Audiobus SDK Public Release

Following yesterday's release of the Amazing Audio Engine, the Audiobus SDK is now publicly available to all devs! Find it and a developer community forum over at the official Audiobus Developers Center.

It is pretty incredible to think about how many apps, over 100 at this time, support Audiobus while it has been essentially in a closed developer beta. Already Audiobus has been widely acknowledged for what it has brought to the iOS music world, including lots of accolades!

  • Best DJ App - Best App Ever Awards 2012
  • Best Musicians App - Best App Ever Awards 2012
  • Best use of Hardware - Best App Ever Awards 2012
  • One of the Top 10 Best Paid iPad Apps Of 2012 -
  • Best Music App of 2012 -
  • Best Music App for iPad 2012 -

Amazing Audio Engine

A Tasty Pixel & Audiobus developer Michael Tyson has announced the public release of the Amazing Audio Engine!

This is big news for developers, and great news for users! The Amazing Audio Engine is designed to make all the deep bits in music app development easier to implement, and includes features users want; such as Audiobus!

iOS Core Audio is pretty amazing, but can be tricky to work with. This is why we see such long development cycles on some apps, including lengthy waits for bug fixes. The vast majority of developers are doing apps in their spare time. AAE will save them time, and headaches by handling the heavy lifting.

"Built upon the efficient and low-latency Core Audio Remote IO system, and written by one of the pioneers of iOS audio development and developer of Audiobus, Michael Tyson, The Amazing Audio Engine lets you get to work on making your app great instead of reinventing the wheel."

Best of all the Amazing Audio Engine is free and open! Anyone and everyone can immediately use it or hack it!

iPulsaret 1.2 Official Demo

YouTuber Sinapsya has put together the official demo for apeSoft's iPulsaret 1.2 update, which added both Audiobus and MIDI.

The demo is excellent at showing off both of these features. GlitchBreaks is using iPulsaret as an Audiobus Effect, and a Lemur on a second iPad is controlling iPulsaret while it is in the background. The tune is pretty fun and interesting too!

Buy iPulsaret on iTunes: $8.99

Unity Synthesizer Updated with VirtualMIDI

Unity Synthesizer development continues at a fast pace. Earlier this month it got SoundFont2 and Background Audio support, and today VirtualMIDI Input was added!

What's new in 1.2.1:

  • MIDI input destination support (aka 'virtual MIDI' access from other iOS MIDI applications)
  • support for incomplete multisamples that don't use entire velocity range (e.g. 'P5 Bassik')
  • fixes for table editing
  • fixes for Settings>Support>Contact

Buy Unity Synthesizer on iTunes: $4.99 (Additional $49.99 IAP to Unlock)


Reader Ingacio Gracian sent in his latest live loop jam, using Lemur and Ableton Live to make some pretty moody music.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

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