FAWM iOS Albums

This year's February Album Writing Month drew lots of interest from all over the Internet, but here are 3 completed albums from our own little community! iOS apps were used either extensively or exclusively in all of the songs on these albums.

PantsofDeath put together his album while traveling all over the United States for business. Long boring nights in hotels were filled with some filthy electronica. Styles and tempos vary throughout the album, but I like the vibe on The End which sounds like a combination of 70s Funk and 70s Industrial!

iClifDotMe thought a 28 days for 14 songs was a bit unreasonable, so he went for 14 songs in 14 hours. Seriously! You could watch his progress on Twitter as he slammed out track after track. The result is an album of surprisingly lively ambient space music.

Mike Red of 56th Street Records shares my love of pretentious titles and rocking electro in:

THE NEVER ENDEAVOR - Esoteric Soundscapes for Art Gallery Openings, Coffee Houses and Low-Speed Car Chases

Embedded here is a YouTube playlist for the album. This whole album maintains an intense ferocity, while still being very musical!

If anyone else is participating in FAWM, RPM, or even the Figure contest to win a copy of Reason, post it in the comments here!

Friday Frivolity: Beethoven Was Hardcore

You should always listen to WNYC's Radiolab for its amazing use of sound design to explore science, but you should definitely listen to this week's podcast! Speedy Beat considers the tempo Beethoven indicated his Symphonies should be played at, which most people ignore when playing them.

My parents dragged me out to a lot of Classical concerts and ballets. At the time I did not appreciate this, but that's one of the reasons I'm classy as fuck today.

I've always been impressed with the epic scope in Beethoven's work, but a lot of it is just too slow and boring. It turns out this is exactly the sort of thing Beethoven wanted to avoid when he retconned his first 8 with fast tempos!

Beethoven's supposed to sound more like PsyTrance than Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Think about it, if you're in the early 1800s and you're going to see Beethoven, you want something moving! Life was boring. Beethoven didn't want you drifting off to sleep, he wanted you to feel alive and experience his drama!

Radiolab takes a look at why we've only ever heard Beethoven played wrong, and then they get some pros to play it right.

The reason I wanted to share this with you today is what happens when they go beyond that. Once you hire a quartet for the hour you might as well abuse them, so they push the limits and get them playing the Fifth at 160 BPM! It sounds amazing. Seriously, if you listen to nothing else, scrub up to 16:00 and hear that. The vibrancy inspires a picture in my mind of a sweaty, disheveled, conductor gesticulating at and on the edge of madness; struggling, and successfully keeping it together.

This is Beethoven alive! Stop mourning him. Instead of making his music sound like a funerary dirge, make him come alive.

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Eclectic Method - MULTiPAD

Eclectic Method have been exploring the use of iPads in some of their recent VJ videos, but for their latest they went meta!

Video Description:

Eclectic Method's latest video is battery dependent many iPadded jam on virtual instruments and video apps called MULT i PAD. Apps Used: BassGuitar, Bebot, iMaschine, Korg iElectribe, MadPad HD, Sylo Synth, Vjay

Matthew Tyas - Table Topper

Palm Sounds found this excellent video from Matthew Tyas, enjoying the Midouze river and having an improv session on Tabletop!

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DJ Mix Fix Updated, Free for a Limited Time!

DJ Mix Fix was recently updated with new soundbanks and iPhone 5 support, and today it is free for a limited time!

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