A Beginners Guide to Audiobus

Following yesterday's release of the GarageBand update, and the first sale on Audiobus, it has shot up to #1 in the iPad Music category on the US iTunes! This is quite an accomplishment, and one of the few times GarageBand has ever been unseated from the #1 position.

I have to imagine nearly everyone reading this site has already bought it, but if you haven't, this is the time to do so! This is the first and potentially only time it will be on sale.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

For all you new Audiobus owners, The Sound Test Room has posted a detailed starter guide!

App Sales!

A whole bunch of Audiobus enabled apps are on sale today, celebrating the release of the Garageband Audiobus update.

This is only the second sale on AudioShare since its release last July!

Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $2.99)

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $3.99)

Buy Guitarism (iPhone) on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $3.99)

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

Buy SoundPrism Pro on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Vio Update

Vio voice synthesizer got a big update full of improvements, including AudioCopy/Paste at high quality settings.

What's new in 1.1.0

  • recordings are now accessible directly from the main screen (bottom, center)
  • you can now audition recordings in the app
  • you can now save recordings to your Photo Library, allowing you to send them via iMessage/MMS and upload to YouTube
  • AudioCopy/Paste is now functional when recording quality is set to high (iOS Settings > Vio)
  • icons on main screen are now larger
  • fixed an error generated when using the Alesis iO Dock and some other accessories
  • added 128kbps AAC as a recording option
  • improved resizing of the settings popover on iPad
  • streamlined Vio's settings screen
  • added buttons to find us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Vimeo
  • added the ability to reset your SoundCloud login (iOS Settings > Vio)

Buy Vio on iTunes: $2.99

I couldn't find any new videos for Vio, but here is one of the original promos featuring Aby Wolf. The results sound surprisingly like Marlee Matlin (which Google correctly identifies as the first result for "that deaf actress") trying to sing.

Orphion Intro

Orphion developer Bastus Trump would like for you to remember Orphion exists, so he released a new "intro" video.
In addition to being a unique MIDI instrument interface, Orphion supports Audiobus for exporting its own sounds.

Buy Orphion on iTunes: $3.99

Garageband Updated with Audiobus!

Many have speculated that this day would never come, but Apple has indeed updated Garageband with Audiobus support!

The update allows Garageband to be used as an Audiobus Ouput. Finally Apple's own app can play with all the other great apps!

What's New in Version 1.4

  • Play and record music apps supported by Audiobus directly into GarageBand*
  • Turn off grid snapping to get finer control over region and note editing
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in feedback while connecting 3rd-party audio accessories into the headphone/microphone jack
* Requires iPhone 4S, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 or later. Audiobus requires a separate purchase.

Multi-track recording, as we see in other DAWs like Cubasis and BeatMaker 2, is unfortunately not available in this version. All Audiobus input apps will be recorded together to a single track in Garageband. This is a small, but important, caveat in an otherwise milestone accomplishment for Audiobus support.

Buy Garageband on iTunes: $4.99

This coincides with the first, and potentially only, sale on Audiobus for 50% off!

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

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