TC-11 Tutorial: Sequencing Notes and Scales

TC-11 developer Bit Shape has put out a much needed tutorial on playing notes with the innovative Multi-Touch Synth. This is the tutorial many people have been waiting for! I get a lot of questions from folks who watched my review wondering, "So... how do I control all this?!" Wonder no more!

Buy TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer on iTunes: $29.99

Jordan Rudess' Tacky demo of Tachyon

Jordan is in his element today, with a tounge-in-cheek look at his latest Wizdom Music app.

Tachyon is designed to let you graphically morph between two sounds. The iPad surface is used as a multitouch XY interface, where the x-axis controls pitch and the y-axis controls the blend of two different sounds.

Despite the goofiness and gimmickry, this looks like it could be interesting! Morphing between instruments is always fun, and using the X/Y interface seems like a very fluid way to play. A price and release date have not yet been announced.

Yonac's Magellan announced

Yonac Software has announced Magellan, a pompously sub-titled "professional analog modelling synthesizer" for the iPad. The features here are highly impressive, and have even got the notoriously tough Synthtopia crowd in an optimistic mood.

• 2 independent polyphonic synth engines, with a total of 6 oscillators.
• Polyphonic unison mode giving 24 simultaneous wave generators
• 2 filter banks per synth engine, dedicated envelopes and 11 unique filter types.
• FM synthesis module with blend and dedicated envelope.
• Dual LFOs in each synth with 4 freely assignable destinations each.
• Complete FX rack with modulation, time-delay, reverb and wave shaping effects.
• Dual traditional keyboards
• Dual touch-pad interfaces with individual parametric control over each voice.
• Built in arpeggiator for each synth engine

All of that sounds really impressive... but their demos sure don't!

I like the features, but I'm not feeling optimistic after hearing that. Yonac has kind of a weird history on iOS. They were one of the first to release a serious synth for the iPad, and that has been a double-edged sword. Some people feel their miniSynth is garbage and others regard it fondly. The last time I posted about it their was a lot of controversy, including the first and only time I've had to ban someone.

No word on when this is going to be available, so all we can do is speculate wildly!

Update: I just noticed that friend/sponsor of the site Sunsine is doing the factory presets for this. They have a much better demo on their own Soundcloud page.

Lemur SL-M1 Maschine Interface

Liine continues to release little introductory videos for the new layouts they have for Lemur. These are all totally free and available on their website. This one is much more informative than the last. Even if you don't have a Maschine, the video offers a good look at the advanced scripting available in Lemur.

SL-M1 is designed to allow Maschine to be controlled using Lemur on your iPad. By placing controls for up to 64 parameters within reach, SL-M1 allows performers to have a level of control that would otherwise require many sets of hands and some very quick button pressing. All of this allows for much more complex and interesting sets.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

MoovFX Echo

The iTunes app review processes has been very slow lately, and now that it is moving again there seems to be a weird streak of similar apps. 3 Remote Mixers and now 2 motion based music apps! MoovFX Echo hit the App Store in the same hour as MIDI In Motion. Obviously the reviewers are trying to pit them against each other. 2 Apps enter, 1 app leaves!

MoovFX Echo is a motion based Echo effect for guitars, as you may have guessed by the name. Just plug your guitar in, strap your iPhone to the guitar and commence the jiggling. There are 4 different echo types available, with controls to match BPM and limit the range of motion.

There are paid and free versions, but they make no mention of exactly what is different other than the "Lite" being feature crippled.

Buy MoovFX Echo Lite on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

Buy MoovFX Echo on iTunes: $6.99 (iPhone)

We get a nice little demo video with this one!

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