn.

It definitely has VirSyn's style, looking similar to Addictive and iSyn Poly.

The Piano Guy 1-on-1 Series

Some of you may know The Piano Guy from PBS, he's kind of like the Bob Ross for musicians. I really respect him and he is now available in App form!

He's got 4 apps out today that teach you how to play some classics on the Piano, based on the DVD series of the same name. Beyond just learning the notes, he offers lots of tips and advice for mastering the piano.

So far you can get his 1-on-1 instructions for Jinglebells, I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Imagine, and 100 Years.

Here is the sneak peek at 100 Years, by Five for Fighting.

Buy Piano Guy: 100 Years on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Piano Guy: Imagine on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Piano Guy: San Francisco on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Piano Guy: Jingle Bells on iTunes: $9.99

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