Chordion Adds MIDI Support!

Chordion, an interesting instrument interface for iPad, now supports MIDI. This includes Virtual MIDI!

What's new:

  • new MIDI mode!
  • optimizations
  • minor bug fixes
  • fixed issue with diminished chords
  • fixed color of mixer icon on startup
  • improved note management with chord buttons
  • fixed issue with file names

Buy Chordion on iTunes: $3.99

Developer, Olympia Noise, uploaded a tutorial video to demonstrate Virtual MIDI connections.

Grain Science Updated for iPhone 5, Custom Reverb

Wooji Juice has released a new update for Grain Science, the innovative granular synthesizer.

What's new:

  • Updated for iOS 6
  • Updated to take advantage of larger iPhone 5/iPod touch (5th generation) screen
  • New: Custom reverb mode: direct control over reverb unit parameters
  • New: Custom piano key sizes
  • New: MIDI damper pedal (sustain) support
  • Fix: Crash that could occur when using the Performance Panel to reselect the current instrument
  • Fix: Minor graphical & UI issues

Buy Grain Science on iTunes: $9.99

Note that although this has been "Updated for iOS 6" it will still install on 5.1! Here is my increasingly outdated review.

BitCode from Sunsine Audio

I have never been more excited for a preset pack! BitWiz (mini-review) can make some amazing tones, but I've never been able to meaningfully get my head around the Bitwise operation that drives it.

Sunsine Audio has us covered with 154 new "codes" to play with!

BitCode from Sunsine Audio consists of 154 presets or "codes" for BitWiz Audio Synth from Kymatica. Each code began randomly, and were then altered to make them more appealing; adding and subtracting variables, changing constants, etc. Support was added for the XY pad on almost every single code, resulting in potential changes ranging from subtle to drastic. *Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.*

  • 154 BitWiz codes (.bitwiz files)
  • XY Pad Support
  • Easy Installation Instructions

Buy BitCode at Sunsine Audio: $2.49

Sunsine Audio's Fletcher Kaufman even did a video, showing how the X/Y pads can bring out a performance from the madness.
Warning: Lots of madness, BitWiz makes mean sounds.

Square Loop

Square Loop is a new Universal app for playing with looped recordings in a fun little package.

iTunes Description:

Explore the world of loops by the very basic. Use your mouth, your hands, feet, shoes or everything else you've got around to record small sounds and arrange them with Square Loop.

Be amazed what this little app will create out of it.

Save your greatest loops and play with them again and again.

The simplest blebs, blops, zings, zacks and heys will form to a unique loop.

Attention: If you don't get how the app works immediately you find an explanation by hitting the "?" on the bottom right.

Buy Square Loop on iTunes: $0.99

As iTunes descriptions go, that isn't particularly inspiring, but the developer makes up for it with one of the best promo videos I've ever seen for a $1 app! This is from the same guy who makes Square Beats.

iPad mini Keyboard Test

Jetdaisuke got ahold of the iPad mini and immediately tested one of the biggest concerns for musicians: How well does it play with the smaller screen? He's got a little song playing in Garageband, while he jams on top of it with the Garageband keyboard.

Video Description (heavily paraphrased because Google Translate butchered it):

This is a test of the GarageBand keyboard on the iPad mini. I wanted to know how easy it is to hit the right key. It's not bad. [The next bit is completely unintelligible about making mistakes because of the feeling. It is unclear if this is because you are not able to touch the keys, or possibly because he is used to playing on the original iPad.]

Although the iPad mini's size is reduced it is still much larger than an iPhone. It is, by far, easier to play with the iPad mini than an iPhone.

Buy Garageband on iTunes: $4.99

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